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Monday, September 20, 2021

Fresnillo, Zacatecas: Violence Leaves 24 People Dead In 4 Days In Fresnillo

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

On average, six people were killed a day, including women and even mothers. Among the victims are women, children and even a taxi driver. 

The violence has not stopped in El Mineral, in just 4 days 24 people have Ruben killed. In other words, on average of six Fresnillenses have been killed a day since September 15.

Among the shot victims are women and children; although children under 4 and 7 were only injured in an armed attack against a family in the Emiliano Zapata neighborhood.

Armed aggressions have not stopped since Wednesday, the day six dead and one injured person were recorded. While on Thursday there were three dead, including a taxi driver.

The violence continued until Friday, the day on which three armed attacks were recorded, leaving five people dead. In addition, they abandoned human remains in sacks. Which totaled six deaths.

While the most violent day was lived on Saturday, nine dead people were registered, including the father and mother of children under 4 and 7 years old and the body of a woman.

Being the Emiliano Zapata neighborhood where there have been more armed attacks, which have left six victims, including the parents of a family.

The facts in the most violent day

During Saturday morning alone, four armed attacks were recorded, leaving seven people dead and two minors injured by gunfire.

The first was on Frontera Street in the Miguel Hidalgo de Ojuelos community, where they found more than 100 shell casings and three dead men.

The second armed aggression occurred in the Francisco Villa neighborhood at 4 in the morning, when a man was murdered inside his home.

The armed attacks have not ceased since September 15. 

A family is shot

The third armed attack occurred at a home on Víctor Jara Street in the Emiliano Zapata neighborhood, where subjects broke into and attacked a family.

Four people, two adults and two children were shot dead; while the head of household died instantly and Adelina, 56, died, when she was being transferred to a hospital.

Sharol Romina, 7, who had been shot in the buttocks, was injured in this event; while Salvador, 4, had at least three bullet wounds on the body.

Regarding the fourth armed attack, it was in the San José Station community where a man was left dead.

They have located four corpses, most with bullet wounds. 

Two corpses are located

Despite armed aggressions during the early morning, two bodies were found this Saturday afternoon, the first being that of a woman that was accompanied by a criminal message.

The body was found abandoned near the hill known as El Microwave, heading to the landfill.

While the body of a man was found on an premises that served as an LP gas station, located just passing the train tracks to the Los Pardillos community

Around the victim's body they found more than 50 7.62×39 and .223 caliber shells, which are weapons of a large caliber.

This makes clear the violence in which members of organized crime act.

Imagen Zacatecas


  1. Who was killed, and where were the pinchis cuicos?
    Has the NG been bought by cartels and criminals not to get into it?

    1. SIR George yes they were bought with bribe money, most curupt country in the world you guessed it.

  2. Whatever is happening in Zac is very interesting. From what it looks like CJNG for the most part controls these areas but takes losses often. The ppl frm Durango make offensives and go into Zac fuck thrm dudes up from cjng then run back home when cjng comes back deep AF. Repeat.
    The video CJNG release not sure when but a few days ago posted on here, sicario belonging to cjng tells the camera this happened because you faggets of Los Flechas did not respect the Peace treaty. You said fuck us but now you see we are on top and this wil happen whenever you send ppl. Soemthing like that.
    Now anyone care to give an opinion as to who may have asked for the treaty? And im not asking u nutthugging cheerleading son of a bitch alucines that will say their cartel is because fhey are the best. Im asking those who are interested in just knowing the facts..
    I myself think Los Flechas initiated the Treaty asking CJNG to stay out of Durango because it seems like everytime cjng gets the upperhand, has the border of Zac/Dgo under control, win big topones against Flechas they send a huge convoy of sicarios into The edges of Durango and the results vary. They have killed a few ppl but also taken their response i believe los Flechas and other cds allies group up into a 50+ truck convoy and go into Zac and dan una putisa a cjng. Then the sicarios left that attempt to hold the areas they just took from cjng , have a hard time holding them because cjng manda convoys a partir le madre in return a los CDS. Its literally back n forth. Cjng starts offing smashing cds in zac by dgo border, then go into dgo and wither attack and leave or they attack and attempt to stay and get smash . Then cds goes into cjng areas, givethem Vrgazos cjng lose. Come back deep as fuck retake it then everything settles down and it repeats

    1. You have a lot of inaccurate information. CJNG doesn't control Zacatecas. The border between Zacatecas and Durango descending down to Fresnillo is almost 100% CDS. Fresnillo, Guadalupe, Valparaiso, Jerez etc are disputed. The only part of the border between Zacatecas and Durango which is controlled by CJNG is near Jalisco and Nayarit. CDS is well established in Zacatecas, they don't need to do incursions and then run back to Durango. In Zacatecas, MZ has more than 1 group of sicarios, there are Flechas, Aztecas, Mudos, Escorpiones etc.

    2. They ain’t well establish. The recent convoys of CDs in Zacatecas proofs that they need men from Durango cuz they are either losing or they want to take control of an area

    3. SOSAP7G you are correct.
      Zacatecas was a CDS plaza years back until about close to 2 years ago when CJNG baught the plaza.
      CDS got ran out last year or so.. Mayo was not happy and took his time building a super sicario, anti mencho, special operations sicario crew called grupo flechas. He brought them out a few months ago to fight in zacatecas thinking he was going to easily get his plaza back.
      Mayo overestimated his sicario crew or underestimated mencho sicarios but his plan did not work as planed.
      Grupo flechas's ONLY highlight is when they ambushed cjng sicarios and killed a bunch of them. El jardinero came back with more sicarios for his plaza (zacatecas) and that has not happened ever since. Cjng keeps catching and killing cds sicarios mainly from Durango.
      You don't believe me? Look at the past 10 zacatecas articles from borderland beat..
      CDS GROUPIES will never accept that fact but it's the truth..
      Shoot! They are still trying to say CDS is not at war 😆

    4. @ WestLosAngeles, CJNG sends convoys from Nayarit and Jalisco to Zacatecas also. If they want to take control of an area and they need to send more men in order to do that it means that they are not well established? Your logic doesn't make sense. Now you have a choice. You can trust me when I say that from Fresnillo up to the north of Zacatecas CDS has absolute control, not including Valparaiso which is disputed, or you can trust the CapsLock kid who commented @ 12:11. Btw, Los Flechas are not a special operations sicario group. They are just sicarios. "Mayo was not happy and took his time building a super sicario" LMAO You have a sick mind, dude. Stop inventing things.

    5. 9:51 if CDS have so much control in zacatecas why do they keep getting killed and captured by CJNG?
      Like I said look at the last 10 articles from zacatecas and you will see who has more control.
      Cds just kill local cops and run back to durango. That's the latest of CDS, they haven't done anything to break cjng besides that ambush wich made cjng deeper and stronger.
      I know your a CDS groupie but let's be real, MAYO is old and was never a good leader of sicarios. He killed the best he had like el ondeado, chino anthrax.
      CDS ain't nothing without chapo..
      Give it up kid, cds is a thing if the past..

    6. @ CapsLock "adult", I don't want to lower myself to your level, you don't deserve it. Have a good life. Peace!

    7. articles here speak for themselves
      Use your own judgment..
      Let's not listen to any groupies claming they know more than what is actually going on.. Just SAYING

    8. 853 delete just saying you already stating a comment 😂

    9. #3:13 who in God's green earth are you directing Caps lock adult? I see no one using all caps?

  3. I agree with 9:51 and no one is telling me . I see it I was in fresnillo a week ago and there is a heavy sinalo presence from fresnillo and north of that . I can only speak for what I saw and experience out there . Also there cds is taking over Guadalupe that used to be cjng area . Aquí seguimos cerquitas de fillo

    1. 10:36 I BEEN in this site since 2010 and I seen many like you who say they live in a specific place or visit "all the time" just to try and prove a point.
      Or onother one.. My mom's uncle's brother and my sister's husband's dad's friend live there and they say this or that 😆
      Show me some facts boy..
      Or just shut your pie hole..

    2. 3:01 I don’t have to prove nothing to you . You believe whatever you want to believe . I can only speak for what I see in my home town and around there . I do hear Jalisco has presence in the southern part , but the town we’re from it used to be cdg now cjng . They got kicked out not so long ago . It’s a back and forth battle . But right now the mz has control of that town and to be so close to fresnillo zac it’s really peaceful for the last month or so . By the way when bb came back on line I provided Mr Sol with a lot of info that you read on here including videos and all .
      Another thing guess Who’s posting lots of that stuff now . That dude jaliciense1c on Twitter he taped on to those fb accounts and downloads the videos and puts his wack as watermark and claims is videos sent to him . La raza is not going to let me lie . I know there’s a lot of paisanos on here from Zacatecas that will tell you how it is on there side of town of course .
      Att: ya te la sabes

    3. 3:48 CDG and cjng are clicked up
      Time will tell but I doubt MAYO has a chance against CJNG..
      Am vicentillo is out and about but he wanted to get out the drug game before he got caught. He has onother two sons in the U.S. prison system. I don't know how many sons he has but CJNG is in a whole diferent ball game.
      If chapitos and mayo were still in good terms I would think it would be an even match.
      Grandpa MAYO just needs to retire because he ain't getting zacatecas

    4. 3:01 I will agree with you, there was a few weeks when Reddit kids, wanna be narcos would come in and talk BS, comments, and laugh behind the computer of thier untruthful comments. Now it's improved, logging in with a Gmail. Glad you too are weeding out the Mintirisos.

  4. El tecolote anda en verguiza limpiando el zacate... Abranse pinches jaliskillas

    1. Durango, tierra del cartel de SINALOA..
      Que orgullo.. Lol

  5. I served my mission in Zacatecas from 04-06. I don’t recall there ever being this level of violence in that area. I lived in all these ranchitos. Jerez, Fresnillo, Rio Grande, Sombrerete. I know all those places. I used to walk everywhere around these areas. I loved my time there. The people were so friendly and chill. I’m Korean but everyone called me Chino. I miss Mexico but it’s changed so much. I wonder can a person even walk around as freely as I used to nowadays, or is the threat of violence and kidnapping too great? What a shame cuz I’d love to go back and visit. Someone please let me know how it really is. Saludos y que este bien.


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