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Friday, November 26, 2021

Fresnillo, Zacatecas: Armed Assault Repelled, 1 Dead And 1 Detainee

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Updated 11/28/2021: Added new photos of the aftermath of the ambush incident. 

Elements of the State Preventive Police (PEP) and Preventive Police arrested one person in the Municipality of Fresnillo, seized firearms and vehicles.

This after an armed attack was recorded against the police elements of both corporations, who were carrying out operational actions and tours to deter crime on a dirt road between the communities of Santiaguillo and Chichimequillas of the aforementioned municipality.

By repelling the aggression, one of the aggressors lost his life, one more was arrested and firearms along with vehicles were seized.

At this time, operational actions continue in this municipality and expert proceedings and collection of evidence are carried out to integrate into the corresponding research portfolio.

Sources: Imagen TelevisiónExpress Zacatecas

Additional Photo Credit: Noticieros.Televisa, Heraldo de SLP


  1. Hey Sol, u don’t have to post this. But, have u heard of the Mexican elementary school or district that won a lottery AMLO put togetherand some armed group made claims to the prize? I dont know if I got the story correct, just curious.

    1. Where have you been..that has been posted days ago, by our famous Dr. Sol

    2. Thank you sir but I’ve already posted the article.

    3. The Armed group you are referring to were armed citizens who were fed up with the genocidal mass murdering child raping cartels. They stole the lottery prize to buy more firearms and arm the children of the elementary school. They wanted to teach the children to be responsible shooters/ defenders of the community while also stealing, extorting and trafficking drugs and illegals to fund the purchase of more firearms and free themselves of the corrupt and enept government and the blood thristy child raping mass murdering genocidal cartel. My heart weeps as I write this. MAGA2024... furthermore, Pink guns for the ladies.

  2. Forget it that whitey boy don't back track and read.


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