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Thursday, September 16, 2021

Portland, Oregon: Leader Of Mexican Drug Trafficking Ring Gets 8 Years Prison

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The leader of a Mexican-based heroin trafficking ring that distributed the drug to cells operating in and around Portland and in southwestern Washington was sentenced Monday to just over eight years in federal prison.

Paul Alberto Guillen, 27, is the last of 24 defendants sentenced from the ring, and was the organizer based in Mexico who occasionally traveled to Portland, The Oregonian/OregonLive reported.

The federal wiretap investigation started with federal Drug Enforcement Administration agents focused on one Portland dealer selling heroin and oxycodone pills from his home, according to prosecutors.

Investigators identified his supply source in 2014 and began a more comprehensive investigation. Guillen oversaw the weekly distribution of heroin from Nayarit, Mexico, and north to Portland with the help of three cousins, according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Thomas Edmonds.

They distributed between 5 to 10 pounds of heroin weekly to the Portland area.

In late December 2014, agents seized seven pounds of heroin and more than $50,000 in cash during a stop of Guillen’s cousin Alexis Guillen-Robles, after he was seen picking up money in Vancouver, Washington, from another cousin Christopher Guillen-Robles, according to the prosecutor.

Guillen pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute heroin and conspiracy to commit money laundering.

Guillen’s lawyer Sohaye Lee said Guillen’s father was a significant drug dealer, and the drug trade was normalized for him.

Guillen apologized in court.

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  1. Why appollgize, when you got busted big time.

  2. Good place to get in trouble, Oregon love ❤ criminals.

  3. 8 years in prison..
    The U.S. is tough and not corrupt bla bla bla
    He will only serve around 5 with time served from county. looks like he got a good lawyer..

    1. Federal Prison, you serve what you are giving, there's no parole or early release

    2. This unknown keeps saying everything vis a slap on the wrist when criminals are to serve time.

    3. 10 :09 Ok, he will get around 6 and some change depending on how long he was in custody.. Most people stay at least a year when they want a better deal with judges. If he only got 8 years in prison for running a criminal organisation, I guarantee you he got time served..
      Slap om the wrist..

      Marc2020 you need a slap on the face lol

    4. How is this NOT a conspiracy charge?? Idk who his lawyer was, but thats a pretty good deal- and if most of that money made it back to his family in mexico, hes set for life.
      Dealing out of a house is like rule #2 after dont get high on your own supply of things NOT to do when dealing-

      And he has to serve 85% in the feds-

  4. Damm Nayaritas silent operators. While others fight and get all the heat, Nayaritas repartiendo chiva por todo US of A.

    1. These stories of little crews like this are always interesting to me- i was reading about a different 1 in denver a while back that was from tepic- you can google it- they at least ran the operation like a business and were on top of their shit etc-

      The other interesting part of this is it was dated 2014 til whenever- i wonder how many of those poppy farmers are no longer in business due to fent- obviously there will always be a market for h somewhere- but the cartels must be getting fent for pennies, since they were already only paying like 1k for a kilo of h- but theyll see the short sighted vision down the road and how it fucked up their business- maybe not fucked it all the way up, but people dying all over the place is never good for anyone- itll end bAdly for some hombres for sure

    2. The movie “American Me” has a plot where an Italian capos son gets killed in jail and he releases h pure and tecates drop like flies.

  5. Viva Mexico
    Happy Independence day

  6. What's the use of selling drugs in a city of all places Portland to white boys who snitch out the only Mexican in town you spend your profits in court Hiring an attorney.??


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