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Sunday, October 3, 2021

Cartel Jalisco Video Communique Denies Any Involvement

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

A new video from the Mexican underworld has just surfaced online. For this broadcast the Jalisco New Generation Cartel denies any part in the events that transpired on Wednesday September 29 within the limits of Jalisco and Michoacán.

They place sole blame on “El Abuelo” Farías of the Tepalcatepec Cartel, the United Cartels and "Los Colombianos".

Video translation is as follows:

By means of this communiqué I want to let the corresponding authorities Sedena know. Along with any competent authority that we Jalisco New Generation Cartel distance ourselves from the cowardly aerial attacks that occurred on Wednesday, September 29, 2021. 

In the limits of Jalisco and Tepalcatepec against the elements of Sedeña. And to emphasize that we Cartel Jalisco New Generation don’t have any problems with Sedena. As well as any other government corporation. I also want to make the statement that we removed our people the day we found out that personnel from Sedena arrived in our area of operations. 

We hold Juan José Farías alias El Abuelo directly responsible for planning the direct attack on Sedena. Because when he realized that we, the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, had withdrawn our people from the areas due to the arrival of the elements of the Mexican army.

They decided to act cowardly by attacking the armed forces in order to blame us for the acts carried out. And once more do one of his cowardly acts. General Montealegre, you’re  a disgrace to your uniform and to the nation that lends itself to have its own elements killed for a few pesos.

You know very well that those in charge of executing were operatives from the El Abuelo cartel. Together with the paramilitary group of Los Colombianos who call themselves the Los H Group. Since all the aforementioned have immunity with you on account of them walking around celebrating in Tepalcatepec as if nothing happened.

And as for you, the Mexican army, open your eyes. If we would’ve had the order to attack. You best believe you wouldn’t have gone as far as you did. Remember that the Carteles Unidos and the El Abuelo cartel have attacked the authorities before in order to blame us. Don’t forget when you were attacked with drones in the towns of El Terrero and El Aguaje. Sincerely, Mr. Mencho.



  1. Those viagras and El abuelo are good at keeping the government in check in michoacan.
    Viagras just had a meeting about a week ago. I can just imagine how this went down.
    This was the best idea they came up with.
    "Why don't we get one of our sicarios shoot at soldiers and blame it on cjng?" "that should keep them away for a while "
    Those guys are going broke paying the military to help them fight cjng 😆

  2. Anyone who is ex military or has PERSONAL knowledge, not some fucking google master,of helmets know why these helmets look so thin? Also the viral cjng videos where they call out marro look thin, and several other videos where they look like this the helmets look thin.if anyone remembers the video where some chubby cjng soldier wearing the Python camo unidorm and two other cjng soldiers wearing the tan python uniform are on scene where a cjng sicario in passenger seat was killed and they show his face (the truck he was in had plated armor on th outside of the windows with small rectangluar slits and the front had long piece or metal across the bottom part of the windshield). The helmet looked metal but super skinny.(they tried to spin the story it was a cjng ambush of Cmdt Quesos of CDN but it was really a cjng guy ambushed by viagras)
    Also in the music Video Equipo RR by Luis R Conriquez he uses 6 real sicarios from cjng all wearing the same stuff from viral Caravan video. Well in that video they are wearing these same helmets and look metal but thin. Even kevlar helmets are thicker than that..

  3. cjng grupo elite luis r conriquez - Google Search

    Look hoe thin these helmets look in these photos of the music video Equipo RR with Luis R Conriquez and Real CJNG Grupo Elite Sicarios.. you can clesrly see the same RPG7 that the alleged RR is holding when he does his little interview

  4. Oh yes they are innocent my azz.


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