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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Fresnillo, Zacatecas: Last Goodbye Given To Policewomen Killed Along With Her Father

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The tribute was at the Municipal Public Security Directorate of Fresnillo

Another former municipal and PEP officer was shot this Monday;    Maricruz Valdez López, a Metropol agent, was killed last night, with her father, on her day off

To honor the memory of officer Maricruz Valdez López, who worked in the Metropolitan Police (Metropol) who lost her life in an armed attack on her day off, in the Directorate of Public Security (DSP), she was given a posthumous tribute.

Maricruz Valdez López began her professional career in the Municipal Police and in 2019 joined the ranks of Metropol, where with great human sense she risked her life to safeguard the Fresnillo citizenry.

The municipal president, Saúl Monreal Ávila mentioned that, "with great external respect, my deepest condolences to the family and friends of the officer, better known as the Güera, who always stood firm in the fulfillment of her duty."

Photos courtesy of Fresnillo Municipal Presidency

Likewise, he said "have the security and support of your server. We must rethink the security strategy, this must not go unpunished. We all have the desire to live in peace and tranquility, here, with their families there are no words that comfort, that fill the void that leaves us today."

The Secretary of State Security, Arturo López Bazán, regretted the loss of the officer and mentioned that, it is difficult to carry out this work in Zacatecas, "this tribute forces us to always have it in our memory, to find those responsible."

Subsequently, Saúl Monreal Ávila, made the symbolic delivery of the patriotic work to the officers's relatives and with a minute of applause, they said their goodbyes to Maricruz, who was a great mother, daughter and policeman, always in a spirit of service.

Mayor Saúl Monreal and Public Security Secretary Arturo López Bazán led the posthumous tribute


According to versions that transcended unofficially, the victim lost her life last night, due to several gunshot wounds outside her home in the Arboledas neighborhood, where armed men tried to kidnap her, her father confronted them, they were both shot to death.

The murder occurred on Chabacanos Street. Maricruz was a municipal policewoman, but she was commissioned to the Metropol division.


A man who was an agent of the Municipal Police of Fresnillo, in addition, later joined the ranks of the State Preventive police, was also shot in El Mineral while traveling in a vehicle in the Las Maravillas neighborhood.

He was identified as Antonio, a retired officer, and he was traveling on Narciso Mendoza Street early on Tuesday when he was attacked by an armed group, losing his life immediately.


Also, on Tuesday afternoon, the body of a male wrapped in a blanket in the open field, among the vegetation, in the Hidalgo neighborhood was found.

The area was protected by the competent corporations in order to safeguard possible evidence about the crime.

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  1. Any news on CDS mz alliance with CDS chapos sounds like bullshit to me.

    1. Yes they were out playing poker last night, then Jose went dancing with Coca.

    2. Who ever said that comment was just wishfull thinking
      CDS is broken up and nothing is getting them together
      El vicentillo is out, i wonder if he went back to sinaloa or if he is in the witness protection program. He did little time but got a 1 billion dollar fine.. i wonder if that paid for his protection. Whatever the case, he might get special privilages more than what he was given before. He was free to transport drugs and all he had to do is snitch on someone he knew that was also selling drugs..

    3. 8:25 he was sentenced to 15 years but since he cooperated with authorities he was released early this year.

  2. On her day off, west of Fresnillo. Her father o the force as well. A nice tribute with her compadres and just outside a hospital. Complete, cowardly. Too bad Fresnillo lies in the crossroads of Nayarit, Guadalajara, San Luis Potosi, etc. Another wasted, valued life for what? Who can do this? Money over life, f**king twisted

  3. Yeah Vicente thanks to your fine your dad it’s over here in Mexico working overtime the Sinaloa cartel was run by Government officials in both sides they started to loose credibility and now the new Generation has the government support this shit will never end I guess politicals run the cartel’s to do their dirty job for them to be always i power Rich the Rich Poor the Poor

  4. 7:00 Vicente, Beltan, Sinaloa? CJNG has gov't support? what else is new? Politicals,, just like an any country needs to go. Term limits, it's not about the next election . . . pendejo

  5. Sad commentary that she died with more dignity, and less pain, than if she HAD been kidnapped, and you know the rest. She wasn't jaded yet, or obviously for sale. Where do these heroes come from?

  6. Sad commentary that she died with more dignity, and less pain, than if she HAD been kidnapped, and you know the rest. She wasn't jaded yet, or obviously for sale. Where do these heroes come from?


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