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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Zacatecas, ZAC: State Authorities Dismantle Another Armed Criminal Cell

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Elements of the State Police and Conase managed to arrest nine people, three of them minors

The operations were carried out in the state capital, achieving the arrest of nine people. 

The Secretariat of Public Security of the State of Zacatecas (SSP) and the National Anti-Kidnapping Coordination (Conase) arrested nine people for carrying weapons and seized ammunition, communication equipment and three vehicles, two of which had a theft report, in operations deployed in the Zacatecan capital.

On Tuesday, through a statement, the Ministry of Public Security revealed that with actions to follow up on the monitoring of the Control, Command, Communications and Computing Center (C5), the lines of investigation followed by the SSP, an intelligence operation was launched using investigation techniques, cabinet and field work, warning of the presence of a white Dodge Dart vehicle on Paseo Díaz Ordaz, in the Zacatecan capital. The Metropolitan Police personnel managed to intercept them and once detaining the crew they took an evasive attitude and tried to escape.

After a chase, they managed to secure the vehicle and arrest four people (one woman and three men), all of legal age, who were carrying short firearms each,a 9 millimeters and .40 caliber pistol. 

In addition, 24 rounds, communication equipment and a Dodge vehicle, from a management company, were secured.

In a second action, after reporting the presence of armed people circulating in a Nissan Tiida, in the Alma Obrera neighborhood, an operation was implemented for their search, involving elements of reaction and intelligence in field investigation.

By managing to locate the unit and repel an aggression, two men were arrested, who were in possession of five 74.62 x 39 magazines and the Nissan Tiida vehicle was secured, which had a report of theft; the other aggressors managed to escape.

Likewise, in intelligence and mobility actions, a grey Chevrolet Beat, was identified as the operating unit of that same criminal cell, so an operation was implemented through which, in the Barro Sierra neighborhood also in Zacatecas, it was possible to locate that unit and arrest three more men, who were in possession of a .223 firearm. The vehicle was also seized. 

El Sol de Zacatecas


  1. The new governor in Zacatecas seems to be on the same page as AMLO as far as doing his part in moving Mexico forward goes. Good job and good luck! Now that Aureoles's time is almost up, hopefully we see some positive change in Michoacan.

    1. I regret to inform you that do to unforeseen events transpiring in Michoacan, a new governor would have to be in cullusion with a cartel, any new governors wanting to hold the spot will be shot.

    2. ...hence, the reason for me using the word "hopefully" but thank you anyway Walter Mercado alias "El Poncho" for looking into your crystal ball and predicting the future for us. 😉

    3. 5:02 and 8:54 hence the word "Hope", yes it would be great, that the upcoming governor would do a good job, but we all know they have to sleep with the cartel that dominates the region.
      Any newcomer canidae will get Plata or plomo ya dig..
      So yes hence the word Hope.

    4. 7:50 Stop with the “I regret to inform you” bullshit

  2. 11:08 maybe you and everyone else knows something that I don't. I like to give anyone the benefit of the doubt. I can't tell you why the soon to be governor of Michoacan is still alive but one thing you won't see me do is make assumptions and conclude that it's because he's already sold the state to the highest bidding cartel. All I can say is, wait and see. If you have some inside information that proves he's in collusion with whatever cartel you're referring to then please share.

  3. You made a mistake. You put 74.62×39 when you mentioned them caught with those 5 magazines. Should be 7.62×39 lol

    1. Humans create typos, Sosa da RPG
      How many words can you type per minute, with no mistakes?


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