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Friday, October 22, 2021

León, Guanajuato: "El Michigan" Captured, Allegedly Responsible For Attacks On The Municipal Police

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48 hours after the attacks registered against the Municipal Police  that left a deceased officer and two other injured people. The State Attorney General's Office has reported the capture of Rafael alias "El Michigan", considered a dangerous subject who led a criminal cell and was on the authorities' criminal targets list.

More than 20 searches

After the unfortunate events that occurred last Wednesday afternoon, the ministerial authorities planned an operation in coordination with the Municipal Police, the State Public Security Forces, as well as the National Guard and the Mexican Army that culminated in his capture.

More than 20 raids were carried out in the city of León. The criminal will be placed at the disposal of a Judge, and an Agent of the Public Ministry will formulate an accusation based on the evidence included in the investigation folder, in order to resolve his legal situation.

The criminal cell

With the capture of the criminal boss, the arrest of María Noelia “N”, classified as second in command of the criminal organization and 14 other people, was made.

These are Jorge Alberto “N”, María del Rocío “N”, Jorge Luis “N”, Lucía “N”, María Karina “N”, Rebeca Yareli “N”, Ismael Alejandro N ”, Magda Adriana“ N ”, Óscar Arturo "N", Guadalupe Montserrat "N", Erik "N", Aldo Fernando "N", Eduardo "N" and Petra "N".

The seizure

In addition to the 16 people arrested, they managed to seize more than 160 kilograms of drugs including crystal meth, cocaine, rock cocaine and marijuana; 7 vehicles, 1 motorcycle, $ 777,500.00 pesos in cash, 20 long and short firearms; 369 rounds and 30 Magazines.

The State Attorney General's Office added that they have evidence that this criminal group was a participant in other criminal acts, the investigations are currently in the integration process.

The attacks

The first of the attacks occurred at the San Isidro station, located on the San Pedro boulevard at the corner of Acanto on Jardines de Jerez I and II streets. A man wearing a red shirt, blue jeans and a white cap arrived on a motorcycle at the station, entered the office and shot the officer at the scene several times. The attacker left a narco message with an intimidating message. His identity was recorded on the local cameras.

The second event occurred in the León Dos neighborhood, at the Police station located on Mariano Escobedo Boulevard. Leslie, a social worker at the municipal agency, was the one who was injured as she entered the place. In this case, it is known that the attackers arrived in a black vehicle. The arrival and flight of the subjects was recorded on the cameras. At the site, 20 long gun casings were found.

The third attack was at the intersection of Vasco de Quiroga and Saturno boulevard. There, 55-year-old Pascual Espinal Hernández died. He suffered gunshot wounds to his skull and neck.

In booth number 33, 15 to 20 long and short weapon casings were found, as well as a folded green cardboard with threatening messages and a long weapon that is not owned by the corporation. Outside, an empty blue backpack was found. The booth was also damaged by the shots.

Those responsible are known to have fled aboard a gray Nissan Tsuru vehicle.

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  2. El Michigan was no Jefe de Plaza. Hes just the fall guy. A few months back I saw something on him and hes just a comandante for Grupo Elite. He is the comandante FOR the jefe de plaza in Leon.

  3. Does elite means something else in mexican cus there is nothing elite about this dirty bunch of mexican hillbilles

    1. Yes, 'elite' in Mexican means 'I pretend to be something which I am not'.

  4. Leon is starting to heat up.
    Cjng is after that plaza and after el 00


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