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Thursday, October 7, 2021

At Least 118 Dead In Ecuadorian Prison Riot Involving Mexican Drug Cartels

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Drug trafficking gangs are hard to control in undermanned Ecuadorian prisons

Ecuador's police was still fighting to control a jailhouse in Guayaquil after a riot by inmates led to clashes that have so far resulted in 118 deaths in what turned out to be one of Latin America's worst prison massacres.

”The official figures at the CPL (Center for the Deprivation of Liberty) of Guayas are 118 PPL (persons deprived of liberty) deceased, 79 PPL injured),“ said the Police in a press statement regarding a riot which began Tuesday, when inmates of rival gangs with ties to Mexican drug trafficking cartels clashed with firearms.

Police Chief Tannya Varela also told reporters that the number of deaths could be higher as she feared there could be more bodies inside the penitentiary yet to be found.

President Guillermo Lasso had declared a state of exception Wednesday for 60 days, effective in the country's entire prison system. Lasso has traveled to Guayaquil to oversee the situation from a closer angle.

According to the Primicias website, the riot began when inmates of a gang celebrated the birthday of one of their detained leaders and boasted they controlled the facilities, which upset rival organizations in other wards and violence ensued.

”Around 400 police officers carry out an intervention and search operation inside #CPLGuayas No. 1, to maintain order and guarantee security in the prison,” the police said on a Twitter account. Two officers were reported to have been injured.

Relatives of the inmates also waited outside the jailhouse to learn about the fate of their loved ones.

With a prison overcrowding of 30%, lack of guards, corruption, and violence, Ecuador has suffered a prison crisis for several years. Before this riot, the number of prisoners killed since January had risen to 120, it was reported.

In February, 79 inmates died in simultaneous riots in four prisons throughout three cities, including Guayaquil, which houses one-third of the country's 39,000 prisoners under the supervision of 1,500 guards, 3,000 fewer than necessary, according to experts. In 2020 there were 103 killings in Ecuador's prisons, according to the National Ombudsman's Office.

The state of exception in prisons decreed by Lasso empowers the government to suspend the civil rights of inmates and use public force to restore the rule of law.

The latest massacre was a clash for power between criminal gangs at the service of international drug trafficking with ties to the Mexican cartels of Sinaloa and Jalisco Nueva Generación, according to police reports.

Ecuador has seized some 116 tons of drugs between January and August 2021, mostly cocaine, compared to a record 128 tons in 2020.

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  1. Shit is crazy! This cartels makes other crime groups around the globe looks like naive kids

  2. Well they were criminals, you can say some got the death penalty for sure.

  3. The war on drugs sure seems more like a war on the poor to me . Maybe we just live in a time where nothing is supposed to make sense and we have forgotten what is really important to our race(the human race) our culture and our future to move forward and climb that next step in evolution we need to figure it out soon or we will all continue to suffer while the people who profit from this bullshit war will continue to grow fatter and richer like parasites growing fat off of the pain of this world taking more of our rights and our liberties just so the 3 letter agencies can continue to suck up our tax dollars and appear to be needed to fight this bullshit war where there are nothing but bad guys on all sides just tweeking the system so they can stay employed . Fuckin sad ! Just my opinion nothing more nothing less . But one thing Im sure of is my 3rd eye is squegeed clean and I can clearly see thru the bullshit and the lies to know that the root of this evil lies in the fertile soil of corruption and till that and prohibitions epic failures gets worked out nothing changes .

    1. Lots of good points, but I ran out of breath reading it. I guess I need shorter sentences?

    2. Me too I ran out of breath, I usually know to get more air, during coming to a period, chinblaster, did not learn when to use commas and periods, then he doesn't make since, ahhh nevermind.
      Lost in translation.

    3. Me three
      Someone teach the guy with period and paragraphing.

    4. Sorry i was writing inbetween breaks when I had a minute or two, so where i was mentally when it started,
      wasnt where I was when I hit send .
      And regardless of what time the post says I sent it Im pretty sure it was 4:20 !
      Its always 4:20 where ever I am .Srsly

  4. Most probably has nothing to do with Mexican cartels. To much Mexican pride here. reality is its related to Ecuadorian groups


  6. Drugs took over north America
    Now the drugs are taking over central and South America too.
    The poor will stay poor and the rich will be richer after drug profits

    1. It started from South America you dummy.

    2. 7:58 it might have started in south America but they weren't using the drugs. It was made to be shipped to north 🇺🇸. Now there's crystal meth and pills laced with Fentanyl being distributed all over Mexico and made in Mexico. My point is, there was no junkies in Mexico when the cartels started. Now there are a lot of junkies mainly in places close to the border like Tijuana, Sonora and chihuahua. Durango is filled with teens addicted to meth.


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