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Monday, November 15, 2021

Tijuana: Three Narco Men Caught Dragging Human Remains Out Of House Used For Dismemberment

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat 

Update 6:00 pm CST: Uncensored photos of alleged perpetrators and photos of crime scene added.

Officers of the Municipal Police discovered a house in the Sanchez Taboada district that was used to dismember bodies and where remains were stored to later be placed within the city of Tijuana in Baja California. 

At approximately 4:10 pm on the afternoon of November 13, 2021, Tijuana Municipal Police officers were on a routine patrol in the Cuauhtémoc neighborhood, in the Sanchez Taboada district of Tijuana, when they spotted something suspicious. 

The officers saw three individuals trying to drag a large and heavy object that was wrapped in a red rug and two blankets* out of a residence located on Gilberto Portugal Street, next to a Modelorama store. The object in question had the general shape of a human body. Additionally, the three men appeared to be carrying a rolled up white poster board sign along with them, which officers may have suspected was a narco message sign. 

The police approached and tried to question the group dragging the object in front of the residence, which led one of the three men to try to make a break for it. He began running down the street however, he was quickly chased down and apprehended just a few meters away. 

When the rug was searched, a dismembered human torso, limbs and head were found inside. All three men were detained. The alleged perpetrators are identified as: 

Jonathan Hernández Paleo, who is 28 years old and born in San Diego, California. Jonathan Hernández is the owner of the residence that they were caught exiting. 

Christofer Guadalupe Cárdenas Marín, who is 28 years old and was born in the state of Colima. Christofer Guadalupe reportedly lives in the same neighborhood of Tijuana where he was detained. 

Julio César Isario Espinoza, who is 33 years old, and born in Tijuana, Baja California.

Punto Norte reports that the residence the men were exiting while dragging the remains is believed to be the location where the unidentified victim was dismembered. This makes Jonathan Hernández’s personal residence the likely crime scene of the dismemberment and possibly the homicide itself. 

The scene was left under the custody of agents from the State Attorney General's Office (FGE). Both the human remains and the rolled up white cardboard were left at the crime scene, so they could be processed by forensic investigators from the FGE. 

Frustratingly, no photos of the white cardboard message sign that the men were carrying have surfaced as of the writing of this story, giving us no clues as to the larger cartel affiliation of the three men. 

Hours before this arrest, authorities located a human head and legs placed on a sidewalk in the Camino Verde neighborhood, also within the Sanchez Taboada district of Tijuana. It is unknown if these remains were related to this same group that was apprehended. 

Update 6:00 pm CST: Uncensored photos of alleged perpetrators and photos of crime scene added. Thank you a BB reader for submitting a link to the photos.

*Please Note: Punto Norte says the human remains were wrapped in a red carpet and two blankets. AFN Tijuana reports that the remains were wrapped in a rug. Zeta Tijuana reports they were wrapped in blankets, while El Imparcial reports they were inside bags. 

Sources: Zeta Tijuana, El Imparcial, Punto Norte Article 1, Article 2, AFN Tijuana, SintesisTV


  1. Carrying human remains, got red handed, no need to cover thier faces.Nor thier names. I bet you they will be out soon, to commit the same crimes.

    1. You guys know that it's not up to me, or any of the linked sources, if there are censor bars on their faces.

      Zeta Tijuana, in particular, goes out of their way to post uncensored photos of detainees anytime they are available and they couldn't find uncensored versions for this story.

      If the only photos law enforcement chooses to provide have censor bars, we're all stuck.

    2. He was probably talking to the 'official' sources, not you guys.

      Btw, you're doing one hell of a job, keep it up. Random european here, trying to keep in touch with hell on earth.

    3. Hearst not blaming you on the faces getting censored, I know it comes from the top in Mexico. What's funny is that they protect the criminals faces, also when they are convicted. Then when a victim of violence survives, thier full name and faces are shown dumb laws of Mexico.

    4. My apologies. I can never tell if a commenter is new, or willfully blaming the linked sources because of all the multiple "Anonymous" users that all appear the same.

      I understand you now. :)

    5. No problem 👍.
      It's good to mention it, as you do get rookies coming vin the door.

    6. Miss Hearst your the best in the west, keep up the good work.

  2. Replies
    1. I agree in USA they don't censor, only under 18 do they protect thier identity. Besides when they show the picture of a suspect, he is innocent, until proven in court.

  3. It says one of the arrested was born in San Diego, CA. Wonder if he'd have had a different outcome if he had stayed there? People die trying to come to the US. If his parents moved him, bad decision. Just my opinion.

    1. Sweetie pie ya already stating a comment, delete just my opinion.Double saturation lol

    2. There’s a large population of US citizens in Tijuana. It is common in the border area,

    3. They indicted 4 guys that were doing hits for cjng in tj- all 4 from san diego- 150 murders over a 6 month period- thats a lot of work

    4. 5:37
      You talking about the article?
      Or wondering to another agenda, ya want an article published, she it to thier site. Otherwise you make me lose my balls.

  4. little girls selling cookies outside.kanada


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