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Monday, September 20, 2021

Jerez, Zacatecas: Another Criminal Narco Camp Is Totally Dismantled

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

No detainees was reported. Authorities secured weapons, tactical and communication equipment, probable marijuana and caltrops.

As part of Governor David Monreal's commitment to reinforce actions to recover the tranquility of families in this municipality, the State Preventive Police (PEP) located and destroyed a camp used by a criminal group, where they secured weapons, tactical equipment, probable drugs, food and caltrops.

In follow-up to lines of investigation and citizen complaints addressed by the State Peace and Security Building Table of Zacatecas, the Ministry of Public Security implemented an operation against criminal groups operating in the region.

On the dirt road that leads to the Santa Rosa dam, they located a site that, due to its findings and characteristics, corresponds to a camp used by a criminal group.

It had stone protection adaptations and they located a .308 rifle, 575 rounds for 7.62 X 39 gauge firearms; two packages of marijuana, weighing approximately 20 kilos.

They also located seven metal magazines for firearms, 12 tactical police accessories, eight plastic tactical knee pads, six weapons accessories, tactical clothing, communication equipment, food and caltrops.

Thus, the SSP endorses the commitment to continue joining the actions deployed inter-institutionally by the members of the State Peace and Security Construction Table, to recover the tranquility of the Zacatecan families.

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  1. Good job. Too bad no criminals were arrested.

  2. That's just a little something to act like they are doing their job.

    A narco camp but only found a shot gun and like 2 other rifles? Nonsense

  3. It is difficult finding much in-depth information on narco training camps, let alone first hand accounts from good sources. I have posted a link to a great article about this, but it wasn't posted many months ago, so it may not be allowed. It was written by a site that is held in high regard etc. Just look up something about INSIDE THE SCHOOL OF TERROR...absolute hell with good insight.So worth your time, crazy good. Enjoy! MS. H


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