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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

‘The Day We Lost the City’: Black Thursday In Culiacán Is The Subject Of Documentary

"Guerrero" for Borderland Beat

The documentary shows how the Sinaloa Cartel imposed its power on state security

Two years since “black Thursday” – the day Culiacán, Sinaloa, became a battleground – a documentary has been released recounting the events.

On October 17, 2019, the armed forces undertook an operation to capture jailed cartel boss Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán’s son, Ovidio Guzmán. Culiacán was briefly turned into a battlefield with blocked avenues, burning vehicles, convoys of armed vehicles and heavily armed men. Amid the threat of civilian turmoil, Ovidio was released.

The 34-minute The Day We Lost the City (El Día Que Perdimos La Ciudad), available on YouTube, shows how the Sinaloa Cartel imposed its power on state security, and forced the criminal protégé’s release.

The documentary was produced by the civic organization Iniciativa Sinaloa AC with the support of the Resilience Fund, a program of The Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime. The journalists Marcos Vizcarra, Luis Brito created the documentary, while journalist Silber Meza acted as a collaborator.

Meza posted on Twitter to explain their motivations. “Today marks two years since the painful black Thursday … To preserve the memory of what happened, we made a documentary that is being broadcast on social networks for the first time. Two years of deep sadness for the culichis [residents of Culiacán] who aspire to have a city in peace,” he said.

He added that it was important to dispel myths about the actions of the cartel. “There was a social denial that the Sinaloa Cartel decided to act against its own people, the public, in order to save one of its leaders,” he said.

Experts consulted by the newspaper El Universal said there was no clarity about the security measures which had been taken to avoid a repeat of the events. They described the ongoing shock of society left fragile by the day known locally as the culiacanazo.

[Exciting day for us at BB.  Blow by blow, audio, video, on the ground, etc.  First time, the power of the cartel to overpower the gov't, possibly, since El Mencho shot the helicopter down and had similar roadblocks]

With reports from El Universal


  1. Another prove that the Mexican cartels are the most powerful crime syndicates in the world

    1. Easy to be strongest against an unarmed population and a corrupt pathetic government. Let’s see them come to a USA city and do that … they would be wiped out!

    2. It actually proves the weakness and failures of the Mexican government. Calderon tried to get rid of the cartels without first trying to get rid of the corrupt politicians and officials, can't go to war against a group in which alot of your government officials belong to.

      Peña= same shit

      AMLO straight up refuses to fight them, doesn't even want to prosecute them, talks about amnesty, he rather just get out of the way and let them be.

      Yes Cartels are extremely powerful, but the most powerful crime syndicates in the world? Not even close. A cartels violent power is localized, let them try that shit, ride in convoys in the USA, Canada, Or even in any 3rd world country that doesn't care about all that human rights like the Philippines and i guarantee that they would get lit up right away.

      Remember that There's groups out there that just like cartels also fight their government, just like cartels chop people's heads off, make money by selling drugs (opioids) just like cartels they get on social media, are as religious as cartels with their San Judas and Santa muerte yet these guys have the ability to also go to the neighboring countries and invade them, send guys to other countries and set off car bombs unlike the car bombs in Guanajuato, yeah their labeled terrorist
      The ones in Colombia are labeled paramilitary

      Yes they have different goals than a cartel but their income and tactics are the same, cartels commit terrorism and are equipped enough to be paramilitary, all 3 are crime syndicates yet cartels as barbaric as they are still haven't reached the intensity of their foreign counterparts

    3. 3:45 US is a bunch of clowns! Just look what the local street level thugs doing in cities like Chicago or Baltimore,and nobody can do shit about them😁

    4. 9:59 a pinchi Kiko
      They told you in here already, it's the Yakuza and the Russian Mob.
      No it's not the Mexican cartels yet.
      Kiko it's the Yakuza and the Russian Mob.

      Kiko it's Yakuza and the Russian Mob.
      Kiko El cabeson it's Yakuza and the Russian Mob.
      Dios mio!

    5. 7:51 you dumbass have already been told that the yakuza is a kindergarten compared to the Mexicans, but you've probably seen enough movies! now eat it🍯 and stay quiet

    6. 4:34 bro you serious about 3 countries? Just look how the Brazilian cartels like the PCC and CV runs the shit in Paraguay

  2. Unofficial reports and rumors in the underworld are that not only was Ovidio captured and released but as was his older brother El Chapito IAG.. allegedly IAG was released first after his men surrounded the police/armed forces instantly and offering money to release him peacfully, simultaneously the Ovidio raid was going on elsewhere in another part of the city of Culiacan and because the circumstances were different it took a little longer to get him free. The military was involved and they could not free him before the back up as arrived. On e they arrived its when they went all out, kidnapped families and threatened hell in all their states. Whwre ovidio is heard telling his brother not to worry it is what it is this time it was his loss and hes busted game over. Then his brother the alleged IAG said something along the lines of fuck that brother. We will rescue you just be patient bro we are working on it. Then Nini tells everyone if any boludos try to leave the ground, down them

  3. I wonder why didn't they responded this same way when Chapo was captured. There was no convoys of sicarios trying to free him. I remember hearing about ovidios arrest happening just by luck, it was not planned, there was not an operation happening in which he was the intended objective. These cops where on something else, and they just happened to run into him and the rest is history. This makes sense on why it failed, why the cartel reacted so fast (they monitor all police movement) yet when Chapo was captured, it was carefully planned BY the DEA, they knew the right time, they managed to get past halcones without being detected, they raided the hotel by surprise, they had him in Mexico city before the cartel even had time to react, the mission was a success.

    But his last capture was like ovidios in the way that they ran into him by surprise. Yes the raid still had more advantages since it was also planned with the DEA and the soldiers were able to get to the house without being detected by halcones. But this was a raid against El Cholo, and it happened that El Chapo was there. Yet Cholo and Chapo were able to escape from that house and were on the run for a few hours. That gave them alot of time to request help so why didn't they get the backup that Ovidio received????

    1. Because Chapitos turned in their dad! They made a pact with CJNG and Turned dad in. That's why Emma wasn't safe either and turned herself in!

    2. The operation was meant to fail. DEA gave the Mex government the drop on ratón but did not include them on the operation. Kks new policy since he came into office is to fuck off the us government. Who is dumb enough to do a raid on a top cartel operative in the middle of the day? When they Mex military has captured or killed top cartel operatives with the help of Dea they have been successful, know with kks in office the only top guy they have captured was marro, but only to show they were really fighting the huachicol, which he promised when he was running for president, but they never stopped anything. The only thing they did was let mencho in to GTO and turn it into hell.

  4. Animo Sicarios!

    "Buenas tardes joven a donde se dirgen?"
    " A la Verga un Power Ranger"
    "Somos de la Chapiza viejo"
    Que le vaya bien ahi estamos a la orden"

    RIP al viejon del 50 in the video aka Sicario 003. He was the CDS Special Forces Tier 1 Operator shooting off the Barrett 50 calibre while standing and while lying on the ground during the battle of Culiacan.

    1. Obradors government was to enpt to act fast in a crisis.

  5. The incompetence of that day spoke truth of cartel power over Mexico's government!
    As if it really matters when it pertains to Mexico's casualties and its collusion.


  6. The US isn't so different. Law enforcement stood down as hundreds of violent white thugs attempted to disrupt Presidential Election results
    Not one city like Culiacan. A whole god-damn country. The US is rotten to the core with Nazis and Confederates. Attempt that shit in Mexico. The body count would be enormous as should have been in the Jan 6 insurrection
    What civilized country would stand for this shit? Only the US!

    1. Unarmed protestors. Protestors who vandalized federal bldgs, and assaulted police. Just like the riots in left wing cities, all summer. And after MONTHS of fighting off riotous thugs from the left, the police were told to not hurt the rioters. Typical Lefty. Wants it both ways
      Starts the tizzy fits, then cries victim, when their ass is handed to them. Big difference is the idiots who did 1/6, at least had the balls to take the fight to the source, instead of tearing up their own neighborhoods. Left or right, rioters, looters, and extremists from any side are idiots. JMO

    2. 6:07 James Brown are you ok? You depressed over the school teacher by day and drug rip off by night. We'll get over it Barney Harris vis in a better place. No more robbing Cjng dafehouses.

    3. 6:42@ I remember that article. Barney partner in crime, got charged for murder, during a commission of a crime. Even though he killed no one.
      James word to the wise, never rob drug dealers.

    4. Good input.

      Saludos from E42

  7. Once there is a nuclear war all this shit won’t mean a thing. The real powers of this world can destroy it in minutes. Then we will be back to drinking river water and collecting acorns like a squirrel to survive

  8. 607 violent protesters ? The only person killed by violence was a unarmed woman shot by police. Now we are stuck with the dumbest president ever elected in the USA. Biden is the closest to a communist this country has seen. Now as the economy starts to turn to crap and after the Afghan debacle you still try to make racism the center piece of everything. Ignoring the fact that VIOLENT protests were held in many major cities like Portland for over 100 days. Get your head out of the sand and stop playing the I’m a victim card...

  9. That was the day Chicago went down.


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