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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Female CSRL Boss Threatens CJNG With Two Human Heads In Guanajuato

"HEARST" and "Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The female regional cartel boss “La Nina” left two decapitated heads alongside a narco sign in the city of Acámbaro, in the state of Guanajuato. The sign was from the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel (Cártel de Santa Rosa de Lima, CSRL) and the message threatened members of the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generation (CJNG).

November 23, 2021

At approximately 6:00 am on the morning of November 23, 2021, local residents of the city of Acámbaro, who had just left their homes for the day, discovered that a narcomanta (narco message sign) had been placed along with the decapitated heads of one man and one woman on Pino Suárez street. 

Acámbaro is a city that lies down in the south-eastern part of the state, falling more south than the larger city of Celaya. Acámbaro is located near the border between the states of Guanajuato and Michoacán.

Historically, Acámbaro has been controlled by the CSRL, one of the dominant cartel groups within the state, and has been contested previously by La Familia Michoacana (LFM) and currently by the CJNG. 

The residents who discovered the narcomanta reported it to the 911 emergency phone line. Municipal Police officers were dispatched to the area where they confirmed that human remains and a narco sign had been left at the location.

Photos that allegedly depict the sign and the human remains that were left at the location have emerged online. The sign shown in the photos read as follows, as translated by Sol Prendido: 

We already have everyone of you cowards who give support located. 

This here is a gift for all the turncoats who support the skinny Jalisco bitches. You faggot sellouts bit the hand that fed you.

We’re still in position, doing our thing. And the city of Acambaro already has an owner; it’s true father is the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel. 


La Niña

Only a few minutes after the Municipal Police confirmed the discovery of the human heads (one female, one male),  the emergency phone line received a report of the discovery of human limbs on Sabino Street, between Hidalgo and Morelos, also in Acámbaro. No photos of this alleged discovery have emerged online as of the writing of this story.

Photo of Sabino Street taken on November 23, 2021, the day of the discovery of human limbs. 

Both crime scenes were cordoned off by law enforcement authorities, local military personnel was called in to maintain the perimeter while forensic experts from the Attorney General’s office worked on documenting and collecting evidence at both locations.

Later that same day, at approximately 1:00 pm, two black bags with human remains were discovered in the Río Blanco extension (Prolongación Río Blanco) area of Acámbaro. A large number of soldiers, from both the National Guard and the Army (SEDENA), were called to the crime scene due to its close proximity to the Narciso Mendoza kindergarten and its sandboxes. 

Forensic experts from the Attorney General’s office were also called to this location and evidence was collected. Whether any of the human remains found at the three locations came from the same deceased person is currently unreported.

November 24, 2021 

At roughly 6:45 am on the morning of November 24, 2021, several bags were spotted by residents walking to work. The bags were suspected of containing a deceased human body. 

This marked the second consecutive day that human remains were left publicly in the streets of Acámbaro city. The locals who made the discovery reported it to the emergency phone line and within a few minutes police officers arrived on scene. 

Crime scene of Madero Street on November 24, 2021. The local PRI building clearly in the background.

They confirmed that several black bags, one of which had a human foot visibly sticking out, had been left leaning against a wall on Madero Street, in front of the local offices of the PRI political party. This location was also near Prepa Roja (or Red Preparatory High School). Whether a narco message sign accompanied the remains is unreported.

The crime scene area was cordoned off by police and National Guard soldiers were sent to guard the perimeter. Forensic experts documented and collected the evidence. The human remains were sent for autopsy at the Forensic Medical facilities in the nearby city of Celaya. So far, whether the remains were related to any of the ones found the day before is unreported. 

The Cartel Landscape of the Area 

Over the last month, the city of Celaya, as well as small towns south of Celaya have seen an uncommon uptick in cartel violence. This is possibly due to the CJNG contesting these territories which are currently held by the CSRL. 

As previously covered on Borderland Beat, the CJNG subgroup Grupo Elite is believed to have carried out a targeted execution of a man in the city of Celaya on November 9, 2021. Social media speculation alleges the target was a member of the CSRL. 

Immediately following the execution, police chased after and engaged in a gunfight with the CJNG hitmen, leading to the death of three of the alleged Grupo Elite members. 

Then, on November 11, 2021, in the small suburb of Celaya called Rincón de Tamayo, a vehicle with one to two people inside the trunk was burned. The victims inside the vehicle were found to be deceased by the time the flames were extinguished, although they may have been deceased prior to the start of the fire. The men who set the vehicle on fire left a narco message sign telling everyone that the state of Guanjuato belonged to the CJNG, signed by Grupo Elite. 

Seven days later in the same town of Rincón de Tamayo, four men were shot dead in the middle of the street. For more information on both incidents which occurred in Rincón de Tamayo, please see this previous story.

The cartel alias “La Niña” is Spanish for little girl. A local social media page called Gabo Nunez is claiming that the “La Niña” who signed the narcomanta is the alias of the girlfriend or wife of a famous CSRL cartel boss “El Teco” who is believed to be in prison. 

The Two "El Teco"s

Confusingly there are two imprisoned “El Teco”s in the CSRL with some ties to the area. The man with the strongest ties to Acambaro specifically is Emmanuel ‘N’, alias “El Teco”. 

He was arrested and indicted on December 22, 2020 for the homicide of a man in the Las Flores neighborhood in the city of Acámbaro. According to Milenio newspaper, the homicide occurred on the night of April 30, 2019, when the victim, who is identified as Marco "N" and was a lawyer, met up with El Teco, who arrived at the meeting accompanied by a group of hitmen. 

According to information from the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE), the men then began to threaten Marco with a firearm, rebuking him for not knowing the whereabouts of a certain unspecified person. As punishment for not knowing the person’s whereabouts, the armed men took Marco by force to a secondary location where he died from deep tissue trauma to the chest and abdomen. Marco was later found deceased, still wearing the handcuffs used to subdue him. 

Exterior of the Acámbaro furniture store following the execution of five inside.

Newspaper La Silla Rota reported that El Teco was later found to be involved in the homicide of five individuals who were all shot dead inside a furniture store located in Acámbaro by a group of hitmen on the afternoon of May 15, 2019. 

More recently, on February 4, 2021, a different CSRL regional boss Juan ‘N’,  alias “El Tecos” was arrested at an unspecified location for his suspected involvement in a shooting. 

The shooting in question resulted in the murder of eleven people at a bar called "La Cabaña del Toro" in Jaral del Progreso in September 27, 2020. 

Three of the eleven victims of the shooting in the La Cabaña del Toro bar in Jaral del Progreso. 

Just a few hours before Juan “El Teco” was announced as arrested, the arrest of the CSRL lieutenant Juan Refugio ‘N’, alias "El Barbas" was announced. The timing resulted in news stories covering the arrest of "El Barbas" and Juan “El Teco” together, although it is unclear if there is any relation between the two. 

El Barbas is of note because he has been tied to the May 15, 2019 homicide of five in Acámbaro. This makes him an alleged accomplice of the other El Teco (Emannuel).


  1. Does anyone know when all the common everyday torture murders like these started and from who? Which cartels gave rise to the ever escalating,, never ending bloody mess?

    1. 2006 bruh and the Zetas. Pretty basic history

    2. I thought the familia michoacana started the beheading trend or made it a common practice in a cartels arsenal.

    3. Yea, it was familia michoacana in uruapan michoacan when they threw a couple of zeta heads in the middle of the dance floor and left a manta.

  2. These csrl dudes are just a gang at this point living off the little extortion they have going on. They move small amounts of that blue jale at the retail level, they obviously keep losing cells yhat are leaving to join cjng. Celaya is already cjng but there is some small barrios surrounding it that are still infested with csrl members but not many
    The only reason cjng sas able to snatch control of GTO was because they paid the federal govt to do so, paid the state police to help keep everyone in check or at least turn the blind eye on their operations and because they went to war with the municpales. Its why there is the highest rate of municipales in all of mexico in GTO. The munipales had deep ties to Marro and csrl many being full blown members of the cartel and thats why it took so long to get them on board but now throughout GtO most are with cjng.

    If you notice which i dont think is a coincidence, the police in Celaya just recently had some new gear vehicles weapons etc given to them well the uniforms amd the gear are exactly the same as that video of RRs commander calling out El 20 from Nacauplan. Same exact uniforms and gears. A couple videos out there of crooked cops raiding houses without warrants wearing the same shit but in civilian trucks

  3. In my off the cuff opinion it was always present on a small scale, but when ZETAS came into power as their own cartel, it really escalated. It became obvious that municipalities, individuals, politicians etc would listen to the violent displays they put on for all to see. Sadly, using fear as a tactic to have others bow to your will is incredibly effective. When somebody says "I'm killing your family unless you do A,B, or C, it is nolonger an idle threat as last night you saw a family hanging from a bridge, so you know they have the ability. Terror reigns supreme when you are defenceless.
    The Zetas were used as an extremely effective tool when the were 'recruited' from the military to work as enforcers of the Gulf cartel in 90's until around 2009. When they broke off, all hell literally broke loose with near constant brazen displays for media, use of social media, torture videos displayed etc.
    I'm sure somebody else can and will answer this more thoroughly as I'm going off top of my head.
    Despite not wanting or able to watch the torture vids etc it is a fascinating tool for complete control and propaganda etc. Good day sir🍜

    1. Thank you Ms. H, For your info and for saying good day! I am a Ms Too tho :)

    2. It wasn’t present at a small scale. The violence before the zetas and the modern era was qualitatively different, not just quantitatively.

    3. Straw, good to know👧👩👵👸🙆👰Good point 527

    4. Miss H.
      Miss Straw was known as Upticksgirl.
      She had ticks up there.

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    6. And, LASTRAW stands for LAST STRAW. As in I know I won't be missed, but done responding to anything. I miss the Chivas times when the replies were not so much smart a$$ remarks thrown in too often for me. BB is Great so will continue to read. Just keep my thoughts to myself.

  4. You have to admire these CSRL guys. They are clearly on a suicide mission. CJNG is 100x more powerful.

    1. I would say its pathitic at this point
      When narro was out and was putting a fight i was impressed but now im like "are these guys stupid?!"

  5. Looks like cdsr is rooning out of men

    1. “Rooning??”

      Whats thAt mean??

    2. I was under the impression after seeing several videos of El Marro talking, posted sometime ago here on BB, that they were hijacking petrol and we're not a typical drug running Cartel??

    3. If you are interested in reading further, I cannot recommend enough Redlog's story on the CSRL.

      It goes into depth on the CSRL's revenue streams from huachicoleo to train car robbery, drug distribution to kidnapping.

    4. Mrmaggo 4:23
      You know what he meant, just reread the comment again, unless your to lazy, to figure out what he meant.

    5. I could care less if somebody has proper grammar or not, horrible syntax or spelling. Why be so critical of it?
      What do you gain by pointing it out to somebody who may speak English as a 2nd language, made a texting error or just sucks at basic English. Stop being a dick.

    6. Mossligo
      He gets his jollies on making fun of people in here, instead of commenting on the article.

  6. Lol another classic “we already have every one of you located” mantas.

    1. Ironically this one left out the usual terms like " You Faggots"

  7. I cannot wrap my head around women being as ruthless as men. I have no basis for this however, as I know women lie like men, cheat like men,steal like men, etc. But I just cannot reconcile in my mind women being stone killers and hacking bodies to pieces. I don't know. Maybe with the worldwide feminist movement I am naive to underestimate women in this regard?

    1. @12:03. Women discard living newborn babies in dumpsters and toilets. You still surprised at what women are capable of?

    2. James Brown ever since Barney Harris got killed you haven't been the same.

  8. I seemed to recall a girl using the same name La Nina being killed by Marines after getting into a shootout. I saw a video some time ago and it showed a small Hispanic girl who had been shot in the neck and the Marine was trying to comfort her while you could audibly hear this creepy wheezing sound as she was trying to breath with a bullet hole in the throat. He was telling her to "hang on, help is coming". He then carried her to a waiting chopper.Am I mistaken?? It was some time ago and I believe it was on BB as this is where I read 95% of the Cartel News I follow. Anyone recall this??

    1. Yea, she was killed in michoacan..
      Pretty sexy young woman

    2. @billyjean I appreciate the feedback. I should have waited for your response before wasting my time finding it on Google and double posting it! Lol

  9. I found the video. It was not La Nina but La Katrina AKA the "Dame of Death". So I was correct to recall this video however the I confused the woman's name.

    1. I was correct to recall, son your are not making sense, whatsoever and you come in people don't know how to, make comments, what a hippocrite.

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    A)You hide behind Anonymous User Name

    B)You will NEVER ever meet anyone on here.

    Oh yea. Last thing. It is Toppz462. Not Toppaz. Toppz462.


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