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Friday, November 12, 2021

FGR Agents Shot in Escobedo, Nuevo León

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat

Two agents of the Federal Attorney General's Office (FGR) were shot up in the municipality of Escobedo, in the state of Nuevo León. 

At approximately 10:30* on the night of November 10, 2021, according to an unofficial version of events, two FGR agents reportedly tried to flag down a white SUV and gray SUV which were moving together, caravan style, on Concordia Avenue, just 150 meters away from the entrance to the Laredo highway. 

The white SUV was described as a BAIC X35, BAIC stands for "Beijing Automotive Corporation'', a Chinese car manufacturer. Meanwhile the gray SUV was described as being from Renault, a french car manufacturer.

The men inside the vehicle did not stop when flagged down, rather they opened fire on the two agents, who are identified as Luis Ángel and Pedro Molina. 

Following the shooting, the SUVs drove a few meters away, then stopped and the attackers inside exited their vehicles, abandoning them on the road. The attackers fled on foot into a subdivision under construction, known as “La Encomienda II Residencial”, where there is only a large vacant lot currently.

The shooting was reported to law enforcement and both State and Municipal Police officers arrived on scene. Quickly after, paramedics were sent to the shooting location and after stabilizing them, they transported the two injured agents to a nearby private hospital on Pino Suarez Avenue. 

One of the two agents is said to be in critical condition and is at risk of dying from his injuries. Milenio newspaper reports that Agent Molina was wounded in the chest, near a lung. The other agent is expected to be discharged a few hours after being admitted.

The crime scene of both the FGR vehicle and the two SUVs was heavily guarded by law enforcement as the area was cordoned off to preserve the scene and allow forensic investigators the chance to collect evidence.

In the area of the shooting, at least 10 bullet casings were found as well as a firearm. It was not clarified whether it was a long barrel or short barrel weapon, or if it is presumed to belong to the attackers.

This attack comes less than a week after an attack on a commander from the Apodaca municipal police, also in Nuevo León. In response to the Apodaca attack, the State Security Secretary Aldo Fasci Zuazua assured that the police corporations in the state were on high alert.

*Note: Posta reports the attack occurred around 10:30 pm while ABC Noticias reports it occurred around 11:30 pm.

Sources: Jornada, Milenio, Tribuna, Posta, ABC Noticias, Ruido en el Enjambre, Lopez Doriga, Noticias en la Mira, Ola Noticias, Corresponsales


  1. FGR were not behaving like FGE, or like CDN, or the melitary, they shoot everybody dead to force their car to stop if they look suspect, tamaulipas government style

    1. SIR
      Today I took a nice refreshing shower. I then proceeded to Feed my pets Perin and Lily, they are a handful.

    2. I will be able to eat pancakes, with strawberries, that is of course, that Sol does not have any beheading videos today.

  2. Smart guys, ditching the car on sight and on foot.

  3. SAMUELITO the new govenor of NL is a high ranking csrtelcmember. He grew up in that shit. Literally. His entire family were old school CDG capo during El Osiel Cardenas reign. Now its said he sold the plaza to Primito and CJNG and they formed CNLNG.
    What is known is BLO has many plazas in NL and has had them on lock for years, CDG contador had many plazas there but after Vaquero was arrested its said the cells flipped and with support from cjng and primito they formed the above mentioned CNLNG (they say some BLO also joined them). CDN has a few plazas there also from what is said online
    CDS may have a few as its a border state of Durango. I dont think anyone cartel has the entire state on lock but if one dominates it would have to be BLO and or CNLNG although that name is not used as much and they sign off cdg and cjng.

    Samuel Garcia was raised to be a capo
    Real shit, dude has power and money and has made it clear hes trying to rid the state of the old school players and start a new generation of NL. Coincidence? Dont think so

    1. Nuevo leon does not border with Durango

    2. Wow, this Samuel Garcia's family is a mess of corruption. Dirty lawyer father article:

    3. And they dnt care puro money money y money

    4. Vaquero killed some old school friends in Valle Hermoso. What a dick

  4. Sorryci meant to say Zacatecas border NL and that CDS may have some plazas in the border area by Zac/SLP


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