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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Reynosa, Tamaulipas: Armed Attack Ends In Apprehension Of Gunmen

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

State Police apprehended the armed men and seized the truck filled with magazines and caltrops 

Authorities kept First Street closed in the Granjas Económicas del Norte neighborhood.

In a chase and shooting, elements of the State Police arrested four subjects, in addition to securing a vehicle, caltrops, magazines and other illicit objects.

The events were reported at 10:20 a.m. yesterday on Hidalgo Boulevard, at the entrance to the Villa Florida neighborhood, after video surveillance cameras detected caltrops in the box of a gray Ford Lobo truck. 

The persecution of the vehicle by the authorities began and it was on Primera streets with Sierra Gorda, in the Granjas Económicas del Norte neighborhood, where the arrest was achieved.

It all happened when elements of the State Police were taking a security tour of the area. The C-4 facilities relayed information to them about the suspects aboard a gray Ford truck.

Noting the presence of police corporations, the crew of the Ford unit fled to the west of the city, State Police said.

The police began a chase in which some gunfire was shot into the air to force the crew of the truck to surrender.

The four individuals traveling in the Ford unit were intercepted and detained by the authorities on Primera Street, in the Granjas Económicas del Norte neighborhood.

The agents carried out an inspection of the truck and found metal devices, two firearm magazines and ammunition, among other things, which were seized.

The place remained closed off by state authorities. Shells of large caliber weapons remained on the ground.

The detainees were arrested and put on a patrol to be transferred to the Attorney General's Office (FGR), along with the truck and the weapons seized.

The four detainees were taken on a patrol car and transferred to federal authorities. The Ford F150 vehicle and the weapons were made available to the competent authorities.

Several casings of large caliber weapons remained in the area. Shells fired during the confrontation with armed men could be seen on the ground. 

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  1. No problem after the bribe is paid, the judge will stamp, Caso Cerrado, yes even though they had assault weapons. There will be returned washed, with a full tank of gas, weapons will be returned and cleaned to avoid jams. Like I said criminals have more rights in Mexico.

  2. Those men are Pezons men. Pezon was killed last night when Primito and the rest of los Metros wenr into his plaza and killed him. Theres radio frequency where a comandante for Primito is hesrd telling the Pezon gunmen "sTnd down,men stand down. You guys are wrong. Its over we dont wanna have to break (kill) anyone. Turn yourself in itll be ok we are not the enemy. You are al wrong.."

    This was before primitos side even knew Pezon had died. Allegedly after they saw no endmany of Pezons gunmen did infact turn themselves in, the ones who didnt had the Govt sent on them. Supposedly a security house was surrounded by primitos metros and at lwast one occupant insde killed himself rather than turn himself in to his old friends.. according to many primito is really forgiving most of Pezons men. They were just following orders and knew only what Pezon and his loyal cmdts were feeding them.they have multiple prisoners that are not forgiven and we should expect them to be displayed asa warning to anyone who wants to flip again or anyone left on the oppisite end.

    The obvious and simple truth is Primito along with his right hand man and brother R8 are the Jefes de Los Metros. They have really cemented themselves in their position and Pezons fall was inevitable and actually surprisingly fast. The thing is Primito is said to have all the right Politicians in his pocket amd on his side as well as whatever Political protection his Stepdad and Mencho cjng can offer. Hes not even in Tamaulipas at least not on a day to day basis. If hes not in Jalisco hes in Colima and its said besides his own bodyguards, los Deltas of CJNG protect him. Hes Menchos Golden egg right now. Alot of Jale passed through there, along with alot of guns coming back and as i mentioned before. Primito invests akot of money into the war in Michoacan which he gets from crossed migrants and people across the border

    1. Orale comandante Sosa.
      Donde esta comandante Marcos?

    2. Yes sir 10 a pop for each immigrant, they are bringing them by the bus loads through NL


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