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Monday, November 15, 2021

Mexico City: 11 Kidnappers Sentenced To 80 Years In Prison; A Colombian National Was Murdered

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The victim was summoned to a restaurant located in the Ex Hipódromo de Peralvillo neighborhood, Cuauhtémoc district.

A Trial Court of the Federal Criminal Justice Center in Coahuila sentenced 11 people to 80 years in prison for the crime of aggravated kidnapping. According to the investigation by the Attorney General's Office (FGR), on January 4, 2017, a person of Colombian nationality was summoned in a restaurant located in the Ex Hipódromo de Peralvillo neighborhood, Cuauhtémoc district, where he was kidnapped and later assassinated. 

The FGR's Special Unit for the Investigation of Crimes in the Matter of Kidnapping, identified 11 people related to these events, on June 20, 2018, a control judge in Torreón issued an arrest warrant. 

The FGR captured Jesús Gabriel Andrade Espinoza, Ana María Díaz Vega, Hiztarkaly Tlatelpan Méndez, Gladys Margarita Rojas Ramos, Ezequiel Martín Magaña Murillo, Marvin Jair García Alfonso, Xunacshi Nidillary Magaña Rojas, David Pérez Sánchez and Diana Ivonne Díaz Díaz, on 23 June 2018. Later, Oswaldo Moreno Romero was arrested in January 2019, and in March of the same year Jorge Magaña Rojas was located. 

Last October, for 16 days, the hearings were held against the 11 defendants before the Prosecution Court, who handed down a conviction against them for the crime of aggravated kidnapping (hypothesis of when the victim is deprived of life due to his captors), and sentenced each of them to 80 years in prison.


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  1. Looks like they all had a serious encounter with the ugly stick ... Very Unfortunate .


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