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Friday, September 24, 2021

Shootout Among the Dead: Gunfight In Cemetery With Police Leaves Two Dead, Tijuana, BC

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat

During the afternoon of Thursday, September 23, 2021, a gunfight took place between members of the Municipal Police and cartel members in the streets of Nueva Aurora neighborhood of Tijuana city, in Baja California. 

Warning: Graphic photos below this point.

The AFN Version of Events. The initial reporting indicates that Municipal Police officers were driving down a road when, at approximately 6:00 pm, they were approached by a sedan-type vehicle and the people on board the vehicle opened fire on the police patrol vehicle. 

The Municipal Police officers responded to the attack, which led to a shootout between the two groups. Then the shootout devolved into a chase which ultimately ended in cemetery #9, when two of the cartel members were shot dead and two others decided to surrender. 

The two who surrendered were arrested by the officers. Reportedly no police officers were killed or injured in the incident. Later, various members of the Army, National guard and State Attorney General’s office arrived on scene to help with cordoning off the area and process the evidence. 

The Zeta Tijuana Version of Events. Municipal police were dispatched to the reported area and officers observed a black pick up truck, with three men on board who were carrying long barrel and short barrel firearms. 

When the armed men noticed the officers surveilling them, they began to shoot at in their direction. The police repelled the aggression and killed two subjects, one of them fell dead between the graves of the cemetery. Another fell dead near a car parked on the street.

Previous Attack

This incident is quite similar to an attack that occurred earlier this month in this same cemetery #9, in the Nueva Aurora neighborhood of Tijuana city. In the afternoon of September 14, 2021, in the Nueva Aurora neighborhood, Tijuana police intelligence agents were shot at by cartel members. After the gunfight in Nueva Aurora, an operation was launched in nearby neighborhoods such as Loma Bonita and a second confrontation occurred. 

This second gunfight concluded in the arrest of an attacker named Luis, who is 27 years old. He is suspected of having been one of the men who shot at the intelligence agents of the Tijuana municipal police earlier. 

Authorities from the Baja California Security Table revealed to ZETA that the alleged assailant Luis has a record that links him to three criminal acts: one for misdemeanors for carrying a sharp weapon, another for damage to property belonging to others and another for crimes against health.

The Nueva Aurora neighborhood falls within the San Antonio de Los Buenos area of Tijuana. Just recently, on September 11, 2021, there was an unusual spike in the percent of homicides perpetrated in San Antonio de Los Buenos. Of the eight homicides discovered in Baja California on September 11, three of them occurred in San Antonio de Los Buenos. 

So which cartel was likely involved in this shooting? Details about who controls the San Antonio de Los Buenos area are not definitive. However it is worth mentioning that according to a 2020 Zeta Tijuana article about the arrest of Ricardo Martínez Gutiérrez alias “El Pilas”, he was considered to be one of the main generators of violence in the San Antonio de Los Buenos area. El Pilas belonged to the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG). 


  1. Interesting. In the first picture, the dead guy at the cemetery looks like he is facing up. In the last picture he is facing down. There appears to be no weapons on either.

    1. Yeah. I see what you mean.

      May be as simple as paramedics moving him to check his pulse in order to confirm there are no vital signs, as part of standard procedure though. Not sure.

    2. or cops kicked him over to get a better look at his rapist criminal mug

  2. He appears to be handcuffed also. Why would a dead person need to be handcuffed. Maybe some sorta extra judicial killing or perhaps the cops were working for the opposing cartel

    1. Yeah, no one is going to handcuff a dead guy. That's definitely extra judicial killing. He has a bullet impact right to head. The guy in the 3rd and 4th, who somehow is under a car, has what appears to be a bullet hole, shot at close range, right in the center of his head. Made a peice of his scalp come off from it. There is a handgun close by in the dirt as well. Looks fishy af. Clearly, a poorly staged extra judicial killing

  3. Handcuffing a body after a firefight is normal folks, it was taught to me at Fort Benning and also in the academy. 1) as a police officer or soldier you are not a medic or doctor unless of course your wiskey trained and certified then that's a different story, so if your not a medic or doctor can you legally confirm somebody being dead ? Nope. So you cuff or secure the subject.Face down or up ??? Maybe it's their confirmation marking? A Confirmation marking is a way to let incoming units know that the subject is not a threat and it's confirmed KIA. US INF KIA marking is feet crossed with shirt over face facing down meaning cleared and secured with hands zipped cuffed.

    1. Good info. Thanks for your input.

    2. 8:14 Messing up the crime scene seems to be more important than securing it for the medicals,
      It sure looks staged before the executions, knowing the mexican cuicos and after their long alliance with colombia, land of the original Falsos Positivos "academic concept" under the extreme right rule of El Ubèrrimo alvaro uribe velez who betrayed all his friends and employers and guerrilla drug traffickers who used to be his friends and ultimately all of Colombia, then sold his shit and some medals to FECAL and Genarco garcia luna.

  4. Women cannot be complacent to viloence and allow a child to gawk at the deceased - not the baby in her arms but the child offside.

    Canadian girl💋

  5. Replies
    1. 2:18 you are always a total waste of lipstick...

    2. Like they say in here his queso stinks lol.

    3. Queso ever since you had that brain surgery, you have not been the same, please get better.

    4. 9:31 Es que tà màs viejo que Don Porfirio Diaz

  6. Well that sure as hell made things easy! Very economical! Roll'em. Into the nearest hole!


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