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Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Tucson, Arizona: Gunfight On Train Leaves DEA Agent, Suspect Dead

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As seen in a still taken from footage, a police officer runs for cover with his K9 at the Tucson Amtrak station as a suspect emerges from a stopped train and opens fire.

A DEA agent was killed, another was wounded along with a Tucson police officer in a gunfight Monday morning aboard a train that stopped in Tucson, officials say.

Meanwhile, Tucson police say, one suspect was killed and another is in custody.

Gunfire erupted around 8 a.m. on the Sunset Limited 2 during a brief stop in downtown Tucson.

Part of the shootout between a gunman on the train and a law enforcement officers was captured on a camera near the platform for train buffs that's run from the Southern Arizona Transportation Museum.

It occurred during a drug operation involving the Counter Narcotics Alliance squad, a multi-agency group that often conducts routine drug sweeps on trains and other transportation facilities.

A witness who was on the train said he watched the exchange of gunfire between a man and an officer who had a police dog on a leash.

"I was caught in the cross fire," said George Gonzales, a passenger. "It's like the OK Corral gang when I woke up in the morning."

Gonzales said after some shots were fired, he could hear an officer telling the gunman to surrender. He also said he could hear someone screaming in pain from a nearby train stairwell and assumed it was a shooting victim.

Alice Robinson was in the dining car eating an omelette when she said the "weird stuff started."

Tucson Police patrol officers take up positions outside the downtown Tucson Historic Train Depot after shots fired on an Amtrak train. 

Robinson said she ran to a window after a couple eating near her said they heard gunfire. Moments later, several passengers ran through the car trying to get out, she said.

Evan Courtney was in a lounge car when people suddenly came running in yelling: “Shots fired!”

“I grabbed my backpack and ran,” Courtney told The Associated Press.

He said he huddled with other passengers while looking out the window. He saw several tactical police officers with assault rifles behind barricades. After 15 minutes, “police ran to us and told us to get out of the car and run in the opposite direction.”

Courtney later tweeted a photo of nearly two dozen officers including two embracing.

The train arrived in Tucson at 7:40 a.m. carrying 137 passengers and 11 crew members. They were all evacuated to the station. None of the passengers were wounded.

There are no reported injuries to those who were onboard, according to an Amtrak spokesperson who said the company is in contact with local and federal authorities about the incident.

Federal Bureau of Investigation evidence response team at the scene of a shooting Amtrak in downtown Tucson on Oct. 4th, 2021.

An FBI agent boards an Amtrak train after a shooting aboard the train in downtown Tucson on Oct. 4th, 2021.

Local law enforcement led a procession honoring a Drug Enforcement Administration agent killed in a shooting on an Amtrak train in downtown Tucson.

The shooting started around 8 a.m. on Oct. 4, killing the DEA agent and injuring another, as well as injuring a Tucson police officer. One suspect has died and one is in custody, officials say.

The motorcade, seen traveling west near East Pennington Street and South Sixth Ave., rode from the train station to the Pima County Office of the Medical Examiner near Banner UMC South.


  1. I was eating an omelette, and all of the gunfire, like in the ok corral.
    Glad the suspect was killed, his accomplice will be charged with murder.

  2. The best news in a qhile. Dea agent dead. Dea is just as guilty in all this if not more because they stay stirring things up and choose 1 cartel over others

    1. SOSA I will no longer read any of your comments, this one is the worst that came from you.

    2. People don’t want to admit this but it’s true. Thugs on both sides.

    3. Sosa what happened to you are you a cop hater. I no longer value your comments.

    4. Wth wrong with people? Sosa don't have to like cops. Everybody's not a cop lover. It's call Life

    5. @8:57 It’s a fucking DEA agent bro. Were you seriously under the impression that people don’t hate the DEA? So many of you need a reality check

    6. @8:57 It’s a fucking DEA agent bro. Were you seriously under the impression that people don’t hate the DEA? So many of you need a reality check

    7. There are ignorant people who have no appreciation for the rule of law and order. There are corrupt imperfect in every field of business, industry and government; but our laws and institutions serve far more good than harm.
      Yes SOSA your an immature self centered idiot

    8. @353 You’re completely missing the point Frank. People don’t “hate cops” they hate drug cops. Unless they’re stomping out only fentanyl they’re gonna continue to be hated. Thought this was common sense

    9. 5:43
      The majority of police and law enforcement, which includes DEA are clean and enforce the laws, vs in Mexico 90% of law enforcement is Curupt.

  3. Dog knew it's job & wanted to do it but "serve & protect" decided to run & leave his comrads behind. Funny how he LOOKS macho, tho.

    1. Well when feed my dog Fido, you should see him eat, I tell you cuz, it's great tho, I have go make some cum change.

    2. 3:26
      Have you heard from Edgar Alvarado?
      Hope the cartels did not do nothing to him.

    3. Albert did you used to be fat, I used to watch Fat Albert,back in the day.

  4. Poor Alice Robinson had to endure hearing all the "weird stuff happening" and probably wasn't even able to finish her omelette. She is a brave woman. I hope they provide counseling for that woman, her trauma runs deep. Alice, WE PRAY FOR YOU!!
    Before anyone in here who is on the autism spectrum fails to see sarcasm, this is what it looks like.

    1. She sat there eating 😂 her omelette, and did not get up, because she thought she was watching a movie. She said it was like the ok coral, in the wild wild west. Poor sniffing dog, had to run away from flying bullets.


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