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Friday, October 29, 2021

6 CDN Members Killed In Fight With Military In Nuevo Laredo, Tamps

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat 

On the night of October 27, 2021, Army (SEDENA) soldiers were reportedly on a routine surveillance tour of the Anáhuac neighborhood which is on the eastern side of the city of Nuevo Laredo, in the state of Tamaulipas. 

While driving along Anáhuac street, from east going towards the west, the soldiers were allegedly confronted by a group of armed men riding in a Ford F 150 pickup truck, opening fire on them. This led the soldiers to repel the attack and eventually the battle led to the death of six alleged cartel members. 

All of the deceased were found to have been carrying weapons and five of them were reportedly wearing tactical vests.

The Associated Press is currently reporting that they spoke to a military official who told them that some of the deceased were seen to be wearing tactical vests bearing the initials “CDN”, representing their affiliation with the Northeast Cartel (or Cartel del Noroeste). The Associated Press’s military official source  requested anonymity because he was not authorized to testify about the incident.

While searching the attacker’s vehicle, immediately after neutralizing the aggressors, soldiers were surprised to find a man with his hands and feet bound. After they removed the gag in the man’s mouth, he told the soldiers that he had been kidnapped by the cartel members a few days prior (“last Sunday”). The man said his captors had kept him tied up and lying in the bed of their pickup truck since he had first been captured. 

La Voz de Pueblo on twitter has pointed out that in a August 2020 interview, El Hidalgo, someone familiar with CDN tactics, told a reporter that Tropa del Infierno (CDN’s armed wing) was known to use civilians they had previously kidnapped as human shields during encounters with police. 

The kidnapping victim had suffered injuries during the battle between the soldiers and alleged CDN members so he was taken to a local hospital for treatment. He later gave details about his name and the kidnapping incident to members of law enforcement. The press is reporting the kidnapping victim as Pedro "G", 34 years old.

Sources: Associated Press ,, AM, Telemundo40, Debate


  1. I don't understand how some people on here continue to say AMLO isn't doing anything when atleast once a week you have these types of confrontations between the government and criminals.

    1. Oh no it's the Obrador nuthugger!

    2. El pinchi Almo Les dice a Los soldados no molesten Los carteles.

    3. I have noticed that it is never, ever mentioned that cops/military etc are on any kind of mission to find these individuals etc. Even the short lived 'capture' of Ovido Guzman was a mistake. They happened upon the situation and when they realized..." Oh shit,it's a group of high-ranking capos" is, only then was back up called in. In an original video which I can no longer find, when they initially saw who exactly was at this 'get together' the LOOK OF SHOCK and movements of actual fear were fairly obvious on the police part.
      I have yet to hear about any intentional, non dirty missions with any significant amount of criminal casualties or justice.
      is just like all the old bosses, corruption going back 60 years IS THE rule, no longer the exception.
      Anyone who thinks that a high ranking, honest crime fighting, corruption stopping politician COULD ever take office now in MX is completely out of touch. It is a death sentence. If not that, the politicians that have attempted are quickly packing up their families to live in USA with protected status. Usually killed or silenced on campaign trail as soon as they put their name in the ring.
      Obrador is no different than previous,because it is now impossible to be different.
      Adolph Lopez in 1954, Carlos Salinas De Gotari in 1984 then
      Fox, Calderon and Nieto and their chosen corrupt cabinets completely sealed the fate of ant hope.
      Let's face it. Mexico is not going to get better, anyone who has followed this shit knows that it's just various stages of he'll.

    4. 7:21 what sealed Mexico's fate was being so near the US and so far from God, existing in a country the US wants with too many mexicans the US does not want, but northamerican intrigue and politics keeps trying to persuade the mexican politicos to sell out the country and their countrymen down the river for peanuts and table scraps.
      "Lopez Mateos nationalized power generation and mining industry, and after him the Litempos (all US agents) dedicated themselves to nothing but corruption, sponsored and counseled by the US,

    5. Well put Miss H.
      So therefore because it's an unwinnable war on Cartels, the current and past governmentd only enforce 30%. There will always be bloodshed, BB will never go dry with articles.

    6. Yeas, probably enforce 10% and turn a profit on the other 90%...? Just, what a mess

    7. Yup, Ms. H ia 100% correct.
      Presidents and governors are the guys who keep the cartels strong. Its been like that, it was more evident with carlos salinas de gortari and his brother who was making millions selling drugs until he got killed. There is plenty of evidence and testemonies from capos who get caught and spill the beans on governmen5 curruption but they WILL NEVER BE IN PRISON OR EVEN TRIED FOR DRUG CRIMES.
      So many governors have actually been acused and some got arrested like moreira and a few others but they dont get any jail time. Mayo, chapo and other capos gave millions to peña nieto and calderon to help them get stronger.
      I get a lot of hate because i speak of this but it's the truth.
      there has never been any governors doing any prison time for their involvement with cartels or for stealing all of their state's money before leaving office.
      Mexico is the richest country in latin america. Even with all the latin american countries together mexico still has more money. Imagine how great mexico would be if the governors and presidents from mexico actually did their job and used the money to benefit the people instead of stealing it?..
      Mexico could easily be a first world country with all the resourses but it never will because of the amount of curruption.. from the president down to the ranchos the money that is intended to help the people gets stolen and its normolized.
      Been like that since the spaniards controlled mexico and it hasnt changed.

  2. I wonder who knows if there is any difference between organized crime in Mexico and Brazil .. and how influential they are ..

    1. Let me give you an example, armed forces in Mexico serve as the armed wing of the “bosses, señor, etc” , when there is money and it’s an urgency not to fail the mission .

    2. Knteresting question.. what I Guess is In Mexico the politicians are full fledged drug traffickers or they basically tax everything and set a quote for each cartel. Usually the Govenors are the Capos of their respected state or the Fiscal. The govenors usually use the state police as their Armed wing as proven so many times. Look at Cabeza de Vaca. Gopes are literally at his disposal and take orders directly from him. The Army and Marines in Mexico are becoming extremely powerful as the years pass and honestly im under the impression that the reason CJNG has been able to expand, seems to be getting stronger by the day, is able to take all these wars on and win time and time again is because they have Luis Crecensio Sandoval and Jose Rafael Ojeda Duran on their side. Especially Crecensio sandoval the secretary of Defense of Mexico. The highest General of the Mexican Army. Plus its seems to me that the CJNG has alot of stuff that copies SEDENA almost exactly. If you look at their monstruos they are very close to the Monstruos that SEDENA makes. Almoat as if they ARE made by them. In their strongholds its no secret that Mencho has the army on his side.. the ramch that R2 is in charge of protecting and probbaly one or Menchos biggestxand nicest ranches is located less than 4 km from the Military base zona militar 21/o in Tomatlan Jalisco.
      But back to Mexicos political/narco ties

      If the presidents arent directly involved, at least the last 6 presidents benifited directly from narcotic revenue in one way or another. They are not stupid and if they had any brain they would do what EPN seems to have done which was having the men close to him taht he can trust doing all jia dirty work. Brokering his protection fees and allowing them to traffick as well in exchange for a blind eye amd a piece of the pie

    3. I have read about I think it's Red Command group and First Capitol group. Read up about how entrenched the more current gangs are. Check out the complete command they have over favellas and beyond. Brazil is about 4.5 times larger than Mexico but from what I know is unable to cultivate poppy and cocoa, so it also lacks the 100+ year experience and funds that you see happening elsewhere like MX and Columbia.
      It lacks exports other than women with rather 'rotund' backsides.😂
      This is just my layman's knowledge though, I'm no expert.

    4. MenchoPelaRiata if the armed forces in Mexico serve the real bosses as you say can you then explain one thing to me please. What happened to the Zetas ? What happened to Chapo Guzman? What happened to La Familia Michoacána leaders ? What happened to Nacho Coronel. What happened to Mayo Zambada sons? What happened to Cartel del Golfo leaders.? What happened to the Carrillo Fuentes.? What happened to the Beltran Leyva brothers? What happened to la Barbie.? Who keeps on capturing and killing these criminals if it is not the Mexican armed forces? Can you explain please because it seems like you know a lot more than we do. Thank you.

    5. 8:39 what happened to all of them?
      Changes of president brought along new cabinet ministers, narco governors, polizetas, private security contractors incorporated and left behind by former administrations, congressmen and senators with ambitions of power and money through public corruption, like ricky monrial and Co. or margara FECAL, sheinbaum, omar Hamid Garcia harfuch, "la cabrona" lilly tellez, cabeza de cagadas de vacas, or many of the thousands of oppositor sell outs trying to keep power and money after their time is over.

    6. Interesting point @6:41.

      Sincerely speaking.

    7. E42, looks like you go for the long thick ones...

  3. Come on guys, these 5 individuals where just on their way to a Halloween costume party, and the alleged victim was just a prop we all know that Mexico is a safe and secure country. On the real tho I suggest you guys check out a film on Hulu called "The New Order" it's such a great Mexican film.

  4. Replies
    1. 10:13 no pinchis names, GÜEY. they is more chances your granny is banging Fidel in hell than of sic600 talking to HIM.

    2. 10:15 pa que, en el suelo más mejor pa que no se pele

  5. Good question. That can really be talked about in depth. For a long time

    At least in Mexico Politics, narcos and corruption go hand in hand BUT extremely confusing, crossed and hard to pinpoint exactly because so many different factors, cartels, alliances both politcal and narco and enemies..

    Lets start at the top
    Presidents in mexico usually are not involved directly and have their closest most trusted men broker protection deals where Narcos pay a price to be able to oerate in peace or with minimal repercussions..
    Secretary of Defense is the most important position besides the president in the Narco facade
    He is literally im charge or the Sedena but beyond that other things like the National guard i believe and federal forces.
    Then you have Jose Rafael Ojeda Duran the dude in charge of La Marina.
    You have the states govenors who i believe in many cases act as the politcal/narco jefe of their respective state for their politcal party or their politcal corruption alliance
    The Fiscal are also very powerful ppl and usually very corrupt. Alot of times if it isnt the govenors directly involved its the fiscal of the state or they are the ones who do all the dirty work.
    Then you have state police commanders who usualy act as armed wings for the govenor, or the most powerful corrupt politician in the state. Sometimes they themselves are the ones who are the most powerful.
    Then you have municpal commander who are usually aligned eith the local cartels and pretty much the only gob forces that the cartels can and will go heads up with and win more often than lose
    The municipal presidents usually also are paid off or threatened into submission because they have the municpal police protecting them lol
    Then you have all these diputados, secretaries for military commanders, military commanders, chief of tourism etc..
    Mexico and narcos are literally hand in hand and you dont have one without the other. Its hoe they finance their campaigns. They need the narcos aupport to rig elections. Elections are not won they are bought and paid for. What you think they need millions for? Cheap commercials, advertisements that are probbaly tax write offs, free social media accounts? You pay to play in that world. Alot of the money that politicans make is from stealing from their own govt. Lets say they get 20million pesos for Gdl and its municpio including all the ranchitos. They there is 10. All divided equally. Thats 2 million pesos per ranchito. What they do is steal 15 million and divide the 5 million left between the 10 ranchitos. Then the municpal presidents steal another part and thats why mexico stays dirt poor. Same with mines, with gasoline especially. Pemex was a gold mine for years for so many ppl. Energy is also a piggy bank and has been. The maya train in Cdmx. The cost, the money they recieved was ridiculous. It would take a long time for it to be profitable let alone get their money back. The politicians wirks in a similar fashion to what the italians when they would pay ghost employees. Add their cut to contracts. Extortion racketeering. Only its with a mexican twist. Most times narcos are just the falls guys for the powerful politicians. They are the guys being blamed for alot of the govt somw cases they do all the dirty work for the polticians in exchange to traffick freely, protection from govt forces, to stay free and even death threats to themselves and family and friends. And then they have to pay other politicians a piece of the pie to be able to have other powerful ppl off their backs and avoid being crossed.

    I can only imagine the level of corruption you witness when at the top of the game like Mencho Mayo Zambada Chapo. When Chapo called DEA to debrief in the late 90s or early 2000s he was scared to talk about the Arellanos politcal connections.. why?? Because thats the real fucking power

    1. Absolutely, what he said. I read an article sometime this past year where some municipal came under scrutiny in MX and it was found to have over 200 of these ' ghost employee's.
      At the same time, I would love to see what similar tactics or other general corruption could be unearthed in Chicago.
      I realize Chicago is not MX, blah, blah, blah...but it seems like a city that you continually hear whispers about in regard to systemic corruption.

    2. I fell asleep on the 1st paragraph. Lol

    3. Ms.H . A big problem also is when ppl are offered promotions. Basicallt the boss offers the promotion with the agreement that you will pay him half pr part pf your paycheck. Itd basically rank and less money or rank and have ur money taxed so much u hardly get a raise

    4. 8:49 Chicago is a paragon of Democracy, even the dead have voting rights...
      But what about Washington DC?
      Remember Jan 6 rioters and their Unpresidented Disgrace?
      There are also the corrupt sold and paid for senators and congressmen, and supreme court judges cabinet members and their top ranked "friends" like Bladdermir Putin, compared to them, Chicago is a heaven full of saints and angels.


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