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Friday, October 1, 2021

Fresnillo, Zacatecas: Organized Crime Claims The Lives Of 7

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Homicides were perpetrated during the early morning of October 1

As the maelstrom of crimes continued in this subdivision, during the early hours of Friday 7 men were killed in four neighborhoods of the municipal capital.

With a difference of a few minutes, in the Arboledas colony they left the body of a man almost beheaded, covered with blankets. Then a person was shot dead on Quince Street.

And on Encinos Street in the same neighborhood, hitmen killed another male.

In the Azteca and Ampliación Azteca colonies, two deceased men were found, with gunshot wounds.

The violence didn’t stop and spread to the Las Aves neighborhood where they shot another pair of men.

No names or ages of the deceased were announced.

Express Zacatecas

1 comment:

  1. The War in Zac is a very futile one. This is what happens.
    Cjng wins battle after battle in Zac, goes into Mezquital DGO and wins maybe a couple times. Then they try again,get killed and run back to Zac and hold fort.
    Shortly after CDS gather up their forces from all over DGO they go into Zac in 50-100 truck convoys and kill acbunch of CJNG men, win a few more battles and then hold fort. Then cjng comes back after gathering men from the states of Nayarit,Jalisco,Colima,SLP, AGS, Zacatecas and go into the areas they lost with 50-100 trucks themselves and kill a bunch of CDS left because there is no longer 50-100 trucks and left maybe 20 trucks for the area. The ones who didnt die in the initial shootout are stuck in Zac, cannot mzke it back to DGO and attempt to hide in Zac but are picked up one by one and executed on the spot or star in their own video.
    Literally what happens on both sides same shit just different cartel. Right now CJNG is smashing CDS picking off the leftovers and stranded in Zac. CDS is probbaly gathering up men and itll be a repeat all over again real shit.


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