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Saturday, October 23, 2021

Matamoros, Tamaulipas: Ariel Treviño aka ‘El Tigre’, Gulf Cartel Leader Killed In Armed Confrontation

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Video translation is as follows:

They were hours of uncertainty in Matamoros, Tamaulipas. Armed attacks, blockades and citizens taking cover where they could.

Criminals shot at soldiers while fleeing from them. Vehicles were stolen and set on fire to avoid being pursued.

Through Twitter, the governor ordered the deployment of State Forces. Take a look at how this truck was used by criminals. This is how some of them were arrested.

The situation was controlled and the city of Matamoros was on alert amid the risk of more attacks on Friday night

This Saturday morning, in a statement, the State Coordination Group for the Construction of Peace in Tamaulipas confirmed the attack against military personnel and the State Police itself, which was repelled.

The ending balance is 4 arrested and 3 dead. 2 of them are members of the so-called Gulf Cartel. In addition to a deceased woman and 2 people with minor injuries, all of them civilians.

One of the deceased is El Tigre. Who according to intelligence data served as head of spies, hitmen, and plaza boss for the Nuevo Progreso area.

He was considered a priority objective for the justice of Tamaulipas and the United States.

El Guzmán

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  1. Excellent 👍 catch these low life cartel members had it coming, kill Innocents and fire at police and Military, they were asking to be killed.

  2. Seems like Trevino's is a big family

  3. Martin castill just made him a corrido on his last album 2 months ago lol pues se le acabo el corrido al vato

  4. No temas a donde vayas, que as de morir donde debes loco. Su gente ya no lo pudo proteger lo ni con matracas ni granadas ni ser tan chingon en el volante se pudo fugar de esta. El tigre cartel de santa

  5. Clan del golfo leader Otoniel captured in Colombia

  6. That's a interesting logo on the vest

  7. Strange...asians own all the factories along the border pay the locals somestimes $30-$50 a week yet unarmed get away with it .Cartels will yet kill each other instead of the asians who are paying mexican citizens peaunut wages.Go fogure!!!Iam confused.

    1. Today I have a sore throat must be due to drinking vodka.


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