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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

CJNG vs Pueblos Unidos: Monstruos Battles In Tancítaro & Nuevo Parangaricutiro, Michoacán

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat 

Members of Pueblos Unidos fought against members of the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) in large battles, involving narco monster tanks, in the municipalities of Tancítaro and Nuevo Parangaricutiro in the state  of Michoacán.


As previously covered, there was a large meeting of Pueblos Unidos members in the municipality of Ziracuaretiro last week, from between November 11-13, 2021. Additionally, as covered by Sol, there have been allegations that one of the speakers at the meeting was Noel Mondragón Peña, alias "El Gorras", who is a former subordinate of the Knights Templar (Caballeros Templarios, CT) founder Nazario Moreno González, alias “El Chayo”.

The Pueblos Unidos men alleged they were gathering in order to fight against the extortion of the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) on avocado growers, especially since the CJNG was gaining territory in the municipalities of Ario de Rosales, Patzcuaro, Nuevo Urecho, Salvador Escalante, Taretan, Múgica and Uruapan.

The Battles in Tancítaro & Nuevo Parangaricutiro

Gun battles began early on the morning of November 15, 2021, as alleged members of the CJNG fought against members of Pueblos Unidos in multiple locations. The towns of Agua Chiquita, Los Lobos, and La Pacata in the municipality of Nuevo Parangaricutiro were all said to be the sites of such confrontations. All these towns lie along the same San Juan Nuevo-Tancítaro highway. Additionally the town of Agua Zarca in the municipality of Tancítaro was said to be the site of another battle.

The newspaper El Sol de Morelia writes that “according to local reports, the scuffles began after the local council refused to sign an agreement with Carteles Unidos to confront the Jalisco Cartel - New Generation (CJNG).” 

If this local report is true, this would seem to confirm the suspected connection between Pueblos Unidos (which purports to be a self-defense group, not a cartel organization) and Carteles Unidos (who have long since abandoned their guise of a self defense group, in the eyes of many). Carteles Unidos have notably been long-time cartel rivals of the CJNG. 

The San Juan Nuevo-Tancítaro highway was closed to all vehicular traffic due to the intense shootings at towns directly adjacent to it. A bevy of videos have been circulating on social media which allegedly depict some of the fighting.

The State Attorney General's Office said it had no information about any dead or injured people as a result of these clashes. News reports differ on the number of casualties. El Universal writes that villagers reported five dead from just the battle that occurred in the town of Agua Chiquita. Meanwhile Noventa Grados writes that the battles resulted in a total of three deaths. 

The Videos

All of the following videos are safe for all to watch, no graphic content. In the first set of two videos, residents recorded the sound of the gunfire they can hear from (presumably) their residence. In the first video, it is alleged to be gunfire from battles near the town of Agua Chiquita, in the municipality of Nuevo Parangaricutiro.

Video Credit: Carrillo

Video Credit: Fernando Orozco

In the next video, footage of what is alleged to be a helicopter flying over Nuevo Parangaricutiro and Tancítaro.

Video Credit: Balam.

In the next video, the hitmen can be heard saying: "You have to advance" as well as "Pure people from Tapatío". Tapatío is believed to be the alias of a CJNG regional leader who is in charge of their operations around the Uruapan area.

Unfortunately, further information on Tapatío is scant, with no alleged photos or possible real names available in regards to him. 

Video Credit: Dominio Público

Another video that is alleged to depict radio chatter during the battles on November 15, 2021, but if the footage is new is unconfirmed.

Video Credit: Balam.

The last clip depicts a narco monstruo blindado (or armored monster, a armored monster truck) that was seen on the move in the general region, though it is unconfirmed if the footage was from November 15, 2021 or previous days.


Below are two frames of the video which show a full view of the front and a full view of the back.

The same vehicle can be seen briefly in the first clip of alleged radio chatter. Below is a frame from that video.

Video Sources: GHOSTDEVIIL, Balam., Dominio Público, Fernando Orozco, Carrillo 

Sources: El Universal, El Sol de Morelia, 24-Horas,, Televisa.NEWS, Noventa Grados, Quadratin Article 1Article 2


  1. Scumbags killing scumbags! Awesome! The sad part is it’s not whose gonna protect the population. It’s a battle over who gets dibs on mass rape of young girls, who gets dibs on extorting small Mexican businesses, and who gets dibs on committing genocide.

  2. Articles like this is just to help the propaganda machine because they are not Pueblo they are a artel just like Jalisco is they are not autodefensa and republishing these in English juat helps spread there propaganda that was started by the person who wrote this article in Spanish which I. Turn is on carteles unidos payroll they are not Pueblo they are a cartel juat like Jalisco most of those people at that junta where all CU and those lands they say they want to protect and farm was stolen from real Pueblo people

    1. Hi Mero. This story is not just a single article translated to English and republished. I rewrote different parts of seven different sources which are all linked at the bottom, which is what I do with any story I choose to put my alias on.

      My goal is never to tell readers my personal assumptions. My goal is to present all the relevant facts needed for readers to come to their own conclusions.

      I think I presented enough information for readers to see the possibility of a connection between Pueblos Unidos and Carteles Unidos. But I'll keep your feedback in mind.

    2. Keep doing what you do Hearst, you are one of the best contributors. You will never be able to please everyone so don't sweat the lames.

    3. 5:38 if you don't like the article don't read it. Hearst got it from a trusted news group. Being that you cheerleading the opposing group, you come in offering your own made up propaganda, you don't like what is happening in Mexico, write to the president.

    4. There always has to be a fool in the house 😂

    5. Where was i cheerleading I said Jalisco is a cartel and the reason I’m criticizing the article is not to get a Hearst she’s just translating it over I’m getting at the fact that your respectable news group is sold out to the highest bidder writing propagando articles to paint a transnational organization like CU into pueblo and what good would it be if I write a letter to crooked ass Amlo he’s to busy figuring out where he’s going to steal from them to be worried about the people he’s suppose to be protecting and governing

    6. I believe you are saying you take issue with these recent stories because of the use of the term "Pueblos Unidos", and specifically "Pueblos"? It is what the group chooses to call themselves.

      Historians will refer to the "People's Liberation Army". But that does not mean those historians support the CCP and believe they really are the army who is liberating the people. It is simply a name that effectively communicates which group of people is being referred to.

    7. El Mero miado.
      La 4 letras pierdion Las esposa hot. Las 5 letters estan bien, pero Mero, Las 6 letras estan en Tijuana.

    8. Your are pretty ass it was funny the first time you wrote it now you just wack you like that dweeb that gets a person reaction since the first time you posted that some one laughed at it now you just Gona run with it you a dweeb go back to suck on you mama tt

    9. Mero, 95% of the people on Borderland Beat understand the reality of what these self-defense group are. Just another one of the over 400 criminal groups on Mexico's landscape. Great article Hearst, thank you for the maps showing municipalities. Bravo, bravo🐰

    10. Thank goodness for riders like Hearst, I have been a faithful reader since 2010 do the riders like her, Chivis and others. El Merra, Shut your mouth and be thankful for the quality work these writers do and be glad that at least someone has the guts and integrity to report on the insane situation in Mexico. Thank you always borderland beat

  3. Wow I didn't know cjng had lazaro cardenas

  4. PU will be allying with others that what to get rid of CJNG. They are messing with townspeople.

  5. All those people and they still cant fck with menchos.. shouldnt they just sign a truce and get back to making money??

    1. The shootout has not started yet, they are waiting for Menchos people to come in. Sign a truce my asd, you know that will never fix anything.

    2. Too many people want to be the boss and have control. If they sign a peace treaty it will only be a matter of time before some of these CU leaders get killed and replaced by people who mencho want in charge of the plaza.

  6. Great reporting. Appreciate your verbiage; ‘scant’ is spot-on.

    1. These are the comments I secretly live for. Thank you, Beepbeep.

    2. Good to know, 'scuffle' could of used more oomf, but thats just me.


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