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Sunday, November 7, 2021

Fresnillo, Zacatecas: 2 Men Hanged Found In Las Palmas

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The corpses were found on a dirt road adjoining Federal Highway 49, the Peacebuilding Table reported

At the moment, corporations that make up the State Roundtable for Peacebuilding and Security maintain a presence and mobilization on Federal Highway 49, in response to a citizen report for a criminal act, it was reported in a statement.

Authorities announced that after attending to that report, the corporations confirmed the location of two deceased people who were hanging on a dirt road near the intersection known as Las Palmas in the Municipality of Fresnillo.

Personnel of the Attorney General's Office are carrying out the corresponding proceedings. And the police corporations carry out the activities aimed at locating those responsible for this act, the statement indicated.

No other information was given about this violent event.

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  1. Another great day in Fresnillo, Zacatecas.....*sigh*

  2. It was a Worst one today . Bodies in bags in fresnillo chopped up . two dead bodies dumped from a truck while it was speeding in fresnillo . Family of four shoot dead and right after they set the house on fire with the bodies inside the house .
    Shoot out between Cds and Cjng in rio florido . 4 dead . Authorities only say one dead . Trying to always minimize the situation . Two dead in a truck after a shootout after that they set the truck on fire . This in Pánfilo natera zac .
    Let me tell you authorities are not attending any body that’s hurt by shootouts . Cops and ambulances are not picking up . Especially because this locations are very dangerous and in rural areas . I guess the polipuercos have the night off . Two days in a row shootouts in rio florido in the middle of the night . Authorities showing up at around 11 am the next day

    1. I don’t know about that Billy Cjng would love to get to Sombrerete but they can’t get past fresnillo . They are fucking trying as hell . But mz arr pushing them back way back to Jerez and Into Valpa . It’s a back and forth thing chapitos are also in te fight on there side town wich is south east Zacatecas border with Aguascalientes and Jalisco . Cjng has e entered Aguascalientes it’s a war all around man . Chapitos have territory in Aguas and in northern Jalisco . La chapiza don’t want to lose that .

  3. So who was in those shoot outs in rio florido you were talking then?? Rio is in between fresnillo and sombrete

  4. Billy yes it’s between but is closest to fresnillo . Río florido is a community in fresnillo .Sombrerete is still quite a drive billy plus there’s so many town that have Sinaloa presence in that area . If you follow the news and see that there’s so many people being hanged and encobijados Mz signature around those areas el baluarte , seis de enero . Altamira , LazRo cárdenas that’s all Sinaloa . Let’s nit forget that all those areas was cdg wich is now cjng . That’s why they keep coming back but then they get taken out by Sinaloa again . Back and forth . Cjng go in make a hit and leave . They don’t stay to set up shop . They arr set in Zacatecas capital and Guadalupe also calera . But as we see that’s already in dispute . Sinaloa going in and taking people out on that side of town . That never happened before . Those are the supposedly rich cities or were middle and upper class people live . . They didn’t see that kind of violence before .
    Saludos att
    El Zacatecas

  5. As we speak right now they just left bags with juman remains in fresnillo . They are saying that was cjng who did this . But I can be wrong because lately Sinaloa have been choping up bodies also .

  6. They just found an ice chest with body parts In colonia Francisco Villa in fresnillo . Also they just found 3 mutilated bodies in Guadalupe zac inside a home . Busy night for the guys with the machete tonight . All these can be verified with zona segura con Oscar segura fb or testigo minero, Zellotestigonocturno fb , and @test1gonocturno Twitter . This are not regular civilians with a camera they are actual reporters that work for canal B15 fresnillo Zacatecas .


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