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Thursday, October 7, 2021

Iguala, Guerrero: Cartel de La Sierra Threatens Mayor David Gama Pérez

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

As was recently covered by Borderland Beat the Cartel de La Sierra committed a mass execution of captured La Bandera operatives following their interrogation. 

The Cartel de La Sierra is also known as Los Tlacos. Their criminal base of operations lies in the city of Tlacotepec, Guerrero. Residents of Tlacotepec are known as Tlacos for short. It is from here that the name of Los Tlacos originated. 

A video has appeared online today where the Cartel de la Sierra sends out a threatening message to the Mayor of Iguala, Guerrero, David Gama Pérez. 

Video translation is as follows:

This message is directed to the citizens of Iguala. And it is also given with all due respect to the federal and state authorities as well. Citizens we’re here to protect this city. In addition we’re going to exterminate all the trash that has affected and continues to affect this city. 

We will not allow the protection fee, nor a fee against commerce in general. Starting today no one will pay not one single peso. Let us know right away if you’re being troubled or threatened. 

So that we can immediately give you our support. Public transportation services, food services, and tortilla shops will no longer have to pay any sort of extortion. You can now work normally knowing that you won’t have to pay another peso again to anyone.

All general commerce will no longer be exploited. For all those thieving assholes out there fucking up with the populace, your worlds will go to shit. We already have all those piece of shit abusive fucks located. The same fate awaits everyone who is selling crystal meth. 

Those faggot tractor trailer drivers who are bringing that shit into the city have also been identified, you will also be killed.  For all the citizens in general. There will be zero tolerance. Don’t fuck around. Because if you even so much as steal a piece of gum we will fucking destroy you. 

And for anyone who even minimally helps out those hungry fucks the Los Guerreros Unidos or La Bandera, we will take your fucking asses out. Everyone who supports La Moneda, El Cachetes, La Beba, and especially Chucho Brito. We will fucking annihilate you. It doesn’t matter if you’re friends or family members. If you keep involving yourselves in bullshit and supporting these pieces of shit. We will end up busting you all up.

David Gama, we’re the ones who are going to give peace here. Stop your damn lying in your interviews. It did you no good to bring in people from the outside to control this city. When in Iguala you already have qualified people to do that. 

You brought in snakes from the outside to control this city because of your arrangements with Chucho Brito you piece of shit. You have to first sit down with the owners of this drug corridor. Otherwise, each of you will fall one after another. Your time is running out. 

Don’t risk the lives of citizens who seek their own well being. And are only here for their jobs. Because they’re the ones who will be affected by those bitch ass arrangements that you have with that piece of shit parasite Chucho Brito. 

We have already identified El 100, as well as those you’ve strategically placed within your administration. And they will be removed. Stop betraying citizens with your dumb ass promises and bitch ass alliances. 

And to the La Bandera group, you filthy pieces of shit tried to get the jump on us. But in the end you fucked yourselves. Sincerely, La Sierra. 

Hitmen scream: We are the absolute La Sierra Cartel. 

Api Guerrero


  1. Who's financing these gentlemen?🤔

    1. Allegedly Mencho is now working with los Tlacos. If you remember allegedly El Cuini was going to tell on the Guererros Unidos Ex Allies cjng in return for help being repeased sentence reduction of help with the US charges and extradition so maybe.

    2. @kg. Tlacotepec is all the way inside the sierra. They grow opium. They have the best.

  2. Sounds like they mean business and want to free honest, hard-working people from the fiscal extortion. Fingers crossed.

    Canadian girl💋

    1. Only so they can keep the extortions for themselves? I doubt they give one crap about the honest, hard working citizens.

  3. Replies
    1. 🙄Ey si tu. Todo bajo control. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 michoacan is a fucking disaster. Guanajuato the same, Jalisco the same, zacatecas the same, Sonora the same, chihuahua the same, baja California, Tamaulipas all the same and you're over here in the U.S, from the comfort of your moms house talking about, "todo bajo control"... go back to sleep pendejo.


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