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Monday, November 1, 2021

Chilpancingo, Guerrero: An Armed Criminal Cell Challenges Los Tlacos

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

With a look of pure and malevolent animosity a gunman spits out his threats with fire. His warnings go out against the hitmen who make up the Los Tlacos cartel. 

The open challenge for an armed confrontation is being called out on video. Perhaps to make up for the heavy losses suffered at the hands of Los Tlacos AKA El Cartel de La Sierra.

In due time the contenders for this drug corridor will strike out against their adversaries. For the time being menacing words of impending doom are being spoken by masked men engaged in guerrilla warfare. 

Video translation is as follows:

Male #1: Come on out you fucking faggots. Take a look at this kids. We’re here roaming about. Look at this shit. You fucking sons of bitches Tlacos. We’re roaming these streets here in Chilpancingo you bitches. Why won’t you guys come on out to that fucking confrontation?

Male #2: Come on out to that fucking confrontation you sons of bitches. 

Male #1: You’re all just playing dumb asses. Come on out to work you faggots. That’s specifically what we’re here for. Be fucking ready. Because we’re coming after everyone of you sons of bitches. For all the thieves, kidnappers, and extortionists, your worlds will go to shit. So it’s in your best interest to calm the fuck down already. The city of Chilpancingo belongs to us. Be fucking ready because we’re already here. We take care of the citizens bud. Not like that dumb shit you guys do when you’re out there robbing. We don’t have a need to do those things. We’re going to kill everyone of you sons of bitches. 

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  1. 🇲🇽🍅Haber sí cuando termine destazado tiene los mismos tenacates ya que no es lo mismo llamar al leon que verlo venir. El factor sorpresa siempre es pieza estrategica en el combate.🐕

    1. Toda la boca llena de razón y no es por nada pero los Tlacos cuentan con support de allá arriba 👆🏻 gente con poder y además con los 43 Guerrero gente hermosa

  2. En video all tough en persona suleta toda la sopa jaja smh..

  3. Lo pior es sentir al lion venirse y soltar la sopa por atras cuando te dan cran.
    Now that argentinian pimp Carlos Ahumada Kurtz has fled México, who is selling Guerrero Uranium to the chinese???
    That motherfacker was partners with Rosario galvez, carlos Hank Rohn, jaime camil, salinas de gortari, miguel angel osorio chón, epn, fecal, fox, and more, bribed all of them and nobody says his name these days, how come???

    1. Eso son los malos en mexico el cartel mas basura

  4. Malevolent words all i heard was verga verga verga


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