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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Tepalcatepec, Michoacán: “The Cartel Jalisco Is So Powerful That Not Even The Mexican Military Can Overtake Them”

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Video translation is as follows:

Male Reporter # 1: The war in Tierra Caliente has never stopped. Quite the contrary, it has gotten worse. The narco infantry troops reinforced with their .50 caliber Barret rifles have been joined by the armored war tanks known as Monsters. And now also a mini air force deployed by the Jalisco New Generation Cartel that maintains the cession over Tepalcatepec.

Ten days ago at night this device was blown up by the gunmen of Nemesio ‘El Mencho’ Oseguera over a fort dug and built by the Self Defense Groups of Juan José ‘El Abuelo’ Farías in a crucial position.

Drones of this type allow the remote release of a load that in this case was a 60mm mortar shell. Whose destructive capacity is much greater than that of a hand grenade.

It is dangerous enough that if the tip of the small missile touches the ground for the bomb to explode. It will smash everything it finds within 16 meters. Exactly at this point is the low shrapnel that fell from the apparatus.

Male Reporter # 2: Did you guys build the entrenchment like this?

Gunman # 1: Yes.

Male Reporter # 2: How long did it take to build this fort with the trench?

Gunman # 1: I believe it was several months.

Gunman #2: …well, since they’ve just blown my fucking cap off after that mortar round was sent down range. 

Male Reporter #2: Just your cap sir?

Gunman #2: Yes, just the cap because it’s attached to my head…oh shit it’s so beautiful how that fucking mortar round kicks off. 

Gunman #3: This here overhead protection is for the drones. The Jalisco gunmen tend to strap their drones with C4 explosives. So, what you see here above us is the protection we use against drone attacks. 

Male Reporter #2: What does it look like when they explode, have you personally witnessed this?

Gunman #1: Well, more than anything you’re left in this state of total confusion. You’re not aware of what’s going on. You’re left hypnotized and deaf for a bit. For a few seconds you’re not aware of what’s going on. You’re left in this zombie state. 

Gunman #2: At thirty meters the fragmentation’s will tear you to pieces. It’ll cut off your foot, a hand, or rip your chest open. Within the fragments there could be blades, ball bearings, nails, all sorts of things could be inside of them. 

Male Reporter # 1: The city of Tepalcatepec is currently living through its third war. More than 15 years ago the city was defended by the Self Defense Groups against Los Zetas. Followed by a local but no less bloody conflict against the Knights Templar cartel.

Now they’re trying to contain the advancement of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, which is accusing the Self Defense Groups of fighting while having been reinforced with Los Viagras and Templars in what they call the United Cartels.

True or not, the population not involved in the dispute has been under fire for 50 days now. 

Gunman # 4: We don't need any cartel to come and liberate Tepeque. You can freely go to any nearby business and ask them if the town is free. Or if it’s under the yolk of organized crime. What we don't want is a cartel here.

Gunman # 5: Even though this cartel is a huge cartel. Here we are going to fight. I just came from being at my home at ease, the emergency popped off and I’ve come to fight. I don't know if I'm going to come back or not. But if I don't come back, no problem. I'm going to die fighting. And why is this? It's because I'm not going to die on my knees here.

Male Reporter # 1: Days ago the Jalisco Cartel seized a camp in Tepalcatepec aka Tepeque as locals call the town.

Male Reporter #2: Do you know how the captured gunmen are killed?

Gunman #6: They’re dismembered. 

Gunman #5: I haven’t personally witnessed how they’ve done it to intimidate. 

Male Reporter #2: Are you afraid of this?

Gunman #5: No. What’s coming toward us is what scares me. This is why I’ll fight to the death with them before I’ll allow for that to happen to me. The Cartel Jalisco is so powerful that not even the Mexican military can overtake them. We shouldn’t be ashamed to admit this either because it’s the truth. The military is on this side. And the Cartel Jalisco is over there. So, why won’t the military do anything about it? The military commanders say: what can we do? We can’t make our own orders here. They’re exactly right. They have the equipment, the capacity, the armaments, they have everything they need. But what they’re lacking is for the order to come down from above for them. 

Male Reporter #2: Will the city of Tepalcatepec fall?

Gunman #5: It will never fall into enemy hands. We ain’t got no time for bullshit here. We will fight to the very end. 

Ciro Gómez Leyva


  1. Hay feria para Las pistolas pero no para las tortillas I can't even afford that rifle in the us pobrecitos

  2. Propaganda videos paid by the 🦋🦋🦋 calling themselves autodefensas what a joke.It’s bad guys vs bad guys down there not no auto defensas

  3. Where is scario 006 when you need him?
    Someone said Carlos is changing his diaper, because the border patrol ran out of diapers.

    1. Why does 006 need a diaper.?
      Why does Carlos love to change diapers? Did I miss something?

    2. Lol Carlos the diaper man, why is he related to diapers?

  4. How pathetic that the state is less powerful than a group of drug traffickers. Mexico has become the joke of the international community. FAILED STATE.

    1. You obviously believed the article.....

    2. There are many states in Mexico, which failed state are you referring to?

  5. Those cowards from VIAGRAS and el ABUELO are still calling themselves autodefenzaz? 😆
    Nothing but propaganda!

  6. Imagine the millions spent on the war in Michoacan in the last 10 years by Mencho. Not just on goons, guns and equipment but also on bribes. Es necio el pri.

  7. As I said before and I’ll say it again. I can’t stand the glorification of these petty criminals. BUT, it is obvious mencho has constructed the most devastating organized criminal structure in Mexico s history. Menchos security apparatus for him and his close ones is second to none. Mencho should run for president of Mexico, or at least try. Really get the elites worked up!

    1. Viva la mencho watch out folks if he did run he just might get it

    2. That Mencho dude is hiding in a bat cave, he is paranoid of drones, satellites.

    3. You should look up the word Petty and you will see the diff between Petty and Major.
      Ever heard of a Petty Homicide?

    4. I despise the hole that the cartels fill and the death machine must bang on, churning out misery, destruction and coin. I am humble with what I know but CJNG is proving itself over a decade to be one hell of a WAR MACHINE MONSTER. You have to stop and wonder who is the ghost leader that stands above and behind Mencho. The funding is really mind boggling. MS.h

  8. Whitey are you a coyote? How much you charge per person?


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