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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Purisima del Rincón, Guanajuato: Sinaloa Gunmen Announce They Have Arrived For A Purge

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat 

A narco-blanket from a Sinaloa cartel group was located during the early hours of this Tuesday hanging on the portico of a house in the Monte Grande community.

The finding was reported to the 911 system which pointed out the discovery of a banner alluding to organized crime.

It was at the entrance of a house located on Rosales Street on David Padilla Avenue that police secured the white blanket with black letters where an alleged purge was pointed out in that area of the city.

The narco-blanket was secured and made available to the competent authorities for the initiation of investigations

At the moment there are no details for the person or persons responsible. Apparently the blanket was left during the early morning.

Narco message reads as follows:

A purge has begun in this area against all the fag turncoats. We’ve come with full support from Sinaloa and the Sampancho president. The old school has returned. 

Every cartel is welcome to an open dialogue. We’ve come to commit a purge. And we’ve specifically come for you Eduardo Jimenez Hernandez, you son of a bitch. For having involved yourself in affairs that were already put in place beforehand. 

We’re going to personally greet you with some lead for being a faggot turncoat. 

You piece of shit business man. Your whoring mother has already asked for your return. The few hours that you have left have already been counted. Sinaloa #701 is the only one in charge here. 

Valor por Tamaulipas


  1. Good to know its a left handed person lolol
    Just my silly opinion .. From my experience of being around left handed ppl
    But it's unfortunate because the left-handed people I knew were intelligent and discipline call one hell of a good athlete lmaoo
    Stay blessed

  2. Yippieeee a Purge, I am ready for that.

  3. Looks like chapitos want to make a name for themselves.
    The question is, do they really have the man power?..
    Chapitos trying morelos too..
    They lost chihuahua to LA Linea recently..
    chapitos playing with the big dogs let's see if they can hang..

    1. They did not lose chihuahua lol still very present

    2. Lol. The spectator talking like he's a big Dog. Get outta here you weenie.

    3. @827, I'm talking about the pendejo claiming chapitos are trying to make a name for themselves. Lol. Uh, they've made a name for themselves.

    4. 11:19 the are only in the game because of chapo but they get shaped around and nobody respects those brats but teenagers 😆
      That's why they are called CHAPITOS pendejo!!

    5. 12:50pm everybody hates on chapo and los chapitos. yet se la maman al mayo(hes over hyped) dude literally let chapo and los chapitos kill his men, he gives out his people to goverment and his family are snitches. well obviously they are called chapitos after their dad. well if you look at it they have all these alliances going against them yet they're still there. yall underestimate them.

  4. De apuro a la esquina. Cornering. You can hear me at each corner hollering off a whole square. Hear the voice who's thought is carried in a yell. I remember the days of el rincon. A little circle where we go in turn. Circulando el sueno de banda. To the sound of the beat. Round and round chavalon. There's a banda now to play all the way through. Paque te caigas bilando se acava este pedo. Puro fall out on the floor. No meh lo trompiesan el que se fue a todo. Suve tu pinche pata pa pasar.

  5. Replies
    1. its should have been 70000000001

    2. Duh the 701 party. In culican. Tell us info we don’t know. Try watching el chapo series on Netflix then you understand more or the crazy stuff happening in Mexico. He even had his pistol (el chapo) engraved with 701.

  6. For us non experts in the mexican underworld of drug gangs. Who is this Eduardo Jimenez Hernandez?

    BTW. This narco banner seems really fake.

    1. Yea it does, probably members of cartel del Santa trying to scare cjng

    2. 7:54 cjng probably laughed out loud

  7. Timewise and geography-wise this seems very unusual.

  8. Ladies and Gentlemen
    The Purge has arrived!
    Death upon Menchos chorizo.


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