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Thursday, November 4, 2021

Irapuato, Guanajuato: Cartel Santa Rosa de Lima Threaten Cartel Jalisco

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Video showing people from the Cartel Santa Rosa de Lima threatening people from the Jalisco New Generation Cartel. In the video you can see a truck that was recently stolen from elements of the State Police (FSPE).

The same that has the latest technology armor. Unofficially it’s been said and observed that one of the individuals shown in the video has an FX-05 Xiuhcoatl Mexican assault rifle.

An investigation is currently underway to determine whether it’s one of the same rifles that were stolen from personnel of the National Guard located in the XII military region of Irapuato, Guanajuato.

Video translation is as follows:

Well, let’s see here you little faggot Jalisco New Generation Cartel. The same goes for you ‘RR’. Let’s see, you faggot. You faggots are constantly crying in your narco messages about us killing innocent civilians and all that other shit. When the truth of the matter is that you assholes are the ones who are fucking up. 

Take for example those transit police in the city of Celaya. They had nothing to do with our affairs. But there you faggots were fucking with them. Your snot nosed meth head hitmen lit them up. The so called Elite team. Just what fucking Elite team is that? Every worthless fuck that we captured, every bitch that we killed you coward. 

They were all a bunch of fucking snot nosed meth heads. That’s the only type of assassins that you cowards have within your ranks. Stop talking all that shit that you’ve come to do away with the assassins of innocent civilians. Or that you’ve come to fix the state. Along with all that other crap. No one fucking believes a word you say. 

Not one person believes a word you fags say. You’re going around commanding everyone that they must fall into formation. And all this other shit. You faggot the citizens here are not like that at all. It’s not like in other places. The big gay cartel is supposedly in position because that gang of cowards that it carries are a bunch of jerk offs. 

They’re also a bunch of cowards you didn’t want to fight. That’s why you’re all so scattered the fuck away. There’s no other reason than that. It’s sure not because of their loyalty you fool. The day they fucking destroy Mencho the New Generation cartel will cease to exist you faggot. Because the only thing you guys carry within your ranks are absolute jerk offs and cheap bitches. 

You assholes are getting fucking destroyed just about everywhere. In Michoacán or Zacatecas, you sons of bitches are getting pummeled everywhere. You’re claiming that you’ve come to help out the citizens. But instead you faggots are just extorting or kidnapping. And you faggots are saying that we’re a bunch of assassins of innocent civilians.

Either way we’re constantly destroying you fools everywhere we go. Why is everyone forming here for you? Is it for the fucking publicity that you guys use? Get the fuck out of here with that shit faggots. Everything is seen in our actions. And we’re going to continue fighting against you. 

You’re going to continue sucking our dicks here in Guanajuato. The only ones in charge here will be the mob of Guanajuato you faggots. Just as well wherever we see you guys we will fucking engage in that armed confrontation you faggots. 

Chiludas Ejeméx


  1. Everything seen is the last of what crsl gots

  2. These men are either very brave or very high. Grupo Elite is a very deadly crew and not te be messed with.This will not end well for them .

    This was the scariest telefone call I have ever heard!

    "Mira bien hijo de tu puta madre, soy mencho güey. Relaja tu puta gente alv…soy mencho güey. Relaja tu putas partidas si no te voy a partir tu madre a ti y a toda tu bola de perros, tengo identificado 30 weyes. Hasta tus putos perros te wa matar si no te relajas wey como ves?"

    1. I think they are just no smart

    2. Nut hugger. Every cartel is a bunch of damn junkies fool! 🤣

    3. Where did you hear this? Do have the site etc. Of the recording you can post?
      Is it confirmed as mencho?

    4. 4:24 "Y miedo no hay..."
      'El Mencho llamando a la policia en Jalisco'
      You Tube could get you there

  3. 🤣🤣😂😂 not one to use emojis but these guys just dont give up do they.
    They must of barely come out from underneath the rock they were hiding at because they are beyond late.
    As bad as it is CJNG owns GTO amd its obvious. The cops and federal forces work for cjng now and the govenor sold the plaza to them when Goolpe de Timon was initiated. After Marro was arrested it was written in stone and noe that Pantera and M1 were arrested it was completely game over
    He keeps pacing because hes nervous, lpl who pace are nervous
    CSRL is nothing, they oen nothing in GTO noe besides maybe a few minor neighborhoods but all the important plazas and majority of plazas in general are cjng
    And as for them taking losses in Zac and Mich, literally cjng has cleaned Zac of cds by the durango border and now have been slowly moving into DGO . Will they take all of dgo? I don't see it but some good videos will come soon lol they pushed cds so far back, many cds commanders in Zac flipped to cjng and they send men to another state that borders Zac to take heat off of them.
    In Michoacan they habe taken Aguaje, Aguililla, Coalcoman, BV, Terrero,
    La Peña C, Crucero, Apatzingan, and even part of the Municipio of Tepeque mainly the borders of it and made it as far as Surrounding The cabecerilla of Tepeque and headquarters for Abuelo and CU.
    When al thosethousands of federal forces recently arrived they retreated not to Jalisco but they just went into hiding, and live as civlians unless needed. They abonded the seige of the Cabezia of the main palza of Tepeque buy in the areas they took they are still bery much there waiting for the govt to leave or join their side.
    Both CU and CJNG have been operating with low profiles lately but cjng advanced a great deal in a short amount of time
    These csrl are on some weird late imaginary train lol
    "Ws dont show all our men like u guys or we dont use fucking social media like u fags but only because we dont have men like that anymore and yet here we are on social media calling you guys fags for being on social media" lmao good laugh
    Remeber when the war first started? They sure did show off numbers then, marro sure did like making videos crying, they dotn shoe their men because they dont have the men lol

    Nice try though

    1. You're a nut hugger too fool?! 🤣

    2. Sosa, thanks for clarification. I was puzzled by CSRL comments, I'm not a fan of any group (I really don't think any of us here, really are) but CJNG is absolutely dominating Mexico. I'm not entirely sure why it has been so drawn out for almost 10yrs in a long war for Michocan etc but they are dominating everyone.

    3. No but its just obvious that cjng bought the plaza and these guys have no more power let alone real leadership lol they claim they are dominating cjng in gto but all u see is dead csrl and cjng has all the plazas because they have all the forrupt ppl on their side.
      Cjng has very powerful ppl backing them and for that reason alone they are dominating mexico and its obvious. Anyone who says otherwise is blind

      As for Mich its becauze he fought the first war via proxy and had others holding the plaza for him who he thought were loyal to him instead of doing what hes doing now. I mean Menchos MO is literally make an alliance of possible, gain trust, gain thepolitical connections then turn in or kill the jefe de plaza and place one of his own men then change the name of the remnants to his cartel cjng and boom new plaza. Unless he absolutely cant do that he will fight. He will unite all the smaller cells by force or money then once united fights the dominating cartel or heats up the plaza and has the govt do his job

    4. Ms. H, you thank Sosa for the clarification? Lmao That was funny. The guy is subjective, he's CJNG's no 1 fan boy. He likes to invent things that are not even close to the truth. He's a pathological lier. In life, you should beware of people like him.

    5. Thank may have been the wrong word but I appreciate hearing various perspectives.I frequently say it on here to a lot of people.
      I absolutely see what your saying though. I take everything with a grain of salt but every so often a light is shown on a subject I didn't look at.

    6. CSRL are like the Black Knight from Monty Python

    7. Lol secret manager. You stooped down to making up lies and fake accounts? Always my biggest fan. Cjng fan boy? They are causing deat hall over mexico nothing to cheer about. What i do like is cartel news just like you i assume being you have n account on BB lol
      Go ahead and suck a fat one secret management. I wish you well

    8. I fell asleep trying to read Sosa s long winded comment omg.

    9. I probably speak for more than a few here. Anyone who can formulate a thought beyond "Sinaloans snitch" or MAFIA RULES or some other inane 5 word comment gets points. I choose to read comments to actually read a comment, frequently a thought out opinion/perspective requires a paragraph and a minimum of 4-5 sentences.
      Whether or not I agree with a comment I will choose to take the time to read it.

    10. I completely agree with what you said in your 10:06 AM comment, Ms. H.

    11. What the fuck is with these guys, these cartels gurus and secret manager/management? This is the 1st time someone calls me "secret manager" whatever the fuck that means. @SOSA Dude, I comment on this site since you were wearing pampers. I've seen hundreds of idiots like you. Saying that you're not a CJNG fan boy means shit to me, you're trying to insult my intelligence. Btw, who the fuck are you so you have fans? You're a nobody. You know shit about cartels. I read in your comments made up things so often that I wonder how come you're not in a fucking hospice.

    12. 11:58
      Yes tell him like it is.
      I just don't know why some people have to lie, and then comes one that actually knows the facts and then the list, can't hide under the rock.

    13. Itw so funny you try and act like ur not secret homosexual but its not hard to figure it out. Why dont u tell everyone hoe u pretended to be a girl on social media, flirted with a guy who you thought was me to get information lmao yeah scret homo why dont u mention that one?

      I never say i know things. Eberything almost yeverything i say is "allegedly .. i read somewhere.. i was told... its rumored online.. they made a song and it said.." so eat a dick u weirdo.

      Werent u the one who talked all that shit saying Menchos proxy war in Mich using AD was wasted when Abuelo Flipped?

    14. You dont like what i post, move past the comment, tlk to a therapist, sign a petition or continue to hate me idc lol hope u have a wonderful day homo. You deserve it

    15. Nice, in 2021, on a cartel related blog, the moderator choose to post homophobic messages. Tbh, I was expecting that from a sick retarded guy like SOSA, to write a homophobic message as an insult. You can imagine what kind of person this guy is in real life. Homophobic, racist, probably he's beating his parents. I really thought that he's just a pathological lier but boy, he has so many other problems. SOSA, I'll give you an advice, seek help. Even sexually abused people during childhood like you can receive help.

    16. This is secret homosexual. Anytime he calls Men ho a rape victim we know its u or u say he cant go back to naranjo de chila its you or when u say aomeown is a sex abuse victim its you. You gave yourself up calling me a sex abuse victim lol
      Please tell everyone how u made a fake profile of a female, pretended to be a female, flirted with a guy you THOUGHT was me so u could find out info abut this man. Lol
      Idc what u say, nothing beats that

    17. So you're saying that others also noticed that you were sexually abused. Who was it, your father? He did it while you were sleeping, right? He introduced his penis inside your little ass? You present all the symptoms of a sexually abused kid and I wasnt't the only one who noticed, as you mentioned. A symptom of sexual abuse is the mental retardation. I can clearly see it from the way you write that your brain remained undeveloped. Can you tell us more about that gay dude, "secret management" who desperately trying to reach you? Are you often contacted by homosexuals? Maybe you give them signs that you are available and you don't even realize it. It happens when you are sexually abused as a kid. Anyway, seek help.

  4. Question? Why not threatened the politicos than innocent people?

  5. I admire their bravery and their never quit attitude.
    Pero desgraciadamente los jaliscos llegaron para quedarse en GTO.

  6. Guanajuato ya focus on Zacatecas and Durango and yes Rafael caro Quintero coming from up north a cerrar el triángulo Dorado una nueva generación

  7. Lmao i remember Marro saying the same stuff back when the war started " you aint shit, you cant take over this blah blah blah.. why noy just align yourselves and make money instead of having to hide .. i mean cjng has the manpower and the bankroll which crsl lost both a while back so it would make sense to just align

    1. Probbaly because menchos MO is to gain an alliance then once in he betrays their leader so he can place one of his own men who are loyal and the entire time the lower level dudes are being placed so by the time he betrays the alliance he has men within all levels and his new boss loyal to him has a smoother transition of power. Exactly what he dis in TJ, what he did in Veracruz what he did in parts of GTO what he did in Colima, what he did many places and whats rumored he himself did in Jalisco by giving up Lobo and Tigre and possibly Nacho Coronel. Its literaly his MO. I mean no rules in war but doesnt make it okay. And mexico is different ball game and morals in the underworld

    2. It is very simple,
      La Mencha represents,
      for corrupt melitary in the armed forces allied to his politician and businessmen members of the oligarchy and satraps trying to own everything in México by stealing it.

  8. Okay.. here goes my dirty mouth... Chinga su madres los gueys de CJNG.. A ;os Santa Rosa... lo te ayuda a joder los putos de CJNG. Que los chinga a hijos de su puta, perra bomba , guanga , puñtera madres a los gueys de los CJNG. Hasta el infienro con esos putos.

    1. You hurt my feelings, CJNG is number 1, in the whole wide world. I cherish live CJNG.

    2. 7:47 espero te arda el pedorro por muchos años.


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