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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Guatemala: CJNG Threaten National Civil Police Force

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Members of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) threatened to retaliate against members of the National Civil Police (PNC) of Guatemala, who apparently committed a theft of a shipment of drugs from the operators of 'El Mencho'.

It was in a video where the criminals pointed out that with "Mr. Nemesio's people no one gets involved" and added that it was the "last chance" that members of the police entity had to return the shipment of drugs.

"No one messes with Mr. Nemesio's people. Those things have an owner and that owner is the Jalisco New Generation Cartel," said the alleged operator of Mencho

The Guatemalan Ministry of the Interior confirmed that the agents indicated in the video are active in the Security unit and that there was a seizure on the date and place indicated by the spokesperson for the CJNG.

According to reports, on May 12, agents of the Raxruhá substation, Alta Verapaz, found two Toyota vehicles abandoned on public roads. The police seized the vehicles and sent a report to the local Magistrate's Court and reported the finding to the Public Ministry.

The threats of the CJNG had not been registered to foreign officers before, but reports from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), as well as the Colombian and Mexican Army, have reported the presence of this transnational crime group in Central America.

Video translation is as follows:

Sicario: Recinos, you have 24 hours to return what you’ve stolen. Otherwise, we’re gong to fucking destroy you and your family members. Chepe, the same applies to you as well. Don’t think you’re not a part of that list. We’ve come personally for you guys. 

You have 24 hours to return what you’ve stolen. It’s up to you guys to decide what’s best. Are the lives of your family members worth more than the things you’ve stolen? We already know that you’ve recently moved your family away. But we’ve already located them. 

We’re going to fucking destroy you and your family members. None of your family members will be left alive you son of a bitch. Chepe, the same goes for you. Listen very carefully. No one will be left alive. You have 24 hours to return what you stole on May the 12th you bitch. 

You dumb ass you have no idea who you’ve involved yourself with. You will end up sucking our dick. No one steals from the Cartel Jalisco. No fucking piece of shit Guatemalan will steal from us. Much less some dirty cops like you fucks. Listen carefully. 

We’ve already kidnapped a ton of thieving individuals over there by La Mesia. Don’t think we can’t pick up some pathetic schmucks such as yourselves. You have 24 hours to return everything. Otherwise, your worlds will go to shit. 


Vanguardia MX


  1. 9 muertos en cuauhtemoc🍎🍏🍎 Chih

  2. Tambien los zetas habian echado desmadre en Guatemala Como la matanza delos 26 o 27 campesinos

  3. Guatemalans dont let this pieces of dog shit kill you in your country. Find all jaliscas and kill their ass.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. that almighty cartel is takening over mexico like no other cartel before it. I hate them to but the last thing they are is weak. RIP cartel unidas

  5. Was just forwarding this story to you...well done Sol as I hadn't seen video with ( thank God) your translation. Thank you for your stories/ translations as my gringo ass takes hours to translate stories from Mexican articles on google.- h

  6. Cjng are trying hard to be like the old-school zetas

  7. Kill them all immediately before the poison spreads.
    Mencho and his gap teeth need to die now. The coward Mexicans will just give hugs and take the bribe.
    The US government needs to drone strike all these killers. Who cares what corrupt Mexico says. For all the overdoses. Mayo, Chapitos and Mencho need to go. And the Jalisco number two also.


    2. SD Mexico and USA is not one country. Keep dreaming on drone strikes lol.

  8. They are not CJNG
    Alot of criminial organizations uses menchos cjng name brand to install fear and intimidation .. Which is a good stradagy for smaller groups that dont have the same resources that senor mencho have, the fucked up thing is that they take advantage by humiliating extorting and kidnapping civilians using
    CJNG name
    & FYI , Mencho have Guatemalan relatives so his people won't disrespect Guatemalans like that one individual did in the video when he said quote "pieces of shit Guatemalan going to steal from us"
    Its crazy out here in these streets lol yall be blessed

    1. Menchos people or any cartel will disrespect anybody. Scumbags.
      I see your point though

    2. Mencho lives in a cave, afraid to come out, he has a bounty on his head for 10 million dollars.

    3. Secret homo. Go participate in your lacra families SOS call lmao. Thought you said all them cats were tough? They send their women and children to cry at the cauertel for help and make SOS mantas for international help lmao. You dont seem to be very confident anymore you little weirdo


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