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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

UK Cocaine Drug Bust, Multimillion Dollar Yacht Sailing From The Caribbean

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat

The seizure of two tons (2,000kg) of cocaine, worth just under $222 million USD, was announced on Monday, September 13, 2021, by the United Kingdom’s National Crime Agency (NCA). 

The seizure occurred near the port city of Plymouth which is in south west England, on the south coast of Devon, bordered by Cornwall to the west. 

A group of men were sailing in the multimillion dollar luxury yacht named Kahu when they were intercepted 80 miles off the coast, in international waters north of Guernsey. The authorities were able to plan and intercept the yacht due to intelligence gathered as part of Operation Ironside. 

Operation Ironside was a recent Australian Federal Police’s (AFP) operation which decrypted messages from an encrypted communications platform “used exclusively by organised crime” that the US Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) covertly ran. Operation Ironside has led to the arrest of 224 offenders on 526 charges in every mainland Australian state.

The UK’s NCA and Australia’s AFP collaborated, sharing intelligence learned from Operation Ironside in order to track down the Kahu which was expected to have a large drug shipment. The United Kingdom agency Border Force used two vessels to covertly identified and monitored the yacht's movements prior to the move into arrest the men, the NCA said.

On board, six men were arrested and authorities seized more than two tons (2,000 kg) of cocaine from the vessel. Officers estimate the street value of the drugs is about £160 million pounds, which is a little under $222 million USD ($221,848,000.00 USD). 

Five of the men arrested were originally from the Central American country of Nicaragua while one of the men was originally from Stockton, in Durham, England. The men, aged from 24 to 49, were held on suspicion of drug trafficking and remain in custody, the National Crime Agency (NCA) said.

Deputy director of the NCS Matt Horne told the press "Organized crime groups (OCG) are motivated by money. The deprivation of these drugs will smash a hole in the OCG's plans and ability to operate."  He explained that the arrests of the men transporting the drugs means the crime group will have lost trusted offenders who would have been key to their operation.

Deputy director Matt Horne continued, saying "There's no doubt these drugs would have been sold on into communities across the UK in such ways as county lines fueling more crime and misery.”


  1. Kinahans lost load these guys go direct to Colombia

  2. Replies
    1. Very. And one guy from Stockton lol wonder who gave them up? Same crappy plan as charrington

  3. Everyone in the world is hooked in illegal drugs.

  4. Please let me know if you guys think the NCA is exaggerating the street value of their seizure. The "£160 million" number comes from them, I just converted their number to USD.

  5. Hey, let's not blame the whole Nicaraguan Nation, just because after 40 years since the Nicas beat the reaganauta drug trafficking weapons for hostages outfit of gewb, ea, on, "firm", and their DEA agent killing Mexican machine...remember they is Australian kangaroos involved, anglos, yatch owners, and the main thing that the cocaine made it home, if on other burro backs of the UK navy which has never been strange to drug trafficking since the 1770s Opium Wars days.
    Nicaraguan President for life Daniel Ortega will be nice to you, nicer than mexican dictator for life AMLO...

  6. Pt2

    These are somesimple test to determine whether your cocaine is of good quality without the nerds or wannabes saying "im going to get a test kit to get the purity" bs..

    1.Get a decent size little rock of coke get a ceedir card. Attempt to slice through the coke if it cuts through nicely and without shooting rocks everywhere. Coke has minimal cut. It shouldnt be tocky and if it shoots out its because its cut to shit and the coke and cut mix once rerocked basicallly becomes a pill
    2. Get about a half ounce of coke. Rocked up (when i say rocked up i dont mean crack i mean in brick form and not powder because its not broken down. Most ppl adsume if coke is not in powder it is hoe it came but this is wrong. Its easy to cut coke and rerock it and even restamp it and brick it back up)
    Anyways, drop the rock of coke on the floor from about 4+ feet minimum if in a bag make aure its a really thin bag and has room around it and not tied snug. If the coke hits the floor and turns into powder instantly its bunk and thats the cut. Most the time if it hits the floor and breaks into smaller chunks of coke even tiny small chips this is good. (Most, somestimes it means its just not cut so bad) see the thing about coke is when its in brick form no matter hoe big or small its hard, but as you begin to break it down its really soft and thats whats so besuriful about good coke. Thats why you can run a card through it without it chipping and the oils and gas work to keep the coke together and not sjoot out everywhwre like super cut coke which is essentially a giant pill mixed with coke
    3. Get a gram of coke, put a bill over it and use the flat part of a card to break it down flat. If it crunches or makes crazy ass dents or tears the bill thats bad. Alot of cut.if it breaks down nicely without a loud crunch and at first its hard but as the rock collapses its soft and it doesnt make too loud of crunch thats good. Then get the crad and rub one edge back and forth over the bill to get it fine. If when u lift the bill up a bunch of coke is stuck to the bill and its compressed together and its like a flat pancake on the bill this is good, like i said the oils and gas make it so. Scrape it off then with the card cut it into lines amd it should not shoot out everywhere.
    There are more test but these are pretty simple tests you can do. With larger qualities there are some different ones.
    And remebee good coke SMELLS through a bag. It smells of chemicals but dont get it mixed up with Acetone because thats what used to cut it also. If you know you know.
    Remeber not all coke in brick form is good. Alot of misconception that coke in brick form isnt touched but thats bs. I can turn 36 oz into 72 ounces in 20 min more or less and have it back in brick form for you and spending inky about $200-300 on doing so . The cut is the most expensive which is about 12 dollars an ounce when u break the numbers down.

    Some people dont wsnt to spend 1000+ an ounce or 80$ a gram for coke. They rather buy some alright stuff for 700$ or 600$ an ounce and grams for 40$ . Some ppl dont like clean coke cause it makes them too wired so they prefer a lil stepped on plus its cheaper. If you work coke and DONT tell your customers that its not clean or try to okie doke someone into believing they are buying fishcale coke or clean coke but yu worked it you are a grimey SOB .. the whole purpose pf working cut is to give you a higher profit margain while catering to the group of dealers or buying who prefer buying coke thats still decent but cheaper. You still make a killing its ridiculous

    I lestned hoe to cut coke for free from an uncle but before i learned ppl tried charging me 4k-12k. Had i known how much more money id make i wouldve done it a long time ago. Now i charge people 1k-2.5k to learn and i do it over facetime .

  7. Pt1
    Hell yeah thats exaggerated. Like guy above me says thats 100k a Kilo
    When they say street value its basically the price youd get if you sold it in grams and not wholesale which is not what they main suppliers going to pocket in any way shape of form
    I saw a comment a while back from someone from Uk and they said thr Price of a Kilo in the UK was running about 40-50k or 30-40k if buying multiple. Not sure what the quality would be but id assume still pretty good.
    I can cut coke reock it into brick form and you wouldnt know unles you knew your coke or i told you.
    The coke usually sold as "Pure" or "Clean" is not how it comes from Colombia. The Cartels work the coke and restamp it and re package it with their sepcific stamps or wrappings. Its still bomb af but for example 10 Kis from Colombia are probbaly worked and you brung back an extra 3Kis.. if youve ever seen Cocaine straight from the source before the cartels touch it youd understand what ime talking about. The coke is sooo bomb and its literally moist and almost gooey. Its realy "greasy" and literally most. Modt ppl are used to seeing the "Fishscale" product which is still bomb af and thats usually how you get it from mexico. Multiple different recipes for working coke but a common and my personal favorite is Inositol powder because it has a shine similar to that of the fishcale prodcut and to an untrained eye they cant distinguish the difference but it doesnt work for Peruvian coke which is typically yellow in color and its more "flakey" than the fishcale.

  8. I am ashamed, I have never bought a dollar of cocaine, or anything.


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