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Monday, September 27, 2021

Puebla, PUE: This Is The "El Brayan" Cartel That Scourges The Historic Center Of Puebla

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This is a small family cartel and, although one of them was arrested just last week, the leader of the criminal group remains intimately linked to the organization of the street vendors “11 de Marzo”that operates in the historic center of Puebla.

Brayan J., alias "El Brayan", located as the drug sales boss in the Historic Center of Puebla, and who also operates the collection of protection fees from well-established merchants of the first category of the city, has his own organization that is fully identified by Municipal and State Authorities.

On September 25, its structure dealt a heavy blow, as Joel P., alias "El Güero", was arrested by the Ministry of Public Security (SSP). Joel is one of his closest collaborators and is the son of "El Moles", one of the main extortionists and drug dealers of the organization "11 de Marzo", who pose as street traders

But "El Brayan" still has his entire cartel active. Pagina Negra sources delivered images of the criminal group where you can see practically everyone, except its leader.

The "El Brayan" Cartel

In the photograph, from left to right, the members of this gang are fully identified as "El Papis" or "El Pizzero", who is a drug dealer at 6 Poniente and 3 Norte streets. To the right of him is "El Chamaco", who distributes the drugs to the sellers they have in narco points in the Historic Center; below him is "La Nena", who is a romantic partner of "El Moles" and is also dedicated to the sale of drugs.

The next character on the right is Joel N., "El Güero", son of "El Moles" who has already been arrested. Gustavo N., alias "El Tavo" or "El Contador", who is the main collector and distributor of drugs, in addition to always being seen on 10 Poniente Street and the corner of the 5 de Mayo commercial walkway. Finally there is Edgar N., "The Taxi Driver", he is also a narco salesman.

As Pagina Negra reported, Brayan J., alias "El Brayan", located as the drug sales boss in the Historic Center of Puebla now also operates the collection of protection fees from well-established merchants in the initial commercial areas of the city.

This leader of drug addiction also maintains two narco-points in this same area. One of them is camouflaged as a bar and the other is a narcotics warehouse, where products from the street vendors of the organization "11 de Marzo" are also kept.

"El Brayan" is presumed to be the main drug lord in the Historic Center of Puebla. "El Brayans" grandfather Martín Juárez, of the organization "11 de Marzo" and his partner, Juan Rosas, "El Moles", as well as members of his organization, walk escorted by fully armed characters through the streets of downtown Puebla. Both "El Moles" and his grandfather, Martín Juárez, protect "El Brayan".

After the constant arrests of Alberto J., "El Canibal", Martín Juárez's son, the business passed into the hands of his son "El Brayan", who also uses  mobile food vendors as a cover for his real job: drug dealing. He even has several points of sale in the areas controlled by his grandfather and "El Moles".

Pagina Negra


  1. For this family only job is to be a criminal.

  2. A 'cartel' of street corner hustlers? Every time I hear about one of these 6 man 'cartels' I'm reminded of Los Danny's cartel, the gang that couldn't shoot strait.

    1. What happened to los dannys? And aren't they the same of cartel del poniente?

  3. Looks like an asian imposter mocking the bill they have to pay for. Do you guys know who else has brown skin to match? Various countries in Asia the middle east and where ever the fuck else have come long ago and try to appear now as someone who they are not. They don't know what cause they've run into. So I gotta beat the ground for my bones buried here before them for help. Watch how I beat the brakes off these with the bones I'm calling up. Bone in dog. Llevate esta jente barata que a mi jente es un fastidio.


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