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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Detroit, Michigan: Meth And Fentanyl Kilos Pouring Into Michigan From Mexican Cartels, Say DEA

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DEA: Meth mixed with fentanyl is pouring into Michigan from Mexico

Meth was once thought of as a drug used in rural communities, found often in northern Michigan. But the DEA is seeing a shift. They are now seeing it everywhere - even on city streets.

Even the DEA special agent in charge can’t believe, how much meth they’re finding in the Detroit Field Division.

"Last year for example 40 to 50 pounds of meth was a big seizure," said Keith Martin, Special Agent in Charge. "This year we have had multiple hundred-pound seizures of meth in Michigan and Ohio.

"The 100-pound seizures that we are getting of meth, that shocks me."  

Martin points to recent busts like one in Detroit of methamphetamine and fentanyl packaged up in kilos and fresh up from Mexico - ready for sale.   

Fentanyl, specifically pressed into pills to mimic other opioids, but one pill can kill.  

"The cartels only care about one thing - money," Martin said. "They don’t care about anyone’s life in Michigan." 

Meth was once thought of as a drug used in rural communities, found often in northern Michigan. But the DEA is seeing a shift. They are now seeing it everywhere - even on city streets.  

"We saw in years past the meth labs in rural Michigan, and we don’t see those anymore," Martin said. "We see meth coming in from Mexico now."  

Cartel with super meth labs with pristine products is causing grave concern. 

"I wish I could give you one area of the state that is getting hit more than another, but it’s literally everywhere," he said.  

The uptick Martin says is partly because it’s cheaper to produce and more affordable to buy. 

We asked if immigration policies had anything to do with the influx.  

"If we seized a little over 500 pounds in 2020, and we are at almost 2,200 pounds in 2021, there is a huge difference there," he said.  

As the DEA fights on the frontlines Martin says, in your homes turn over any unused medication to local police stations that offer take-back programs. 

"Most people that are addicted to opioids, they don’t wake up in the morning and stick a needle in their arm," he said. "They start by the medicine cabinet."  

Fox 2 Detroit


  1. Animo Sicarios!
    Puro pinche tweakers en el Gabacho. Los agricultores de Mexico solo siguen la regla del "Supply and Demand"
    . El Patron #701 ya se encuentra en el Bellagio Hotel con su esposa y sus dobles(los clones) en el "Maximum Security".JaJaJa

    El Jefe De La Sierra ya tenia su clone gracias a la assistencia de la Mossad y la CDC con un poco de DNA.

    1. Open line since 006 never replies to comments.

    2. Well I sure had a good Tuesday at work. Now time to go home.

  2. From what i see mostly Arabs runs the business and serious shit in Detroit

    1. This is Mencho's operating method. Wholesale to non hispanics. That's how he disperses it here in Seattle. Before Mencho, the streets downtown here had Mexican nationals selling drugs on street corners, which Mencho did himself in the 80s and 90s. Mencho is a very clever guy.

    2. And The habib's buy it from the Mexican Dudes either in LA or Texas. It ain't No Arabs driving any trailers or or Cooking the Dope in them Labs. Serious or Not . The Camel jockeys get it from the border

    3. 006 you're so full of shit and a FAKE ūü§£

    4. That's what they said about Chapo being clever? Look at him now later for the other guy sorry to disappoint you cjng fans what goes up must come down.

    5. True, but Chapo exposed himself repeatedly. Mencho is more like Mayo. We will have to wait and see how long he can stay ahead of the law.

    6. What about Albanians theres alot in Detriot

    7. I'm not racist but seems like the biggest organized crime figures are mostly always not the blacks

    8. 7:18
      You forgot to mentioned The Black Panthers. Check with James Brown.

    9. @7:18. You can't compare black people to other groups. They share a culture, kinship, language, and trust that black people simply don't have. These other people are better organized and will accept leadership.
      And these other groups are led by men. Black culture is led by women. In a world dominated by men, there is no way a matriarchy can compete.

  3. Detroit, M.
    Who lives there?
    Ford abandoned the plant.
    Homes are empty and breaking down.
    The water is not safe to drink.
    Furthermore the weather is mostly cold and snowy, who the hell lives up there?

  4. Blow comes directly from Mexico to Grand Rapids MI. FULLY untouched and stamped. There was definitely a direct line there a decade ago.


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