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Saturday, November 13, 2021

Monterrey, Nuevo León: Three Police Officers Sentenced To 40 Years Incarceration For Forced Disappearance

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Three Civil Force police officers were sentenced yesterday to 40 years and 3 days in jail, when it was found that in 2019 they arrested two men who were later attacked with gunfire and died, in the North Zone of Monterrey.

Josué Jalil García Bernabé, Rolando Elías Niño and Lino Bautista Hernández, of whom no age was provided, were found guilty, for the crime of forced disappearance.

The victims were identified as Miguel Alejandro Pérez Ojeda, 40; and Víctor Adrián Rodríguez de León, 30.

A State Collegiate Court of Oral Criminal Trial also ordered them to pay 513 thousand 600 pesos, as reparation for the damage, to the relatives of each of the victims.

The conviction was notified last night, at the conclusion of the seventh hearing of the trial, headed by Prosecutor Karol Reyes Padilla.

With about 70 pieces of evidence, the Public Ministry confirmed the responsibility of the three policemen, in the detention of Pérez Ojeda and Rodríguez de León, carried out on October 12, 2019 at around 2:00 a.m., in the Colonia Valle de Santa Lucía .

A detention that was not reported to their superiors, nor to the C5 and they were not handed over to a Public Ministry.

The testimonies against him by relatives of Pérez Ojeda came to light because they were contacted to demand money in exchange for releasing him.

They offered to deliver him near the Emiliano Zapata High School, in Colonia La Esperanza.

They approached the predetermined place and met the policemen, who told them to go towards the detainees, then gunshots were heard.

Upon reaching Hierbabuena and Coyole, Ojeda Pérez were found with more than ten gunshot wounds, while Rodríguez de León was alive, he was transferred to the University Hospital, where he lost his life on November 2.

The weapons used to assassinate the two victims were not those of the police officers, and it is presumed that they delivered the victims?

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