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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Caro Quintero Is Back in Sonora; He’s Disputing Territory With ‘El Mayo’ And ‘El Chapo’s’ Children

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Video translation is as follows:

Rafael Caro Quintero is back and has become more violent than ever. Let us remember that in August 2013 a collegiate court ordered his release. His public return to Mexican organized crime occurred on Monday, May 18, 2020.

That day, on the highway to Caborca, Sonora, two dismembered bodies appeared with a message demanding a protection fee payment from producers, merchants and miners in the region.

The mobs from the coast, according to intelligence reports to which MILENIO had access, are not only local groups such as the Los Paleteros, who are losing their territories in southern Sonora.

The crews from the coast are also the lieutenants of Ismael El Mayo Zambada and the sons of El Chapo Guzmán. Caro Quintero's syndicate are the assassins of La Línea and the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel.



  1. U would think being of old age and recently released by some miracle, he would lay low & enjoy the many bounties of life.

  2. Here is a link to what occurred in June 2020

    1. Thank you ma’am. Your link for further reading is much appreciated.

  3. Animo Sicarios!
    Sonora tiene dueño. LA Chapiza
    Viejo verde Quientero ya estas en la lista negra de las Fuerzas Especiales Tier 1 Operators de La Gente Nueva.

    1. Oh great open line under 006.
      One more day of work can't wait to go hiking in the hills of California.

    2. Pues si las fuerzas especiales son como tú ganará Rafa. El si pelea la plaza. Tú nomas sueñas eh ilusionas.

    3. Biggest group in Sonora couldn't take em out! Cara de cochi holding it down!

    4. Si ta bueno joto. Pinché alucin pedorro ya deja de fumar esa madre wey

    5. Rafa es un pinchi viejillo culero, 20 million dollars say he'll be gone to the US to open his yapper like the best of the best and sing like a soprano.

  4. Animo Sicarios!

    "R5 te espero en el rancho
    vas de cazeria traite a los muchachos
    armamentos chalekos pecheras
    conoces mi lema balas pal contrario.

    Por su puesto aki estoy a la orden
    señor M100
    lo respeetan todos mis hombres
    jalan el gatillo nomas diga usted
    para ajustes, fuerzas especiales
    un servicio express.
    Esa lista que usted me a entregado
    les tengo noticias
    mañana o pasado
    hay mas tiempo en llegar que matar
    al fulano detal nada puede salvarlo

    La revista la estare esperando con ancias inmensas
    no hay pecado dispara muchacho
    porke la basura le estorba
    a la empresa
    cuando caigan les dejas bien claro

    Reconosco tu esfuerzo y empeño
    muchacho eres grande
    peliando el terreno

    Al contrario señor mis respetos
    kiero reiterarlo
    lo admiro por eso

    Soy maldito cuando se rekiere
    tambien soy amigo
    hay blindaje para protejerme
    tambien mucha gente con cuernos de chivos
    aqui tengo en mi hombro la mano
    de un señor Chapito
    Con apoyo de toda mi gente
    el bravo y el fantasma y tambien el pariente
    al igual mi compadre Zambada
    con toda su raza brinkan en caliente

    Soy Chapito y muy grande a la vez
    puedo asegurarles
    si el gobierno me llega a aprender
    me pelo de nuevo
    como en puente grande
    aqui estamos mi compa M100
    listos para atorarle

    Mala suerte para el objetivo
    se va de este mundo
    lo tengo en la mira

    Yo sabia muy bien R5
    que tu y tus soldados
    no me fallarian

    Eso es todo me siento orgulloso
    de la gente nueva
    saben bien que cuentan con mi apoyo
    aqui estoy al pendiente
    soy Joaquin Loera
    Igualmente viejon aqui estamos
    para lo que venga."

  5. He was suppose to be this one the greatest marijuana manufacture! That was a lie! He cannot compete in the USA marijuana market with his garbage. So, what does he do…he resorts to what he really is…a petty criminal rapist whom only achieved some level of wealth due to his lucky proximity to the USA. He extorts his own people…lmao… yeah he sure is some mastermind criminal. RQO is a little girl rapist a petty criminal and he sucks at growing weed!

    1. @5:39am. I didn't know Caro Quintero was a rapist. I mean I've heard that alot of drug Lords in Mexico do that disgusting shit but didn't know Caro was on the list . Any info on what your referring to? I'm not being sarcastic either I seriously just haven't about Caro being a rapist .

    2. At the time it wss said to be some of the best weed around. Allegedly some top notch stuff. And it was being sold all over the continent. Then they got into trafficking cocaine, and imsure he got into trafficking heroin around that time and crystal meth when mexico made their super meth. Even when hr was incarcerated he was rumored to be the owner of that prison. Did what he want, i believe like in 2010 or so there was a scandal about him having Los Tucanes and that band that sings "Yo No Mate a Camarena" during a huge party hosted at the prison where powerful capos showed up as well as politicians and the warden n his staff. This man didnt get where he is by being a "petty criminal" as you say. These men run basically fortune 500 companies. They are busienss men just like any other they just happened to be in the market of illicit goods. Do they extort? Yes do they kidnap? Yes do his men rape and plunder? Yes. Like La Tuta said (Tuta was a lacra though but made good points) he can set rules but doesnt mean ALL his men all over the country will follow and abide. He says that of course there will be capos and sicarios or halcones who do mamadas and the cartel is blamed as a whole for it. And llenty of kidnapping and extortion rings that use a cartels name to instill fear, authenticity, throw dirt on. Enemies do it to heat up a plaza when entering one. Because mexicos MO and Protocol is when a plaza gets hot, they take down the existing cartel and make deal with the new cartel. Literally. On top of heating up the plaza it allows revenue to fund the war at the cost of their enemies name being tarnished. Win win. Yeah some flat put extort n kidnap and most times itd to alleviate having to pay their lower tier mens Quincena ("paycheck") out of their own pocket. Send them to extort and kidnap for ransom, then pay all their ppl in that area or tax local kidnappers as a protection fee, tax local extortionist local car thieves 3 cars they steal 1 is the cartels etc

    3. Sosa, interesting stuff. Thanks for posting

    4. Blame Whitney,go to sleep! Back in the day there was no super California marijuana! They grew that super weed in those times! Get informed

  6. Hi Whitey how is the taco business going?

  7. Whitey, he developed sinsemilla. That was a breakthrough.

    1. He did not develop sinsemilla thats 100% a lie he was just one of first to get they're hands on it

  8. Whitey 3 tacos de carne asada, ye una Pepsi por favor.

  9. Say whitey do you drive a roach couch?
    Where abouts you located?

  10. Los delta se chingaban al cara de cochi, esta se fue de sonora para qe no se lo truenen

    1. Thats why cazador n his main man El Durango were arrested and ao many other jefes de plaza right lol i think RCQ pulled his old juice cards and had the govt do his job for him buddy. Typical cds fans always in denial.

    2. 3:25 los cazadores ya no existen sino pregúntenle al bibiano y al jefe de los 300 locos. Se lee acabo la protección ahora solo se esconden

    3. 😂 Todavía siguen ahí no pudieron los yiyos ni los de caborca, los que se esconden son los de caborca en Pitiquito

  11. I wonder why narcofootage wont let me post this article on reddit hmmm interesting

  12. Let's remember that after the murder of Kiki Camarena, rcq, don Neto and felix gallardo went to prison for about 30 years, but their US accomplices got about 100 presidential pardons for "iran contra" affair but they were not pardoned for their grifa and cocaine trafficking to the US

  13. RCQ and miguel angel felix gallardo acquired the Rancho Camino Real jn Veracruz for US/CIA cuban refugee Felix Ismael rodriguez mendigutia to use for airplanes moving drugs, weapons, contras training and wounded and to move billions of dollars product of their trafficking to the US until they murdered about 30 mexican federal police officers trying to steal their mariguana and a few million USD in Sanchez Taboada Veracruz...of course Cuban felix rodriguez has never been tried, unlike his associate honduran juan ramon matta ballesteros.


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