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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Matamoros, Tamaulipas: GOPES Police Will Continue To Hold Control

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The elite police command extends security tasks until September 22, 2022

The elements of the Tamaulipas Special Operations Group will take over the security tasks in the city of Matamoros.

Elements of the Tamaulipas Special Operations Group (Gopes) will remain under the orders of the governor of Tamaulipas for public security actions in the city of Matamoros for another year until September 22, 2022.

This is in accordance with the decree issued by the Government of Tamaulipas indicating that the elite police command of Matamoros will remain under the orders of the governor of Tamaulipas until September 22, 2022.

"The assumption of municipal police command will be valid for one calendar year from September 22 of this year until September 22, 2022. It can be repealed at any time if the Governor of the State judges the circumstances that motivated him to be corrected," the agreement indicates.

The Matamoros police command indicated on September 22, 2020, when through a decree it was ordered that the public security of this municipality will remain in charge of the Gopes unit, after protests and riots in this area of the state.

In the first decree of 2020, it was established that the public safety in charge of the governor would be for one year, however with the last decree published this Tuesday, September 21, this measure is contemplated for another year.

Once the Matamoros public security facilities were taken, irregularities were found in these offices such as that municipal traffic elements did not use official vehicles.

It was also found that the Transit elements were registered on the payroll without the evaluation and confidence control exams, in addition to the fact that in an operation against organized crime the support of this corporation was requested, which did not present itself.

During the course of the last year, Tamaulipas security forces seized luxury cars, exotic animals and weapons on land that was allegedly owned by criminal leaders.

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  1. This means more corruption,impunity, torture and harrassment for civilians ūüėĘ

    1. Not really GOPES police is better disciplined, than other agencies, yes you may have a bad apple.
      They are better than municipal police.

    2. Out of city GOPES stealing authority from Matamoros cuicos because their own criminals are taking over local crime operations, the excuse of their not passing the control tests is the same used by Genarco Garcia Luna all over Mèxico to infiltrate his own criminal cuicos everywhere.
      What should be happening is they should be creating a local well trained municipal police, but GOPES are famous for just taking over crime to extort it for themselves, same as edgar veytia and arturo bermudez and genarco and el Rambo de tijuana capella ibarra or La gata calenturienta and former army "Lieutenant Colonel" julian leyzaola in Tijuas and Cd. Juarez.

  2. God Bless Golpes job well done. Federal police are no help.

  3. Matamoros police, carry small bills , usually get off for 10 to 20 dollars


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