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Saturday, November 20, 2021

Cozumeleños Unidos Leave Banner Accusing Local Police Of Running Extortion Rackets in Cozumel

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On November 14, a banner was placed in Cancun, Quintana Roo with serious allegations of organized crime involvement against Armando Perez Perez, the Commander of Investigative Police in Cozumel.

The large white banner was hung from the pedestrian bridge along Avenida Tulum near the Monument to Mexican History. On the banner were photos of Perez Perez, alleged plaza boss Miguel Audomaro Fuentes "El Fat", and known criminal Edgar Armando "El Alux".

The banner is directed at Quintana Roo Attorney General Oscar Montes de Oca Rosales and Cozumel Mayor Juanita Alonso Marrufo, asking them to take care of Perez Perez, who the banner alleges is responsible for killings, "cobro de piso", and extortion of child prostitution, alcohol sales, and drug dealing in the area. 

The banner claims every 10 days, he earns between $50,000 - 100,000 MXP ($2400 - 4,800 USD) from these criminal enterprises.

Additionally, the banner names him as the perpetrator of a murder of a youth along the Carreterra Transerval highway in Cozumel. Apparently, Perez Perez, working on contract for local criminal leaders Miguel Audomaro Fuentes "El Fat " and "Edgar Armando "El Alux", captured a youth and delivered him to the criminal organization, where he was killed over a drug debt.

This accusation likely refers to a body of a 17 year old found on October 10. The body was found thrown on the side of the highway, shot seven times. Several 9mm cartridges were found at the murder scene.

As the Commander of the investigative police of Cozumel, he is frequently quoted by crime reporters about cases in the region. He even appears in several videos posted to Facebook, where he is interviewed by Nota Roja pages on criminal actions.

This is the not the first time Perez Perez has faced accusations of misconduct.

Cozumel Investigative Police Commander Armando Perez Perez

This banner comes after a local youth accused Perez Perez and other officers of torture in a homicide investigation back in May of this year. According to the youth, Perez Perez and his men arrived at the youths home in the middle of the night without a warrant and took him to the State Prosecutors Office. 

There, they placed a bag over his head and beat him in an attempt to obtain an admission of guilt in the homicide case of Alfredo Partida Esparza, a local official murdered in May.

These compounded accusations of police corruption strike one year after an INEGI poll showed that 80% of Quintana Roo residents view the police as corrupt, and just weeks after a shooting at tourist spot in Cancun has drawn a the world's eyes to the gunfights and corruption that have invaded once safe region of Mexico.

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  1. “Extortion of child prostitution!” NOT the immediate death of all those participating? What a winner! His ass needs to be rittenhoused! Only good child rapist is a dead one!

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  3. Pretty sure he isn't happy with having such accusations being portrayed to the public.


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