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Friday, October 22, 2021

Yecapixtla, Morelos: The State Is An Extermination Camp, Say Brigade Members

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat  

In Yecapixtla, in a massive grave, more than 10 findings

"Morelos is an extermination camp," said members of the National Brigade for the Search for Missing Persons.

In a press conference, Montserrat Castillo assured that the municipality of Yecapixtla is a massive grave, more than 10 finds have been found in 800 meters of land in this town and they don’t rule out that there are more bone remains. So far only the bodies of three people have been located.

While Juan Carlos Trujillo Herrera, member of the Brigade, said that Morelos is a clandestine grave just like the whole country.

While María Herrena asked for greater security for fieldwork, just the same today they are moving to Amacuzac.

He also assured that the state of Morelos has not complied with the search for missing civilians and asked Governor Cuauhtémoc Blanco for his accompaniment.

For this work only four of the 14 municipalities contemplated in this initial search were visited.

The municipalities that intervened are Cuautla, Jojutla, Yecapixtla and Yautepec. They also announced a new search day in Morelos.

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  1. Mass rape, mass kidnappings, mass slaughter, extermination camps, unarmed law abiding population THE VERY DEFINITION OF GENOCIDE!!!!! Wake the fuck up and arm yourselves poor and average Mexican citizens whatever it takes!

    1. Oh noooooo!
      Who let Whitey E Coyote out of his room?
      There goes the neighborhood.

    2. You 5:39
      When you cuss too much, people in here have less respect for you in here.

  2. And the president instead of sending help he just acts like it doesn't exist he thinks a hug will bring the missing back.Hoto.lopez are worst than pena nieto Calderon at least had the guts to wage war on them.the scum who are committing this

  3. Which group is doing this and why are innocent civilians disappearing? At least give them a rifle to defend themselves.whoever did this already proved a point don't overdue it too much attention pretty soon everyone will be after those responsible.


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