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Thursday, October 21, 2021

CDS Chapitos vs Rusos Shootout Leaves Woman Dead and Five Detainees in Tepuche, Sinaloa

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat 

Video footage captured a shooting between alleged members of Sinaloa Cartel's Los Rusos and Los Chapitos left a woman killed, a man injured and four additional cartel members detained in Culiacán municipality in the state of Sinaloa. 

At approximately 11:00 am on October 20, 2021, an armed shootout between rival cartel groups occurred at a property located in the area of Agua Caliente, near Tepuche in Culiacán municipality. 

The shootout reportedly occurred at a cartel safehouse. The Undersecretary of Public Security, Carlos Alberto Hernández Leyva confirmed in an interview on the site that an armed group entered the town this morning and attacked another group of gunmen who were stationed at a home, presumably a safe house. 

The safehouse is described by newspaper El Sol de Tijuana as "a yellow house with a white door." Neighbors report that the cartel members who had arrived and attacked the safehouse pulled into the area in a box truck, a Toyota Tacoma SUV and an unspecified make model SUV. 

According to the news publication Debate, neighbors who lived near the safehouse sheltered inside immediately once the gunfire erupted. They called the 911 emergency phone line to report the gunshots that they were hearing but the dispatch operators "asked them for evidence of the facts."

A Navy commander confirmed this, stating "We arrived here to this sector, where we were able to verify that it was indeed a confrontation between civilians. As far as we have preliminary information right now, they were sheltering in this house and other people arrived to shoot at them with firearms. They also had firearms."

The Debate article details that neighbors were distressed by the seemingly slow response of law enforcement officers. Some neighbors even reported that the attacking gunmen, after having finished shooting up the safehouse, stopped are a local convenience store and ordered soft drinks before leaving the area. In the end, the group of attacking gunmen managed to flee the area when the Army, National Guard, State and Municipal Police operations arrived.

These residents report that the Army (SEDENA), National Guard and police officers arrived almost two hours after the confrontation, which lasted only about half an hour.

The Secretary of Public Security for the state of Sinaloa, Cristóbal Castañeda later tweeted out the following video accompanied by the message “After a report, authorities of the three orders of government mobilized to the community of Aguacaliente, Tepuche to verify. We are deployed in the area on security tours.”

When members of security forces did arrive on scene, they reportedly found that the attackers has already fled the area and they were only able to locate five people hiding inside a house, along with one deceased female. When the five people inside the house spotted members of law enforcement, they allegedly tried to flee by hopping the fence but they were successfully chased down, and following a brief gunfight, they were detained. One of the men was injured, but is stable with a shot to the shoulder.

When questioned by reporters, the Undersecretary of Public Security, Carlos Alberto Hernández Leyva indicated that the deceased woman did not die in the crossfire with law enforcement, but rather she died before their arrival as she was a part of the group sheltered inside the safehouse. 

The Undersecretary stated that they seized from the property four vehicles and eight firearms, with two of the eight being rifles.

The safehouse shootouts were allegedly (at least according to social media rumors) between Sinaloa Cartel's Los Chapitos hitmen and hitmen loyal to Jesús Alexander Sánchez Félix, alias "El Ruso", from the Ismael Zambada García, "El Mayo" side of the Sinaloa Cartel. However, there are no news outlets that confirm these two subgroups are involved. 

A similar shootout occurred in nearby Tecolotes a few months ago, on July 13, 2021. This shootout was also rumored to be between Chapitos and Rusos members. For further details on this shooting, please see this previous story.

Update 11/6/2021: New profile graphic showing El Ruso added.

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  1. Chapos vs Rusos no need to worry about the reddit groupies here we all know its chapos vs mayos

    1. This is Ivan vs Mayito Flaco. Nini vs Ruso. MZ is dead, or retired and hiding. JMO

    2. I agree with what you saying Mayito Flaco has taken over. Ivans gonna have to hand over Nini to unify CDS again

  2. Something is fishy with the official version.

    Attackers arrive and shoot up the place for 30min and then leave. The attacked remain at the scene for 90min and when the cops arrive - what a surprise!!! - they try to flee.

    Why would the attacked hang around for 90min and then try to run when the inevitable happens (=cops arrive)???

    1. Mexico, where the official version is never....official.

    2. 1158 Tepuche is a rural area outside of Culiacan. My guess would be the local police is either on the payroll ,fear for their life's or both and waited 90 minutes for what seems like the army, the national guard and the state Police to arrive before making a move. My guess is they took so long to respond because again Tepuche is rural and they waited for the place to be secure. I'm guessing everyone was surprised, the criminals as well as the security forces. Just my guess though.

  3. El Russo 🇷🇺🔥🇷🇺🔥🇷🇺 the mf is alive and kickin

  4. It's so much better being a girl...prettier clothes, feminine ways...that shot girl needs to heal and get a softer lifestyle.

    Canadian girl💋

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      Caitlin wants to be "accepted" and to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated on the swimsuit, she should go all the way HUS5TLER style and show all the lips, the gums and everything...

    2. Wtf kinda comment is that keep that faggot shit off this site. Idk why bb even lets non narco comments through its stupid. Wtg does caitlyn jenner and dave chappelle and SP or Hustler and whatever canadian girl rants about have to do with narcos. Seriouslu fucking stupid af

  5. If Ruso is independent and not being backed by Mayita anymore he should just bring in CJNG into Sinaloa 😂😂😂

    1. Thats because hes not independent hes with Mayo. Its really Mayos vs Chapitos

  6. Replies
    1. They hide in mero Culiacan in the city they know its where they are safest, not always in the downtown metro area of Culiacan but also in th little rancherias surrounded the municipio.. i know they constantly chill in El Salado, and el Dorado as well as Emiliano Zapata but its said that at least IAG fav and strongest point is in culiancito. But who really knows. All thats known is Police at every level on their payroll. They are constantly being escolted by official vehicles and rumors have it IAG is escolted by the govenors ppl in white SUVs with govt plates and police lights. For the most psrt the GN and the Military are paid to look the other way or turn a blind eye. some are paid to protect them directly,others indirectly.
      When they are not in the city they are at their grandmas house or their house near their grandmas house. Everyone knows that. They constantly have parties on the ranch.
      What i wanna know is how much CDS dishes out to the news outlets and the govt JUST for NOT eeporting all the murders rapes amd femicides that happen there. Sinaloa isnt as calm as ppl think, yeah for strangers tourist its cakm like anywhere but just like any states they have high crime rates esoecially against women. The narcos there kill women like nothing from what is said in underground news sites. And there is still constantly mini battles between Rusos and Ninis just not reported openly unless they cant supress it.

    2. I am so sorry SOSA,
      I fell asleep midway.
      Can you shortened your comments shorter, and get to the point.

    3. Thanks for the info Sosa. I don't know what's up with 8:40 falling asleep. That was good info. My guess is if you would've been talking about Caitlyn, he would of been fully awake and you would've had his full attention.

  7. Ruso wasn’t there but it was Firichon who is charge there. He is in charge for Mayo. Rumors is his daughter was killed in the safe house.

  8. I wouldve thought chapitos ran em out already

  9. I cant believe with all the money these guys paid to the government that only one detainee was shot in the sholder. I remember the government taking/dressing innocent people as cdn and shooting them all in the heads. I think these government people are just lazy. More woke culture run amoke!

  10. Chapitos not f*****g around. That was a hell storm of bullets.


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