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Thursday, November 25, 2021

Valle de Santiago, Guanajuato: Authorities Apprehend A Local Armed Criminal Cell

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Criminal cell is deactivated

Ministerial Agents and National Guard searched a house in Colonia La Loma where they had weapons and numerous drugs

Following an investigation carried out by the Public Ministry, with judicial authorization, four subjects were arrested with more 1,200 doses of crystal meth and marijuana packets; small and long weapons, caltrops, 17 grenades, tactical equipment, and other instruments of crime, in a building located in the Loma neighborhood in Valle de Santiago.

The FGEG Criminal Investigation Agency coordinated operational actions with the Secretary of Public Security of the State, Mexican Army and National Guard; legal authorization was obtained to inspect a property located on La Paz Street in La Loma neighborhood, in search of objects and evidence related to an investigation for drug trafficking and sale of drugs on public roads, operated by members of a criminal group.

Probable causes were established that the evidence sought was in the area and this was confirmed when opening the bolted access gate where a motorcycle with license plates for the state of Michoacán and a car were at first glance.

While reviewing the property, the criminal experts when processing the collection and analysis of physical evidence, packed the following crime instruments:

• 9mm caliber short gun with two magazines.
• 40 gauge short gun.
• More than 60 cartridges of different calibers.
• A modified shotgun.
• A gas tank refitted from its base, inside which 3 long weapons and 4 metal magazines were located, two of them loaded and two empty.

As for narcotics, a transparent yellow bag with 1,235 doses of crystal meth was visible. A black bag with the characteristics of marijuana, as well as 29 transparent packets with the same herb.

Wooden instruments, tactical equipment, caltrops and a boat with explosives inside were also located at the crime scene.

In the operation supported by elements of the GERI of the FGEG, Joan Alejandro "N", 26, originally from the State of Nayarit; Jose Juan "N", 22, Fernando "N", 28 years old and Christian "N", 28 years old, were arrested.

The evidence located on the site will be part of the technical testimony that criminologist experts will provide and will be integrated into the investigation folder for the Attorney General's Office. The legal situation of the detainees will be determined in the coming hours.

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  1. Wonder how much kidnapping, extortion, drugs sales went to the purchase, weapons and grenades? They were ready to fight anyone that got on thier way. Imagine lots of cells making thier own, only to comment more crime.

  2. Whitey E Coyote
    Where are you, I am dying to hear your rants and raves, sorry the library was not open, to get free WiFi.

  3. Authorities capture an armed criminal cell . Which just happens to be the other authorities so stay tuned this one is prbly going to get weird .

  4. Question? When they say doses of drugs how much exactly do they mean? Like how much is 1200 doses of meth

  5. I would assume that each dose would be either 1/10th to 2/10ths of a gram .


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