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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Tingüindín, Michoacán: CJNG Narcocamp Is Destroyed; Hitmen Abandoned Ammunition And Weapons To Escape

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

In the CJNG drug camp the authorities found a whole arsenal ready to be used by the gunmen of Mencho. CJNG narcocamp is destroyed; hitmen abandoned ammunition and weapons to escape. 

A narcocamp of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) was dismantled by elements of the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP), the National Guard (GN), and the municipal police of Tingüindín and Tocumbo in the state of Michoacán.

The Mexican authorities located the camp apparently used for the commission of illicit acts, it was reported in a statement.

The mobilization took place on the dirt road called "El Cenador" in the community of Tacatzcuaro, where the municipal police officers detected the Jalisco New Generation Cartel camp in a mountainous area.

In the place were found several old flak vests, shell casings of different calibers and camouflaged clothing, of which the authorities were in charge of "erasing" the initials of the CJNG, a fact from which it was not clarified why this maneuver had been carried out.

Once the corresponding tasks had been carried out, the officers proceeded to destroy the place and notify the competent authority, who will carry out the procedures established under Mexican law.

Tingüindín is an area in dispute between the CJNG and the United Cartels.

In December 2021, the facilities of an avocado packing company were set on fire in the municipality of Tingüindín, allegedly by drug traffickers from the United Cartels (CU) because in the area they have a dispute with the Jalisco New Generation Cartel.

On that occasion, a group of men dressed in military-style clothing sprayed gasoline and set fire to the packing house located on the Jacona-Los Reyes highway, near the community of San Juanico, in Tingüindín, without registering any injured but thousands of dollars in damages.

* The following picture is for educational purposes. It’s been added to get a better understanding of which explosive rounds are within picture #1. Just as well a link is also included for further information.

Red 113 Michoacán

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  1. Yea, cjng is having a tough time with CU..
    They still control the NAVY, cops and government

  2. So this is how they protect and serve their communities keeping them free from extortion and intimidation ? Maybe someone should spend some of that drug money on a fine set of dictionaries maybe a thesaurus or two ? So they can be a little more accurate in the messages they leave about the town with assorted body parts and good intentions of murdering all who are just like them . That way those of us who are confused can better understand the level of hypocrisy and sort through the bullshit at our own pace . So which ones are the good ones again Im confused . And finally who are we rooting for ? Which side has the most cheerleaders and fn know it alls ? Im the type that usually roots for the underdog but not sure who that is ? Hopefully its the good people of Mexico thats who Im always rooting for but you get these autodefenses and it seems like their intentions might not be that of the people and more about keeping that Meth money flowing into their pockets .

  3. SOL the bottom set of magazines, underneath the 4th magazine to the right there are three cylinder looking objects look like fhe bird bangers in the 37mm. Look too tall and skinny to be 40mm grenades but maybe its just the angle. Do you know what it is by any chance?

    You know what would be interesting, an article about cartel training vamps crom minor very simple ones to the more complex advance ones they claim to have found. I remember a few years ago in Tam, they found a training camp tjat had high walls, out post look like a police command center where they trained sicarios their "special forces" that belonged to CDG..
    The Ranch that RR is in charge of that he essentially "inherited" from El Gringo , Menchos late Friend and high ranking cjng member, has a very very complex training ",facility/camp" ive seen pictures online and they righteously have thin wooded houses that are used to teach CQC and breaching . They have multiple as to mimic a lil pueblo or neighborhood, they had full sets of wooden lovs to jump up and over pull up bars and all that, weights and they even have a housing location that has beds im guessing for when sicarios stay there to keep watch or live their or idk but they had it all hooked up with kit hens and it loked very similiar to this as far as where they lived and their kit hens and the sicarios living quarters with weights.

    The ranch im speaking about is loacted in TOMATLAN Jalisco, literally about 4 miles from Base Militar 21/a de SEDENA. Its very similiar to this bottom one as far as what its meant for but obviously the buildings are different and they are multiple single shacked houses made from wood and they had maybe 4 or 5 beds per i counted 8 shacks, and i counted another 6 where they seemed to practice CQC.. and they have tenets throughout and in between which seem to act as meeting spots or soemthing had tables inside maybe a dining tent. Or where they talk about operstions who knows. One thinfs forsure is La Barredora of the GRUPO ELITE are the ones who use that spot to train and live in when working. Those dudes are the onws who came out in the viral video of the blindadas. Then went on a mission to tepeque that same night to bless the monstruos for the first time.

    Besides that the main part of the ranch there is a HUGE estate, beautiful fucking home man. I managed to save some pictures of that from the videos i saw. Man bro, its probbaly equivalent to a 30 milliondollar home in LA or something because the house was fucking gorgeous. If im not mistaken it comes out in a couple corridos.

    This ranch was located in another state and is completely irrevelant im only using it to show the similiarities in its use. This bottom ranch was located in Veracruz and was where Cmdte Tanque and his "Fuerzas Especiales" and escolta personal lived and worked out of

    1. I’ve added a picture and link as an answer to your question sir. Hopefully this helps. Another thing I’ve been meaning to tell you is once you get out don’t hesitate to hit up different recruiters if you’re serious about joining. Every year more people are leaving than actually joining. So, the military has had no other choice than to lower their standards over the years as far as getting people to join. You’d be surprised how many foreign nationals join with a limited understanding of the English language, they ride their asses within those 20 hour work days of training until they actually learn the language. Recruiters have some conniving lying ass ways. So yeah they’ll make shit happen just to meet their quotas every month. Lol. In a worse case scenario the French Foreign Legion takes everyone regardless of their pasts.

    2. SOSA, thanks so much for posting that link. I am particularly fascinated by training camps and the psychological mind fuck/terror that takes place there. I'm continually reading the same 4 articles on this subject as personal stories are hard to come by. I'm too tired to read this now, but I will definitely will be. If by any chance you have any more links on camps/ forced recruitment experience, pass on to SOL and he can pass on to me, obviously only do this if you have them saved off hand. This is super appreciated and I will def be scouring hidden journals in the world of Academia for more info. Thx again

  4. Those tweakers choose not to shoot it out, and left lots of ammo and weapons behinds, such Sissy's, but when it comes to killing unarmed Innocents, no problem they got balls.

  5. Replies
    1. Da Vaca
      I'm telling your mom you're using foul language.


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