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Friday, October 15, 2021

Fentanyl Production In Mexico

"Guerrero" for Borderland Beat

This video (YouTube) came out a couple of months ago and shows how the cartel mixes the precursor chemicals, the chemists that press the pills, and one means of smuggling. 

The 92,500 deaths last year in the USA from overdoses is more than the intentional homicides in Mexico.  China provides the precursors to Mexico (highly suspect political intentions) and then onto the streets. 

When you visit a medium to large size city, notice the homeless population on the ramps, in the bushes and below the bridges. Again, my opinion only, most are junkies to either opioids or meth.  No way out of life, and meanwhile the car hand-outs enable them.


The place:

The Mixers:

The Chemist and Hidden Compartment (rear brake light of a jeep):

The User and End Result:

Source:  PBS NewsHour, Victory Bay Recovery


  1. If you want a chemist's mix pos a chemico. If you want a roof leak fixed pos a chapopote. Todo pa tu dolore a aqui. Curanderos all around here. Ju nee uh cure?

  2. Time to due Obradors government for letting the gent. Come in killing people that OD.

  3. 5:55, no cure, you cut down the tree and stump is still alive. You kill the stump, then eventually the roots will die. You have to kill the root. Precursors that come from one place in the world if you want a home-made batch

  4. Get ready for the Chinese to reduce shipments precursor to artificially inflate the price. That is how the operate flood the market then reduce. The do the same with they're yuan


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