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Thursday, November 11, 2021

San Luis Potosí: Armed Criminal Cell Of 80 Men Pillage Government Offices

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat 

Authorities from the municipalities of Ahualulco and Mexquitic de Carmona, San Luis Potosí, denounced that armed men entered the municipal presidencies and caused damage.

Video translation is as follows:

Francisco Zea: Authorities of the municipalities of Ahualulco and Mexquitic de Carmona in San Luis Potosí denounced several armed perpetrators who entered the municipal presidencies of the two municipalities. They committed destruction of property, stole computers and so on. According to a statement, the attack was carried out by 80 men aboard all-terrain vehicles. And they fled on the highway that connects with Zacatecas with total impunity.

Luis Ruiz: There’s a probability that they were encouraged by the number of people who participated, by the number of vehicles in which they reached the municipal presidency ...

Reporter: Which criminal group has been identified?

Luis Ruiz: We don't have any idea which group this could be at the moment.

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  1. Replies
    1. Billy Jean. Not much is known about FEGS, "Fuerzas Especiales Grupo Sombra" or mostly known as just "Grupo Sombra" but according to the article i posted below YES they eo operate in SLP against ZVR CJNG CDG and CDN.. allegedly the main boss was Rumba or Rumdo or someshit and after his arrest was "Gordo" but not much is said about the #1 in FEGS structure. Most articles agree that FEGS was formed by Ex CDG Commanders and jefes de plazas as well as ex members other cartles and originated or at lwast first made itself known in Veracruz. In 2019 Veracruz Gov posted online and i believe on flyers wanted signs and recompensions for the leadership steucture in the Millions of pesos
      These guys do seem to be well uniformed in all the videos they release

    2. Grupo Sombra has been around longer than 2019. They've been around atleast since 2015. They were part of CDG back then

  2. Hey guys, if you want to discuss organized crime in Chicago, Philly, Baltimore, stick to discussing it on articles covering those places. Like here:

    Please do not start spamming those comments on any recent story that is unrelated.

    1. Just mentioning this because we keep getting unrelated comments on this story and that is why those comments were not approved.

    2. You got a point, people in here have short term memory, after reading an article, they jump to The talaban, BLM, GF comments get convoluted.

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  3. Hearst, jump on this. This is as good as it gets, obviously a good kind hearted man. A real keeper!

    1. I have no interest in gold plated AKs or condos in Rosarito.

      The best way to show me love is to email me:

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      ◉ even rumors or buzz you hear online

      I don't get any of that kind of love, really. Besides from you, Ms. H. :)


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