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Monday, September 13, 2021

Juárez, Nuevo León: Owner Of Musical Group La Nueva Marbella Colombia Is Killed; His Daughter Narrates What Happened

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The musical group was tricked to steal his belongings

The body of the owner of the musical group was found on the Reynosa highway in the municipality of Juárez.

Monse Marbella, vocalist of the musical group La Nueva Marbella Colombia denounced the kidnapping and murder of her father, Ricardo Jaime Mexicano who was the owner of the group.

Through a video published on social networks, the singer told how her father was deceived with an alleged contract for the band to play at a XV-year party first in Villa Juárez on the fifth and then changed the venue to the municipality of Apodaca, Nuevo León.

Arriving at the place around 10:30 p.m. last Thursday, September 9, there were only between five and six people who suddenly threatened all the members of the group with firearms and then kneeled them while rifles were pointed at their heads and they stole their belongings, Monse Marbella narrated.

During the robbery, Ricardo Jaime asked the criminals not to hurt his daughter and in response they beat and tied him up while the rest of the members of La Nueva Marbella Colombia were asked to throw themselves into a pool, the woman explained.

Finally, Yahaira Montserat, whose real name of Monse Marbella, indicated that her father already tied up and beaten was kidnapped by armed men who fled in two vehicles. 

Ricardo Jaime Mexicano's body was found on the Reynosa highway in the municipality of Juárez in Nuevo León.

The clip of just over two minutes was recorded by the singer while returning from the Forensic Medical Service where she recognized her father's body.

Monse Marbella called on musicians to take care of the criminals while crying said that there was no reason for his father to be killed.

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