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Sunday, September 5, 2021

Soledad de Graciano Sánchez, San Luis Potosí: Decapitated Male Left With Message From Unknown Crime Group

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat  

The head and hands of a man were found in a cardboard box, while the rest of the body was found in a vacant lot in Rancho Blanco.

It was this Sunday morning that the residents of Hernán Cortés Avenue and 16th Street of the Los Reyes neighborhood were greatly surprised when they discovered an archiving-type box with the human remains. They reported this to the police.

Police elements arrived, as well as personnel from Expert Services, who collected the evidence. A narco message was written on the back of the box lid:

“Max Sales, Bank Colombia. Boss Álvaro José González Campos "Antonio". Collectors Jonatan, “Esteban”, Abraham and “Richard”.

Later it was reported that in a vacant lot on Ladislao García Street, in front of physical address number 326 and Ferrocarrilera Street in Rancho Blanco, there was a corpse on the ground covered with a black bag, from which only the feet protruded, in addition to being bound.

Upon the arrival of police officers, it was revealed that the body of the individual was apparently missing the head and hands, remains that are presumed to correspond to those found in the Los Reyes neighborhood.

On Hernán Cortés or Las Vías avenue, at 16th street, a head and a pair of hands were found, they were inside a box, under a tree. Apparently a market merchant who is there every Sunday is the one who noticed the presence of the box. And when he approached to investigate, he discovered it contained human remains. He notified 911 for emergency services.

Later the rest of the body was found, in the Rancho Blanco division, in SGS, on the Camino Antiguo to San Pedro.

The 911 report was passed on to the different police corporations, agents of the State Police and Municipal Police. After confirming the facts of the information it passed to the emergency services. Police proceeded to cordon off the area. Investigative Police officers appeared, accompanied by expert officers from the State Attorney General's Office.

Immediately they began the processing of the crime scene, the unofficial data that they have, indicates that a human head and a pair of hands were found inside the box. The police officers proceeded to search and collect, together with experts, the signs of probable evidence.

They interviewed some merchants, few of whom were present at the time, as the events were recorded a few minutes after 06:00, most were just beginning to set up their stalls at this hour.

In the midst of total secrecy, they proceeded to close the box and upload it to a truck of the Forensic Medical Service, together with a cardboard that had a written message, apparently left by a group of organized crime. Instructions were given for the items to be taken to the Service of Legal Medicine, for the corresponding procedures.

Minutes later, some neighbors reported having found a body, which was missing its head and hands, in Rancho Blanco, in Soledad de Graciano Sánchez. Apparently it’s the body to which the hands and head, gathered earlier on Hernán Cortez Avenue belong to. An investigative folder was opened for this crime. 

Warning: Graphic Pictures

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