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Monday, September 13, 2021

Oaxaca: Judge Enrique Pacheco Shot Dead Outside Home

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

On Monday morning there was a deadly attack on the current head of the sixth Unitary Chamber of First Instance of the Court of Administrative Justice of Oaxaca, Enrique Pacheco, died at the scene from two gunshots.

The events were recorded around 6:30 a.m., when according to initial reports, the magistrate was attacked outside his home located on Calle de las Rosas near the corner of Belisario Dominguez, in the Reforma neighborhood.

According to the first inquiries, it was two people wearing the outfits of street sweepers in the municipality who waited patiently for the magistrate to step out of his car to shoot him dead outside his house.

The victims sister arrived to the place to identify the body that sat outside the vehicle with the door open and slumped against the black GMC vehicle.

Municipal security elements arrived at the place to protect the place and wait for the state prosecutor's office for the lifting of the evidence and the body. As well to open the investigation folder 30094/FDAI/UEIH/2021 for the murdered judge Enrique Pacheco. Along with the clarification of these events. 

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  1. We would assume he did not want to accept bribes, like other judges do. They gave him Plata o plomo. Next time you see street sweepers hanging around...get ready to shoot.

  2. Most judges are corrupt you just got to pick the team you want to be on!! You can't make them all happy it's one or the other!!

  3. Honest, a Hero, God Bless the Judge

    1. Carlitos de judge is dead. His judge days are over.


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