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Monday, October 25, 2021

Leon, Guanajuato: Manuel Reyna AKA '00' Narco Messages For Nabo And El Mencho

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

At least eight narco messages were scattered in the city of León, at various points, mainly on elevated bridges, during the early hours of this Monday.

In the messages you can read a clarification made by members of the Jalisco drug cartel.

The cameras of the Command, Control, Computing and Communications Center (C4) of the Secretariat of Security located the alleged perpetrators in two white vehicles, but no detainees were reported.

The tarps of 1.5 meters high by 3 meters wide were located in the Mezquite de Jerez, Julián de Obregón, Valle del Campestre, Prado Hermoso, Real Providencia, Obregón, San Nicolás de los González and El Dorado colonies.

The writings were hung on vehicular and pedestrian bridges between four and five in the morning.

At all points there was the mobilization of the Municipal Police to withdraw them and make them available to the ministerial authorities.

Despite the monitoring of the vehicles where the alleged perpetrators were traveling, it was not possible to find their whereabouts.

Narco message reads as follows:


Remember that our strength lies in our unity 

By means of this communication we want to inform. That we are the special forces in charge of Manuel Reyna, a group that is attached to the CJNG enterprise, in charge of Mr. Nabo. We want to let them know that we were operating in the city of León. But it was always done so with Nabo's consent.

This agreement ended when the calls were no longer received. And for this reason I withdrew from the municipality of León. It is important to mention that I don’t have any arrangements with the Municipal Police. Of which I have been blamed for months.

As also now they accuse us of being the new drug owners. Nabo knows very well that Cholo killed my brothers when they started fighting with him on the orders of my superior Nabo. In the same way I distance myself away from being a member of that group of which I am accused of in the video.

We are no longer in the state of Guanajuato. Nor in the municipality of León. I withdraw from wanting to fight a drug corridor against Mr. Mencho. Just the same I want to make it known that we are not against the CJNG. Nor will we ever be. Because the little group that we are. We owe it to the ‘Lord of the Roosters’.

For these reasons we take these measures to get this message to him in the most attentive way. I want to inform him that I’m currently not in operation, much less against the CJNG, to be the new successor for this drug plaza. We withdrew and left the state that is territory of the ‘Lord of the Roosters’. It will always belong to him. Sincerely, M.R.

Valor por Tamaulipas


  1. Mas cromada no se la podia dejar.

  2. Well well they could not find a borracho at 4 or 5 in the morning, pin the Manta.

  3. Smart move on his behalf, first time someone with some sense. He gets to live, isn't a chapuline, got a lil revenge for his brothers, and is out but connected and respected if he ever needs anything, and less violence for the people. Well played

  4. La mencha mamaba verga en prision por cigarros.

  5. That was fast. Defenetely a good move on 00. A cell going against CJNG would be suicide, Cholo is a good example.

    El alacran "mas cromada no se la podia dejar" hahaha good one!

  6. Que perron el bato como dices tu que mamaba por cigarros y hoy ala altura de un Mayo y de un Caro si se puede animo

  7. Now is 00 CJNG? Cause the manta is clearly labeled from CJNG, but what he says sounds like he was part of the union and fought cjng for killing his brothers. And now he wants to leave gto and doesn’t want issues with mencho.
    I’m just confused about why the manta says from CJNG. ?????

    1. Internal strife or misinformation

    2. Ozarknorth. Sol didnt do the best translating it so thatswhy its confusing. He starts off by saying CJNG remeber unity makes a force. Unity is power pretty much reminding CJNg that fighting and being seperate is bad and because cjng has ben signing off all the GTO mantas at the end with the famous mexican military slogan "La union hace la fuerza"
      Then he dives into explaining himself
      He doesnt say we are they soecial forces in charge of manuel reyna like sol translated. He says they are the SF that Manuel Reyna was inchatge of that in turn answered to sr. NABO.
      Then he says that everything they did was with Nabos consent and that they considered themselves a part of cjng br ause they had nabos belssing and operated Manuel Reyna El 00 who in turn had nabo as his higher ups
      He says he hasnt been in Leon for a while because El Nabo and his cjng contacts stop answering HIS calls and atop givig him orders but that while he was in Leon and GTO in general he was always operating under orders of Nabo and that nabo knows this so he doesnt knoe why ppl are saying he is the successor to CNP. He then says that he would never be Cartel Nueva Plaza because as everyone knows EL CHOLO killed HIS BROTHERS (Manuel Reyna El 00s brothers) when the war broke out with El cholo. SOL again is wrong and should know that El 00 used to right El Cholo up until his Death and he killed his brothers)
      He then says he has no nexus with the municpal police liek the mantas claim he does and that he has left the entire state of GTO because he is in no position to right CJNG and specifically Mencho because he claims everything he has and has accomplished was THANKS TO MENCHO. And that he would never go aginst the man that basically made him. He seems to emphasize throughout the manta that he would NEVER fight cjng for many reasons (some above mentioned) says the video that was released recently was not his ppl and was not authorized by him.then he says he retreated from Leon and GTO as a show of peace and respect for the territoty that belongs to Mencho (says gto and all of mexico is menchos territory)

      Basically this guy says he is not in leon nor gto anymore. That he was cjng and only because they stopped answering his calls and giving him orders he was labeled otherwise. Says its a miaundestanding. Says he was fasley being blamed for some video and for being the Cartel Nueva Plaza Successor which is a lie. To add to his claim he says his higher up when he operated with cjng name Nabo very well knows Cholo killed his brothers so he would have never joined his cause. And that he himself began to fight Cholo on orders of his higher up NABO cjng. Claims he is ready to prove his innocence and allegiance and that it was all a misunderstanding that someone is blaming him and making it look liek hes cjng enemy when hes not.
      Says Mencho and cjng made him who he is and he is greatful and would never turn on them. Says gto and mexico is Mencho 100%

      SOL translated the manta very weird and i see why youre confused. He tends to do that.
      The Manta is from Manuel Reyna El 00 o la Loca in response to all the cjng mantas calling him a traitor and a grasshopper threatening him.

    3. 6:12 sure has alot of free time, if he is not picking on he BB staff, he is ranting and raving.

    4. Im in prieon big homie. I habe all the time in the world perro.
      No one is picking on BB staff, i talk to multiple BB staff writers and im just giving Sol a hard time.
      He did trnsalte this manta hella weird. If you know spanish and have seen the pic where u can read it. Youll see what im talking about

      Im guessing u come on Bb for info? What i comment is info that im not sayig is true but what i have heard experience etc so maybe you should shut ur mouth before you speak and beforr u type anything please learn the definition of ranting and raving moron.. enjoy your day perrroooo

    5. At 6:12
      I am sorry I fell asleep,bin the middle. Of your storyline. Tooo longgggggg.

  8. CJNG needs to start selling festival banners ex "Lord Mencho says Happy 5th Birthday, little Tommy" or CJNG FELIZ NAVIDAD!🔆

    1. Cjng already does that every christmas lol

    2. You are absolutely correct. Handing out CJNG dolls to little Sophia while killing dad in the back room. Holidays can give you that warm fuzzy feeling

    3. MEXICO 11
      What a moron Mencho does not sell stuff. They rob trailers full of merchandise, to give away, and acts like like they bought it lol.

  9. Is the cholo hes referring to is the nueva plaza cholo
    N who they killed to get revenge??? Its a complex world mane

  10. Yes he was referring to cholo from his school cjng you know how it is in every job you got haters and so close to you people treat you good they call you señor Mencho that’s respect I was looking at jaguar 🐆 it look like the people from chihuahua really like the way he took care of the plaza but the game changes hopefully this new management really help more the people and end extortion and kidnapping

  11. Where's the dead bodies with the Manta?

  12. I just wonder how nueva plaza got in guanjuato? Maybe tried a alliance with marro but obviously mencho beat both lolol


  13. I wouldn't doubt it that by showing this level of respect to Mencho, squashing all beef, and essentially proclaiming that Mencho is destined to reside at the top, that it won't get him at least a spot in the CJNG organization.

    There is literally 3 ways Mencho can get killed or removed from power.

    The first one, is if two or more large cartels join forces and pull all of their resources into taking plazas from Mencho. The possibilities of that happening are slim.

    The second one, is by the governemnt, in this case it includes both the Mexican and/or the American government. I doubt that by itself, Mexico will be able to take Mencho without the help of the USA. So the chances of that happening are slim but not as much as the first option.

    Last, but not least, is being taken by his inner circle. This the way more likely scenario to happen if it is not taken seriously. With that being said, it has been said that the compensation these guys get is in the million of pesos a month. That's a whole fucking melon which is a lot for the elite soldiers he carries around his personal entourage.

    That's why I believe that Mencho favors loyalty above anything else. I mean why wouldn't you when you have a boatload of revenue coming from your own personal fiefdom and where money is not an obstacle.

    1. Today I go get my feet pedicured.
      Yipeee Viva Argentina!

    2. I get my fingernails done they are marvelous.

    3. The fourth way is Mencho falls ill and dies, and when THAT would happen chances are CJNG will fall apart.


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