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Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Arsenal Of 66 Smuggled Firearms Seized In Nuevo León

 "HEARST" for Borderland Beat

National Guard soldiers made a seizure of 66 smuggled firearms from a truck traveling along the highway to Reynosa. 

On October 5, 2021, at roughly 5:30 pm,  the National Guard soldiers stopped a truck with license plates from the state of Michoacán at a security checkpoint along the highway, at kilometer 70 of Highway 40. The security checkpoint lies on the border of the municipalities of Los Ramones and China in the state of Nuevo León.

According to an anonymous insider close to the case who spoke to Milenio newspaper, the soldiers stopped the truck for a search because they saw a suspicious box covered with a blue tarpaulin. The insider said that inside the back of the truck, the soldiers discovered 66 long barrel firearms of 5.56 caliber (broken down into parts), and 65 corresponding mags during their search. 

The items were said to be “hidden” but the manner in which they were hidden is unspecified. The plastic boxes which are seen in photographs of the seizure were allegedly used to contain the firearms in whatever hidden space they were contained in. 

The truck driver, who is identified as Jorge Luis, was then arrested. In later interviews with law enforcement, Jorge Luis claimed that the guns all originated from Zacatecas, reported the insider. 

After further inspection, the 66 firearms were found to be all Colt M4, 5.56 caliber, separated into upper and lower receivers. Of note, the M4 is extensively used by the United States Armed Forces and is largely replacing the M16 rifle in United States Army and United States Marine Corps (USMC) combat units as the primary infantry weapon. 

After the seizure, the arrested driver and the weapons were placed at the disposal of the Federal Public Ministry.


  1. I read an article some time ago that CJNG had a small 'factory' along with high grade machinery to produce their own weapons (NOT cheap gun kits). There are so many rumors! Has anyone read this or call BS or elaborate?
    Then an investigative journalist who was essentially embedded with cartels claimed that he knew for a fact that DEA was supplying weapons to CJNG for information on El Mayo and CDS. This was a fairly recent podcast with Shawn Ryan. Curious if anyone wanted to comment. I am dubious, but in this game, NOBODY knows for sure.

    1. Yes CJNG has had weapons factory raided. It's way cheaper and easier for them, yes that has been 100% confirmed they had the machinery to cut the lowers from 80% kits. No the DEA is not providing weapons that shit doesn't happen, unless it's Operation Fast and Furious and your badge says ATF, then after you let a known CDS arms trafficker dissappear with the weapons, after a few months then One of those guns is used to kill a BORTAC agent and then you go on a denial and blaming trip. Yeah that did happen, but what do I know According to some im just a redneck.

    2. Miss Heather
      I heard a rumor that Mencho is using har dye to hide his Gray hair.

    3. He is. I can confirm this. I dye Mencho's hair myself.

    4. Well I heard that Mencho only has one ball, that the rumor I heard.

    5. Yes, I can confirm this as well. I bit the other one off.

  2. Well I heard a rumour that the CIA was supplying Basokas to AF Cartel. Along with RPGs.

  3. 9:05 US weapon manufacturers license computerized machining centers and programs to mexican military "industries" and the mexican melitary steals some shit for their associated cartel members, supplying both sides on any conflict is also an old established practice of US Business, be it weapons or materials or men posing as agents of one side claiming to be double or triple agents like Henry Kissinger, sent by LBJ to the Paris talks to end the Vietnam war, rewarded by Nixxon with a secretary of State position for selling LBJ down the river and keeping the US at war in Vietnam for 5 more years, NBC has a documentary about Nixxon and Madame Chennault doing deals with south Vietnam govermnent to derail the peace talks and sink LBJ reelection or Hubert Humprey's election, LBJ paid back forcing the Republican'ts to stop supporting traitor Nixxon "over Watergate" and keeping classified their betrayals in paris talks.
    The mexican melitary is still some corrupt shit, even worser than their puppet cartels, remember Giniral Cienpedos forcing the US to release him to Mexican authorities? Because he knows some US shit too.

  4. If the truck was coming from Zac it looks like the war is moving up north to Tamps an NL about to get lit 🔥

    1. Mexico is already an inferno. Just look at the endless cycle of violence.

    2. War, is good keeps the Cartel occupied.


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