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Monday, October 18, 2021

Portuguese Police Seize 5 tons of Cocaine Worth $232 million from Yacht in Atlantic Ocean

 "Socalj" for Borderland Beat

5.2 Tons of Cocaine in 183 bales were seized from a yacht in the Atlantic Ocean near Portugal

The Judiciary Police, through the National Unit for Combating Narcotics Traffic, in a joint operation with the Unidad de Drogas y Crimen Organizado of the Cuerpo Nacional de Policía of Spain and with the participation of the Navy and Air Force, developed, in recent days, a complex operation in the course of which it was possible to locate and then intercept, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, a 24-meter long sailboat that was being used to transport a large quantity of cocaine.

In the vessel in question, which was seized, a total of 183 bales of cocaine were transported with an estimated gross weight of approximately 5.2 tons, which is the largest seizure of this type of narcotic in Portugal in the last 15 years and one of the largest in all of Europe.

According to the elements gathered during the investigation, everything indicates that the drug now seized was destined to be distributed to several European countries, entering the old continent through the coasts of the Iberian Peninsula.

Three men were arrested, all foreigners, who are strongly suspected of being part of a powerful transnational criminal organization dedicated to the trafficking of large quantities of cocaine between Latin America and the European Continent, who will be presented to the competent judicial authority for the first judicial interrogation of detained defendant and enforcement of coercive measures. Two of the suspects are Spanish and one is Peruvian, according to Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manhã.

This operation also had the support and participation of the Maritime Analysis and Operations Center – Narcotics (MAOC-N), headquartered in Lisbon, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) of the United States of America, and the National Crime Agency of the United Kingdom.


  1. First, thank you Guerrero. Additional insight is always appreciated and valuable to those of us without a complete understanding. Second, and lastly I guess, please open up the message board again to all. The required account stipulation muffles the soldiers from the vicinities that offer so much real-time and first-person insight. I’m available to moderate all the bullshit posts that seem to accompany these articles. I doubt I realize what I would be signing up for, but BBs value makes me think I’m willing to offer more than you realize. Irregardless, thank you to everyone that continues to make BB the source

  2. Another great article Socalj, thanks for the work, Paz

  3. I dont be surprised if the foreigners are from the Balkans! This mfs now runs the biggest network in Europe!

    1. Or italians! Ndrangetha or camorra.

    2. Updated the article with some more info on those arrested. Two of the suspects are Spanish and one is Peruvian.

    3. Damn we are all wrong its local Spanish groups who have strong ties to Colombia. so they going direct from Colombia

    4. 10:25 these were the smugglers...likely right about some or all of the buyers.

  4. My guess: MAOC statistical analysis team saw the boat move at snail pace speed and put 1+1 together.

  5. Lets play name that criminal organization. I am gonna say its Serbians

  6. 5 tons? That's a lot of noses waiting to snort and inhale.

  7. The coat of many colors as usual suspects.

  8. I swear I think half of these seizures of quantity of drugs that they say they have acquired is fake.. I think most of the bundles isnt drugs..this year alone ice read that over thousands of tons being seized. Thats unreal numbers. I sincerely think half of these seizures are fake and they just do that just to Show Low that they're working but I believe the criminal organizations are given these agents fake drugs to make it look like they are chasing the bad guys .. corruption is at a all-time high, as well as seizures are at a all-time high. Yeah I don't think there's something weird about that? And what a coincidence that this year all of these seizures are happening the same year when the government said there was going to cut massive amounts of budgets for the War on Drugs. So I think they are popping up with all of these seizures so that way you're bigger say hey look all these drugs we are taking out of the street, we need to stay funded and continue the War on Drugs. It's all a scheme I'm telling you I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed but I wasn't born yesterday it is obvious that the black market will never go away, the global Elites need the black market as much as they need the political power.. remember guys perception is now reality smfh
    Yall be blessed


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