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Friday, November 19, 2021

Organized Crime Installs Cameras In 'La Ribereña'

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Sedena and State Police locate and disable several devices that operate online, from Piedras Negras to Nuevo Laredo

Security cameras are difficult to locate, since they are operated remotely with satellite internet, and are located on poles, signs and among trees.

The surveillance system traditionally used by organized crime cells with the support of a network of "hawks" (people who warn their superiors via radio or cell phone about any movement by the authorities or who they consider suspicious) has been replaced by surveillance cameras, which have been located and seized at several points on federal highway number 2, known as "La Ribereña".

Sedena personnel revealed to EL DIARIO de Coahuila that during the tours they have made with the elite bodies of the state forces they have located several cameras that operate with the use of satellite internet and that, in addition, they have their own backup batteries, which allow them to send video signals directly to cell phones, tablets or monitors in remote and unknown locations.

"This is a new modality that requires special surveillance, since cameras can be placed on electric power poles, communications towers, trees and some ranch signs, just to mention a few places," said elements of Sedena.

They added that some of the cameras they have disabled were painted in the color of the posts or bushes to make them difficult to locate, and are installed near the towns of Hidalgo, Guerrero, Colombia and Nuevo Laredo, since this is the territory that criminals usually travel to carry out their illicit activities.

Although the authorities have not specified the number of cameras that have been seized, these are in addition to the radio communication towers that are also rudimentarily placed on dirt roads and ranches that are less crowded by their owners, as well as on abandoned roads.

"In addition to land tours, aerial surveillance and the use of Sedena drones are also carried out to locate this type of facility of criminal groups that intend to take root in the northeast of the country, especially on the lands of Nuevo León, Tamaulipas and Coahuila," the military sources specified.

Some of the cameras located are 25X Zoom PTZ type and they have full color capability, even during conditions of complete darkness.

* Sedena personnel reported on the location of clandestine cameras on federal highway number 2.

El Diario de Coahuila


  1. Sounds like CDN are tired of their lookouts ending up on execution videos. They are investing serious cash in this

  2. This is interesting. I assumed this occured, I find these surveying tactics fascinating

  3. In recent news we have seen criminal use "stolen" military weapons, police cars, and now using security cameras. Wild stuff


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