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Sunday, October 10, 2021

Los Salazar's Mole In Emergency Phone Line Dispatch Interrogated

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A new video of a cartel interrogation has emerged online. In the footage, three alleged members of Sinaloa Cartel’s Los Salazars (who are Los Chapitos aligned) are interrogated by armed men. The questions mainly revolve around activities within the state of Sonora. Their captors do not make clear which cartel they belong to in the recording, although they may allude at being associated with the Caborca cartel.

The video lasts more than 13 minutes and focuses on the interrogation of Dora del Rosario who works at the C-5 receiving emergency phone line calls and passing information to 'Los Salazar' about law enforcement operations and movements.

Video Part I

Sicario: What are your names, where are you originally from, and which groups do you belong to?

Male Captive #1: My name is Carlos Alonzo. And I am a Salazar operative. 

Female Captive: My name is Dora del Rosario Beltran. And I am part of the Gente Nueva Salazar. I am from Obregón. 

Male Captive #2: My name is Guadalupe Ramirez. And I am a Salazar operative. I’m originally from Navojoa. 

Sicario: Where are you all originally from?

Male Captive #1: Navojoa. 

Female Captive: Obregón. 

Male Captive: Navajoa. 

Sicario: How long have you been working for these dumb asses?

Male Captive #1: A month. 

Female Captive: I’ve been working for them since January of this year. 

Male Captive #2: 3 months. 

Sicario: Dora, what else do you do besides work for the Los Salazar?

Female Captive: I work for the C5 [Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Counter-intelligence] security system. I answer emergency calls. I analyze the emergency calls for every corresponding police corporation. And from this I pass….excuse me?

Sicario: What all intel do you give the Los Salazar when you’re working at the C5?

Female Captive: I give them intel whenever there’s going to be a police operation. Just as well I’ll let them know when the patrols are coming in, where all they’re going to be, and everything else it entails. 

Sicario: Who’s the guy in charge from the SEDENA [Army]?

Female Captive: His name is Manuel Alvarez. 

Sicario: What’s his position?

Female Captive: He’s a radio operator for SEDENA.

Sicario: Does he form a part of the C5?

Female Captive: Yes, the C5. 

Sicario: How long has this person been working there?

Female Captive: He’s been there for 2 years. 

Sicario: And is this person aware that the intel that you gather is being handed over to a criminal group?

Female Captive: Yes. He’s aware of this fact. 

Sicario: What else do you do besides hand over this intel, what other type of work do you perform for them?

Female Captive: I also handover intel to El Galleta. He’s from Villa Juárez. Besides this…

Sicario:  What else do you do besides hand over information?

Female Captive: I transport the men to their areas of operation. I hand over what they need. I keep their safe houses clean. I cook for them.  

Sicario: What exactly do you hand over to them?

Female Captive: Drugs. 

Sicario: Do you have any knowledge when they’re going to do their illicit dealings or their homicides?

Female Captive: They don’t always tell me. But I do know. They don’t specifically tell me where exactly it happens. But they have told me about it. 

Sicario: What about the guys who are with you, are they assassins or what?

Female Captive: Within the group is the guy in charge. As well as the hitmen themselves.

Sicario: This is the group who is with you right now?

Female Captive: Yes. 

Sicario: And who are the rest of the guys who work with you?

Female Captive: The rest are Porky, Choco, the Uber gentleman, Angel, Bigotes, Gordo, Kevin and Lewandoski. 

Sicario: Which major hit is your group trying to pull off in Obregón?

Female Captive: They’re trying to kill the agriculturist from the Tepeyac because he doesn’t want to pay for the right to operate there. And the other individual is from Valle Verde. But I don’t know why they’re trying to kill him. 

Sicario: How do you know that they were wanting to kill him?

Female Captive: Angel had told me that he wanted to wait for him outside his house. 

Part I Highlights & Additional Information

C5, which stands for Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Counter-intelligence acts mainly as an emergency phone line call center as well as police/security forces dispatch. Dora mentions the name Manuel Álvarez as being a radio operator for the Army (SEDENA). 

Dora says she passes intelligence to El Galleta from Villa Juarez which is in Hermosillo city in Hermosillo municipality. 

Dora says she works with Porky, Choco, the Uber gentleman, Angel, Bigotes, Gordo, Kevin and Lewandoski. 

She mentions they are trying to execute an agriculturalist who is not paying their required fee in Tepeyac, which is located in Hermosillo city. As well as someone they are trying to kill in Valle Verde, also in Hermosillo city.

Video Part II

Sicario: Did you participate in the hanging of the narco messages where it was being said that the police are involved in organized crime?

Female Captive: Yes. I did participate in that. We were sent by the Navojoa bosses. On the account that they’ve abducted people and want to heat up the area. In order to place the municipal police in strategic points like it was done in the previous administration of Saul Benitez. I hung up one of those tarps at the High School 56 (Escuela Secundaria Técnica No. 56 Obregón, Sonora). And the Uber Gentleman hung up another at the High School 2 (Escuela Secundaria Técnica N. 2  Obregón, Sonora). Bigotes hanged one at Walmart Norte. Angel hanged one at 5 de Febrero, as well as the one at the La Internacional. These are the narco messages that were hung. There were other men involved as well. One of them works in Bachoco (Bachoco, Sonora). These men belong to Maciel. There’s about 2, 4,6, 7 persons total that were with us that day. 

Sicario: And which government personnel work with your guys?

Female Captive: Ernesto Calderon, Raul Savedra, Margarito Alvarez and his son Paul Alvarez, Daniel Navarro, Edwin Vargas, the rural police commander, Heriberto Racamontes from the AMIC (Ministerial Agency for Criminal Investigations) and his mother in law Lydia Flores are the ones who collaborate with us. 

Sicario: So, then all the people you’ve mentioned are the ones who participated in the hanging of those narco messages?

Female Captive:  Yes. The ones I’ve mentioned are the ones who participated. 

Sicario: Who is the person who handed over those narco messages to you?

Female Captive: It’s the guy that was wearing the Bachoco uniform.  And once we hanged them we were given Martin Mendoza’s number aka El Sammy. So that he could report it on social media. Martin Mendoza receives pay from the Los Salazares, 3,000 per week. He also hands over intel that he gives to his step son El Marino. 

Sicario: How long has your brother been in jail?

Female Captive: He’s been locked up for 2 years. About 2 years and 3 months. 

Sicario: And have they helped you?

Female Captive: No. Not since January when I received those 2,500 pesos. 

Sicario: How much were you making a week since you began working for them?

Female Captive: 1,500 pesos a week. 

Sicario: What else does El Galleta do in Villa Juarez besides have an entry there?

Female Captive: He sells drugs. He dedicates himself to selling drugs there, he extorts people. The last time I saw him he asked about the police operation. Photos had been taken of him with Apeska. He threatened them if the photos weren’t removed. But he dedicates himself to extorting and drug sales. 

Sicario: Who do they extort?

Female Captive: They extort the group from the agricultural cooperative 

Sicario: What’s the name of the person who contacted you for the Los Salazar?

Part II Highlights & Additional Information

Dora mentions that she “hung up one of those tarps at the High School 56 (Escuela Secundaria Técnica No. 56 Obregón, Sonora). And the Uber Gentleman hung up another at the High School 2 (Escuela Secundaria Técnica N. 2  Obregón, Sonora).” The event being referred to is likely the narcomantas denouncing Cándido Tarango Velazquez, which were hung up on September 29, 2021 and covered in full detail in this previous story

Government personnel she alleged is in league with Los Salazar include

  • Ernesto Calderón

  • Raul Savedra

  • Margarito Alvarez 

  • Paul Alvarez

  • Daniel Navarro

  • Edwin Vargas

  • Heriberto Racamontes 

Martín Alberto Mendoza, who goes by “El Sammy” is a Sonora journalist who is a part of Medios Obson.

Video Part III

Female Captive: The person who contacted me for this? His name is…my brother. Well, he told me to look for Changuito. I was looking for him but was unable to ever find him. And from there I was contacted through Alondra. She gave me Omar Isaac’s number, he’s from Villa Juarez. He didn’t help me to locate Changuito or anything. I let some time go by. Afterwards he gave me Flaco’s number, after some time. He’s the actual (unit leader) in the Cereso prison. And then the actual gave me Angel’s number. Angel is the one who started paying me 1,500 pesos 

Sicario: So, then the actual is still directing men from inside the Cereso prison?

Female Captive: Yes. He’s in the Cereso prison still controlling his men. 

Sicario: What is the actual’s name?

Female Captive: His name is Carlos Sallas. 

Sicario: Why was he apprehended?

Female Captive: He was apprehended because of bank robbery. 

Sicario: And this Omar Issac. Is it Omar Ochoa Castro?

Female Captive: Yes. He has or had a web page called Sonora Violento or something like that. 

Sicario: What else does he do besides this?

Female Captive: He has a shrimp stand. He also buys and sells vehicles. 

Sicario: What's that web page again?

Female Captive: It’s called Sonora Violento. I don’t know if he has another one or what. 

Sicario: So, he’s the creator for this web page?

Female Captive: Yes. That’s the one that I’m aware he has. 

Sicario: Who all are the ones that were in Navojoa?

Male Captive #2: Well, I work for Mr. Panchito. 

Sicario: And who are the rest of the guys?

Male Captive #2: El Azteca, El Judas, and that’s everyone who is currently in charge. 

Sicario: What would you like to let the Los Salazares know on your behalf?

Male Captive: Well, everything went to shit. Be fucking ready because the Obregón mob is coming after them with everything they’ve got. 

Sicario: And what message would you like to send out to the individuals aligned with them here in Obregón?

Female Captive: To the Los Salazar? To all those who are in bed with them. Don’t believe what all they’re saying. Because they can’t keep their word. They always told me I’d be given support. And the only thing they did was give me 2,500 pesos. 

Sicario: Guerro, what about you dumb ass?

Male Captive #2: Well, they’ve left me to die here. Just take a look at where I’m at here.

Part III Highlights & Additional Information

Dora mentions someone named Carlos Sallas who goes by the alias El Flaco who she says is the unit leader for a prison (CERESO), who is colluding with Los Salazar. 

They then discuss the popular Facebook group called Sonora Violento which has previously been noted as being pro-Sinaloa Cartel in its news coverage by Buggs in previous articles. They say it is run by Omar Ochoa Castro. 

One of the sicarios mentions that they work under El Azteca as well as Adair Salazar , alias “El Judas” or “El Gordo”, a son of Alfredo Salazar.   

The reference to the “Obregon mob” is our only clue as to which cartel captured and interrogated these alleged members of Los Salazars. The group thought to control Cajeme, and Obregón city within it is thought to be Los Olivas, a faction within Rafael Caro Quintero’s Caborca Cartel.

Video Source: Blog Noticias-MXN


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