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Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas: Cartel del Noreste Interrogation Of Jared Antonio Zamora Míreles

"Sol Prendido" and "HEARST' for Borderland Beat

As previously covered by Borderland Beat the dismembered remains of Jared Antonio Zamora Míreles and a narco message were found next to an ice cooler. The discovery was made near the State installation for the Secretary of Public Security in the city of Victoria, Tamaulipas. 

At the time of the initial article only pictures existed to corroborate our story. And now one week later a video of his interrogation has surfaced online. Confirmation has also been officially made that the Cartel del Noreste is responsible for his demise. 

The following film has been deemed safe for all to see. 

Video translation is as follows:

Sicario: Whats your full name?

Captive: Jared Antonio Zamora Míreles. 

Sicario: Where are you originally from?

Captive: I am from Ciudad Mante. 

Sicario: Who do you work for?

Captive: I work for the Cartel del Golfo. For 12 Scorpion. 

Sicario: What was your job?

Captive: I was positioned at the central bus station to hand out food. 

Sicario: Who is your immediate commander?

Captive: Scorpion 75. 

Sicario: Who was the person that recruited you?

Captive: It was Scorpion 75 personally when I went to deliver food to him. He obligated me to work for him. 

Sicario: How long have you been working?

Captive: 2 months. 

Sicario: How many times have you been paid?

Captive: Twice. 

Sicario: Who all gives you guys support within the Ciudad Mante government?

Captive: The delegate from the State Police. 

Sicario: What’s his name?

Captive: Alfredo Escobedo Marin. 

Sicario: Whats his function?

Captive: He gives us support against our enemies. And with the State Police as well. 

Sicario: Who else supports you guys?

Captive: His sister. 

Sicario: Whats her name?

Captive: Nayla Gabriela Escobedo Marin. 

Sicario: What’s her function?

Captive: She gives us protection to go into Barandillas. Just as well to leave quickly also. 

Sicario: Who else supports you guys?

Captive: Commander Mauro from the Ministerial Police. 

Sicario, Whats his name?

Captive: Their names are Mauro Camarillo and Ricardo. 

Sicario: What exactly is their function?

Captive: Their job is to protect us whenever we go into the ministerial station. They also allow us to leave right away. Everyone of them have a direct line with Socrpion 75, he personally pays them all off. 

Sicario: And which cartel currently has you held captive?

Captive: I’m being held by the North East Cartel. The grand dick themselves. 

Sicario: Be ready Scorpion 75. We’re already aware that you don’t like to be called Dum Dum. Scorpion you bitch! That chrome .38 Super that you have bathed in gold looks pretty cool. I’m going to end up keeping it as a medallion once I capture your bitch ass. Sincerely, Commander Romeo. The Grand Dick

Video Source: Asesino de Zombies


  1. Is de head going to be sliced in de video volpeienier Sol.?

  2. Replies
    1. 4:03 nothing like accepting that you are bien guey. (Very Dumb)
      Estàs bien, güey? Asks if the gûey is OK.
      Estás bien güey affirms the güey is very much a güey.

  3. Animo Sicarios!

    Pinche Dollar City Sicarios with voice decoders ! Whats next Autotune ?

    1. There you are
      People in Michoacan are getting slaughtered, by CJNG.
      Where are the British Special Troops you promised Socorro? She cooked for you, she gave you special love, we are still waiting, don't ignore bus and the townspeople.

  4. This is so f*cked up. The Gulf Cartel obligates him to work for them, then the other Cartel kills him. Damn.

    1. There you go and all those fuckers here on BB who cheer and celebrate with each death of a cartel member.

      The very most of the cartel members are hapless ninis who in the best case have no other option, but to join.

      Many though are forced, either directly or indirectly (=to protect yourself and/or your family from being preyed on by all gangs, you join on who can protect yourself and your family) to join and serve as cannon-fodder for the bosses.

  5. 2 months? Delivering food to the bus station? Recruited by taking food to a Narco? Revealing police as always under stress, and no busts there? This is a weird and typical story. Land of mirrors -


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